Dislyte Traced Art: Allegation & Official Statement

Dislyte Traced Art guide is giving information about the characters that are being accused of being traced & the official statement from devs.

Dislyte is a game that has gained a lot of attention from its players since its launch in the game market. There have been rumors of Dislyte Traced Art in recent game reviews, and players are finding many similarities between some of its characters with other game characters. 

Key Highlights
  • Dislyte characters Li Ling and Mona were accused of having similarities to other game characters.
  • Li Ling’s resemblance to YutoSano was confirmed, but not as traced work.
  • Mona’s resemblance to Genishin Impact’s Aloy was investigated and found to not be traced as Mona’s character existed before Aloy’s.
  • The Dislyte team had an internal audit to fix the situation and released an official statement on Twitter.
  • The team apologized, emphasized their commitment to diversity and inclusion, and urged players to continue to provide feedback to help make Dislyte a “utopia for everyone.”

Traced Characters in Dislyte

There have been two Dislyte characters in the Traced Art guide that show a lot of resemblance to other game characters. Those characters are Li Ling and Mona from Dislyte. 

Li Ling

A Twitter fan BL_anc tweeted a comparison picture that shows a collage of two pictures showing resemblance in Li Ling’s character from Dislyte and Yuto__Sano from another game. After many arguments, it was confirmed that Dislyte had not done any tracing.

Both characters, Li Ling and Yuto__Sano have resemblances, but they do have some differences that set them apart. Different players judge differently, so it’s up to the players what they choose. Also, consider reading Dislyte Tier List.

Li Ling and Yuto Sano
Li Ling and Auto Sano


Another one of Dislyte’s characters, Mona, is being accused of being traced. After investigation, it was confirmed that Genishin Impact’s character Aloy was released on the 22nd of July 2021, whereas Mona’s character from Dislyte has been since 17th April 2022, which confirms that the accusation of Dislyte Traced Art was wrong. 


Statement From Dislyte Officials 

Soon after Dislyte was accused of Traced Art, it didn’t release an official statement instantly. Rather, they started working up for an interactive virtual club event in which they decided to clear the allegations and rumors. They removed the artwork as soon as they were accused of tracing and held an internal audit to fix things. The Dislyte team tried to reach out to Yuto__Sano as well.

A JonTron paid promotion took place, too, regarding the game. On May 20th, 2022, the game team released an official statement. You can read their official statement here on their Twitter account. You can also read their official statement below. 

Dear Espers, 

We have recently received feedback from you regarding various aspects of Dislyte. Thank you for alerting us to one of our promotional materials that Li Ling’s (Nezha) facial expression and gestures highly resemble a character from an indie artist, Yuno Sato. We removed the material from our socials as soon as we received the alert and initiated an internal audit on the case. In the meantime, we were working hard to contact the artist to communicate our sincere apologies and follow-up resolutions.

We have also accelerated our process of fixing reported in-game bugs and implementing QOL optimizations. Don’t hesitate to contact support if you have difficulties accessing the game for prompt assistance. 

In Dislyte, we celebrate diversity and inclusion in every aspect. We believe that an environment that embraces individual differences fosters open-mindedness and creativity, which is the foundation of the current Dislyte community and will empower the community to thrive in the future. We will continue to work based on inclusion to develop relatable content that represents our players worldwide. We sincerely invite you to join us to make Dislyte a utopia for everyone with your voice and creations. 

Thank you, 

The Dislyte Team

We hope our guide removed all the misunderstandings you had about Dislyte Traced Art. The game team will continue to work for its players and fix its bugs. Have a great time playing Dislyte. 

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