Dislyte Tang Yun: Build, Relics & Skills

In this Tang Yun Dislyte guide, we will cover aspects of this character including the best relics, best skills, and armor combinations.

Tang Yun is arguably one of the Best Dislyte Characters in the game. He is a Six-Eared Macaque that is a powerful Esper. This character is perfect for inflicting a crazy amount of damage on a single character. The character has great health and damage from the start, which means that he can last longer in the fight to deal damage.

Key Highlights
  • Dislyte features different characters belonging to various classes, each with unique skills
  • Players can choose between more than 60 characters, with some being unlockable through progress in the game
  • Tang Yun is a powerful Esper and one of the best characters in the game
  • The main attribute of Tang Yun is Crit damage, making him an effective DPS against single targets
  • Tang Yun has 3 base skills and one captain skill, all of which are RNG-based
  • Iron Polearm is the first spell in Tang Yun’s arsenal, dealing 130% attack damage and has a chance to stun enemies
  • Talisman of the Inward Delivery is the second spell, attacking enemies twice and lowering their defense by 40%
  • Avatara is the final spell, attacking enemies 3 times, and has the potential for critical hits
  • All of Tang Yun’s spells can be upgraded to improve damage and decrease cooldowns.
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Best Tang Yun Dislyte Builds

Dislyte Characters

Similar to other RPGs, Dislyte features different characters belonging to various classes. Each class has some unique skills that are transferred to all the characters from that class.

You can choose between more than 60 characters depending on your preferred playstyle. At the start of the game, you can choose between a specific number of characters. You can unlock more characters by making progress in the game and collecting in-game currency.

The main attribute of the Tang Yun character is the Crit damage. All character abilities have a Crit chance which means that Tang Yun can single-shot a target. This bonus damage makes him an effective DPS against most single targets in the game. You can also add different sets and relics in this Dislyte Build to boost these stats even further.

Tang Yun Skills

Tang Yun has three base skills and one captain skill. You can combine all these spells to dish out a crazy amount of damage to incoming enemies. An important thing to remember about Tang Yun in Dislyte is that almost all the skills are RNG-based.

This means that you can get extremely lucky or unlucky with your damage numbers in every fight. The nature of these spells makes Tan Yun a character not recommended for beginners. You can find better beginner-friendly character alternatives in our Dislyte Guide for Beginners.

Iron Polearm

ability 1
Skill 1 – Iron Polearm

The Iron Polearm is the first spell in Tang Yun’s arsenal. This spell deals 130% of the attack damage to the enemies at max level. Iron Polearm also has a 30% of inflicting a stun on the enemies being attacked.

The stun, if triggered, will render the enemies useless for a single turn. You also have a 50% chance to use the Iron Polearm on the enemies to trigger a Pursuit on that particular target.

You can further upgrade this spell to increase the amount of damage dealt by 110%, 120%, and eventually by 130%. The Iron Polearm is a powerful first spell that depends on chance. If you can get lucky and trigger the spell correctly, you will be able to stun the enemies and deal bonus damage.

Talisman of the Inward Delivery

ability 2
Ability 2 – Talisman of the Inward Delivery

Talisman of the Inward Delivery is the second spell for Tang Yun. When activated, this spell will attack the enemies two times. Each of these attacks will deal 120% of the attack damage at max level.

It will also lower the enemy defense by 40% and trigger an Iron Polearm to trigger a Pursuit on the target. The spell is effective for dealing with enemies that have high defensive stats, and it has a 3 turn cooldown.

You can upgrade the Talisman of the Inward Delivery spell to improve its damage and refresh rate. Leveling up the spell will improve the damage to 105%, 110%, and 120%.

Upgrading the spell to Level 5 will lower the cooldown of the spell, making it available to use after 2 turns.


ability 3
Ability 3 – Avatara

Avatara is the third and final normal spell for Tang Yun. It is a powerful spell that causes your character to attack the enemies three times.

Each attack will deal damage equal to 100% of the base attack at the max level. You can also trigger a critical hit if you are lucky. Each critical hit will deal bonus damage and will use the Iron Polearm to trigger a Pursuit on the target.

Avatara acts as the ultimate spell for Tang Yun character in Dislyte and has a cooldown of 3 turns. You can upgrade the spell to improve the damage percentage dealt by it. For instance, you can improve the damage to 85%, 90%, 95%, and 100% by upgrading the spell to Level 5.

You can also upgrade the spell one more time to reduce its cooldown by a single turn.

The Captain Ability

Captain Abilities apply buffs to the characters in the party. It is a special buff that is granted when you choose an Esper. Each character has its own unique Captain Ability, which can be used in every round. So, choosing the characters with the best captain abilities is essential as they can help you out significantly.

Tang Yun has a captain ability that increases the attack damage of all allies by 18%. This damage can be significant whenever you are facing a swarm of enemies or a boss. So, you can use attack damage buff in levels where you have to face-to-face with difficult enemies.

Relics for Tang Yun Dislyte Build

Relics are artifacts that you can add to your character to boost their stats. You can obtain these relics by making progress in the game.

Once a rune is unlocked, it can be used by characters throughout the game. Different relics can be used to improve different character stats. You can use the relics to improve a character’s movement speed, damage, and Crit rate, among other things. These relics can also be obtained by redeeming Dislyte Codes.

Different Relics for Each Spot

In this Dislyte Build, you can add relics in the 3 available spots to improve the character’s damage and Crit rate. You can use the Hades UNA II relic in the first spot. The UNA II relic will improve your character’s Critical Damage by 70%. It will also boost your Speed, Acceleration, and Attack by 8%, 6%, and 25%, respectively.

In the second spot, you can use the Hades UNA IV relic. The UNA IV is an attack damage buff relic that will improve your character’s Attack Bonus by 44%. It will also grant you a 4% HP bonus and will buff your Defense, Attack Bonus, and Crit Rate by 25%, 12%, and 5%, respectively.

You can add the Sword Avatara MUI II relic in the third and final spot. The MUI II is another Attack Bonus relic that will buff your character’s attack damage by 44%.

It will also improve other stats like Speed, HP bonus, Acceleration, and Crit Rate by 4%, 4%, 12%, and 10% respectively.

Adding these relics to your Tang Yun Dislyte Build will make him an absolute killing machine. These relics focus on a character’s primary stats like attack and critical damage. You can also change these relics to add new ones as you unlock them by advancing in the game.

Recommended Sets for Tang Yun Dislyte

As you make progress in the game, you will unlock new sets. These sets offer unique boosts and can be used on all characters in the game. You need to choose the sets that are best suited for your character. This means that you need to select the sets that will boost their primary stats. For Tang Yun, you can go for the following sets;

Hades Set x4

You can unlock the Hades set by completing Chapter 9 in the game. The set grants its users an HP regeneration buff. The Regen buff will use 35% of the damage dealt by your character to regenerate your HP.

The Hades x4 set is a perfect addition to your Tang Yun Dislyte Build as it helps you recover your HP against tough enemies. This set will help you stay alive longer and will ensure that you will defeat the enemies no matter what.

You can also pair the Hades set with the Fiery Incandescence Set x2. Using these two sets in combination will also give you a 20% Crit Rate boost. The enhanced Crit Rate will significantly improve the Crit chance of your character. Tang Yun focuses a lot on dealing critical damage to enemies. So the Fiery Incandescence Set x2 will ensure that you deal critical damage after a few hits.

War Machine Set x4

The War Machine Set boosts your attack damage by 30% when it is equipped. Tang Yun is a DPS-focused character that specializes in killing enemies with ease. The War Machine set buffs up your character’s damage, thus making it more effective in killing enemies.

You can equip this set against in-game bosses or large groups of enemies on different levels. The Fiery Incandescence Set x2 can also be used in combination with the War Machine x4 set to improve your Crit Rate.

Tang Yun Dislyte Character Ratings

Although Tang Yun is an amazing character, he is not perfect for every situation. Dislyte features boss rating for every character in the game. These ratings help figure out which characters are best against what bosses. So, these ratings are an important consideration factor whenever you are choosing a character. The boss ratings for Tang Yun are;

  • Flowrunner: S
  • Apep: B
  • Arena: B

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Well, this concludes our Tang Yun Dislyte guide. Let us know what you think about the guide in the comments below!


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