Dislyte Tang Xuan: Skills, Build & Relic Set

Tang Xuan is a popular DPS Esper in Dislyte, so let's take a look at his best build and skills, that you can use to win battles with ease.

Players can use these currencies and try their luck to summon the various character banners. You have a chance to acquire either Tang Xuan or Li ling as your first legendaries from the beginner banner. It’s honestly a total and complete gamble to get the Esper that you want, so we urge you to keep trying, fingers crossed. Eventually, if the RNG is in your favor, you should be able to roll Tang Xuan.

Key Highlights
  • Dislyte has a Gacha system called Echo, where players can use various currencies to try to summon characters called Espers.
  • Tang Xuan is a Legendary character in the game with a Wind element, his mythology name is based on the Mandarin Monkey God Sun Wukong.
  • He’s a heavy do-gooder, fights for injustice, and has a strong sense of danger.
  • Tang Xuan is an excellent DPS character, players should upgrade his skills like Righteous Anger and Enchanting Dream to get the best out of him in battle.
  • Maintaining upgraded skills would help Tang Xuan to use them to synergize with your other units heavily.

Tang Xuan Character Information

Dislyte Tang Xuan stats
The base attributes and Esper select screen art of Tang Xuan

Before we can cover the best skills and build for Tang Xuan in Dyslite. Let’s go over his main lore in the game. Tang Xuan is a Legendary rating character. The main element of this character is Wind. His mythology name Sun Wukong is based on the Mandarin Monkey God with the same name.

Tang Xuan is a heavy do-gooder of society. He wears his heart on his wrist and carries the mighty strength of Sun Wukong on his back wherever he goes. He fights for injustice, and It’s also important to know that he is very reliable out on missions. Somehow, Tang Xuan can sense danger before anything happens and get a jump on enemies in an instant.

He is an excellent DPS-focused character of Dislyte. With the right relic setups and team composition, he can be a worthwhile Esper to own and aid you in battles. While you’re at it, why not check out our reroll guide for Dislyte. It will help you plan out and save your precious rolls for summoning the legendary characters of the game without wasting any resources.

Tang Xuan’s Skills in Dislyte

The skills of each Esper become their primary kits to use in battle. These skills can shift the tide of battles in a matter of seconds. So it’s best to have these skills upgraded at all times because your Esper will be using them to synergize with your other units heavily. With some overpowered synergies you clear battles in just a few turns. So let’s take a deeper look at Tang Xuan’s best skills and build that you will be using in Dislyte.

Righteous Anger

This skill deals damage equal to 120% of ATK to a target plus damage equal to 50% of ATK to 2 other random enemies on the battlefield. Grants a Scorch, Death, or Shackle Enchantment before each attack for one turn. This skill also imbues your damage with the enchantments mentioned above.

This skill can be upgraded to six levels to increase its potential even further. At levels 2 and 3, the damage dealt is increased to 105%, and additional damage to enemies increased to 45%. At levels 4 and 5, it is further increased to 110% and 50%, respectively. The final level 6 increases your damage dealt by a whopping 120%.

This ability will be the main DPS skill for this Esper. So be sure to keep in mind that most of the surplus damage will be unleashed from this skill in general. This is the best skill you should upgrade to use in the builds of Tang Xuan for Dislyte.

Enchanting Dream

This skill allows Tang Xuan to absorb all current enchantments and provides a shield with strength equal to 10% plus 5% of max HP per enchantment absorbed for two turns. Attacks an enemy, dealing damage equal to 200% of ATK.

This move restores HP equal to 10% of the caster’s Max HP per absorbed Enchantment, cooldown: 2 turns. The upgrades for this skill can increase its probabilities by up to 5 levels. At level 2, The overall damage is increased to 180%, followed by Levels 3 and 4, increasing the damage up to 190% and 200%. The final level provides a cooldown reduction for the skill by one turn.

Shattering Dream

Using this skill will grant Tang Xuan to use Scorch, Death, and Shackle Enchantments for two turns before attacking all enemies twice, each dealing damage equal to 60% of ATK. Cooldown: 3 turns. The skill can be enhanced by up to 3 levels. The Level 2 and Level 3 stage increases overall damage by up to 55% and 60%. 

At the final level, you can reduce the cooldown for this ability by one turn. This skill can be pretty useful for the boss battles since Tang Xuan can apply these different enchantments, which can weaken the bosses.

Captain Ability

These abilities are special buffs applied when the chosen Esper with the ability is granted the leader role during party setup. Each of your characters has their own Captain ability, so it’s best to mix and match which member you want to assign the leader role and use their ability.

The captain ability of Tang Xuan increases all ally attack power by 30%, and during the Point Wars activity, all allied Esper’s defense increases by 24%. This is a fantastic captain ability and one that will immensely benefit you during battles against tough foes.

Overall, Tang Xuan can be an absolutely valuable unit to get you through almost every activity in Dislyte. He is for sure one of the best espers you can get if luck is on your side. Providing excellent enchantment buffs that can trivialize weekly bosses and endgame battles.

Making certain farming battles for materials a cakewalk. Before we go even further into the Best Relic sets and Ratings for Tang Xuan, consider checking out our Dislyte Tier list and our hand-picked ten Best Characters in Dislyte guides. We have entailed the best espers of the game that can help you pick out your preferred teams for every hard fight in Dislyte.

Tang Xuan Overall Ratings For Boss Fights

Tang Xuan can be a beneficial esper for a few of the main bosses who are hard-fought foes. But most importantly, Tang Xuan is the best espers to use for the Arena mode of Dislyte, which is basically the PVP activity of the game. The following are our ratings for Tang Xuan in each of these activities and Boss fights.

  • Fafnir: B
  • PVP Arena: A
  • Kronos: A
  • Apep: S
  • Story mode content: S

So keeping in mind these ratings, you should most definitely take this Esper to use in the Apep mission.

Best Relic Sets for Tang Xuan in Dislyte

As you slowly progress through the game, You will begin to receive relic sets to make your Espers stronger. These are similar to the artifact sets in Genshin Impact. In that sense, every gear set offers unique perks that can increase your character’s potential a lot. There are a total of Six gear slots you can use.

You can equip Tang Xuan with almost any relic set, but we recommend only a couple that will make this Esper stand out with the best skills and build in Dislyte. Speaking of which, why not check out our Relic Sets guide on Dislyte. It explains in detail the various relics found within the game and how to obtain them as soon as possible.

War Machine Set (4 pieces)

Using the War Machine set will provide a staggering 30% attack bonus which makes this set extremely strong. With the remaining two relic slots, you can insert the Incandescence set. This is an amazing relic set that provides a 30% crit rate bonus to your Esper.

This build will allow your Tang Xuan to inflict more damage since his shattering dream skill attacks enemies two times at max level. The goal of this set is to have optimal damage burst, whether in PvP or PvE activity. Along with any enchantment bonuses that Tang Xuan may use, they will provide even more opportunities to increase your total damage output.

Hades Set (4 pieces)

Equipping a full 4-piece Hades set allows 35% of damage dealt with being converted into health regeneration. Combining this relic set with the Incandescence Set can allow your Tang Xuan to have a fully vampiric build.

Since the incandescence rune gear will increase your crit rate by 30%. The more damage that you will do, the more healing will be granted. This set will prove significantly useful for some of the tedious battles. This is also great for players who wish to equip more DPS-based characters in the party with Tang Xuan.

Although both of these sets are really fantastic for almost every single activity in the game, but we highly recommend the War Machine relic set for this Esper. This set will ensure you deliver favorable damage and is quite honestly the best build for the overall skills usage of Tang Xuan in Dislyte.

Dislyte Tang Xuan Best Tips

There are several methods found within the game to improve your overall statistics and abilities for Tang Xuan. Such as leveling him up or completing his ascension progress. You can also improve his resonance star rating, which can prove to be very beneficial for most of the espers in your roster.

Try to farm for Runes that can increase Crit rates and damage or Attack speed and percentage. Tang Xuan is solely a DPS class character, so it’s important that you bring out every ounce of damage capability from him during battles. You can use this Esper along with most of the midgame and endgame instances.

His Area of Effect (AoE) damage multiplier is scaled off of your crit rate and damage, so make sure your runes and relic sets provide the most stat boosts in that attribute. Besides that, we highly recommend using two support espers and an extra DPS character for a balanced team composition In every activity or fight. Keep him healthy and strong, and no doubt he will be the best damage dealer espers in Dyslite.

That wraps up our character build guide for Tang Xuan in Dislyte; if you are looking to jump into the breathtaking world of Dislyte, please tell us about your experience, and feel free to ask any sort of questions in the comments box below!

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