Dislyte Unas: Skills, Relic Sets & Playstyle

We listed a detailed Character guide on Dislyte Unas alongside his best builds so players can enjoy playing him to his potential.

How to Summon Espers in Dislyte

First of all, it is important to note that Dislyte runs a gacha system. Players familiar with other games such as Genshin Impact and Fate Grand Order will recognize this feature immediately.

Key Highlights
  • Dislyte uses a gacha system called Echo to summon Espers into the game.
  • Players can use different currencies to summon Espers and should use every tool of the game to their advantage.
  • Unas is a rare and powerful Esper in Dislyte, with a main element of shimmer and a 5-star rating.
  • Unas is especially useful in point war due to his high SPD and team AP in his third skill, and also provides movement buffs and immunity to allies.
  • Unas’s abilities include “Follow the Wind” (deals damage and decreases enemy defenses), “Zephyrus” (grants invincibility to allies), and “Gale force” (deals AOE damage and increases team AP).
  • Unas does not have a captain ability and the best relic sets for him are not specified.

The gacha mechanic is the system through which players can summon characters or Espers into the game. In Dislyte, this system is referred to as Echo. By accessing it, you can summon Espers in whichever currency it requires.

There are a variety of ways to summon characters in the game. You are not limited to summoning characters via just the main currencies.

So it is highly recommended that you use every tool of the game to your advantage and use your wishes very wisely. While you are here, why not go through our Reroll guide for Dislyte. It will help you strategize your wishes and teach you to get legendary bonus Espers from your rolls.

Dislyte Unas Character Information

Unas is Dislyte
Unas in Dislyte

Unas is one of the rarest Espers in the game and one of the only five stars. His main element is shimmer.

Unas in Dislyte is a legendary Esper who is extremely powerful in point war. He comes with a high base SPD and team AP in his third skill, which makes him powerful. Unas will usually allow your team to attack, which can prove extremely advantageous in point war.

Saying that doesn’t mean he is useless in other game modes; he will be pretty useful in other modes as well and do a decent enough job.

Unas has a very quick movement speed, and on top of that, he is capable of offering significant movement buffs and AP benefits to the entire squad.

If Unas is not impacted by any movement disabling debuffs, he provides immunity to all allies for 1 round at the end of his turn. In summary, Unas is an extremely skilled and clever operator and easily one of the best supports in the game who will be game-changing if you get him.

Dislyte Unas Skills and Abilities

Unas in Dislyte
Dislyte Unas abilities

The abilities of each Esper become their main arsenal to use in battle.

These abilities are unique to each Esper in Dislyte. They can shift the outcome of a battle in a matter of seconds.

Whenever you ascend your Espers, you also increase the potential of these skills, so it is best to have these skills upgraded so that you don’t have a tough time clearing the game content. That being said, let us now look at the main Skills and abilities of Unas in Dislyte.

Before we continue, why not check out our Dislyte Esper Leveling Guide for Dislyte to help you optimize your ascension materials for the Espers. Anyways let’s take a deeper look at Unas’s abilities that you will be using.

Follow the Wind: This ability attacks an opponent three times, each dealing damage equal to 35% + 1% per 10 SPD of ATK with a 60 % chance to inflict DEF down for two turns.

This is a multipurpose skill that deals a small amount of damage and provides a chance to decrease enemy defenses which can help your main damage dealer do a lot more damage making it an excellent support option.

Zephyrus (passive): If Unas is not mobile at the end of the turn, this skill grants one turn to all teammates, which makes them invulnerable to any kind of damage and may prove very decisive in the outcome of any battle.

Gale force: This skill deals damage equal to 90% + 1% per 10 SPD of ATK to all enemies and increases team-wide team-wide. This is his main damage dealing ability which deals area of effect damage and can be very useful in a prolonged and tough battle.

On top of that, it increases team-wide AP by 30, which can e equally as crucial to the outcome of a battle.

Captain ability: Unas does not have a captain ability

Best Relic Sets for Unas

As you slowly progress through the game, you will begin to receive relic sets that help make your Espers significantly stronger. These are relatively similar to artifact sets in Genshin Impact. In that sense, every relic offers unique perks that can boost your Espers potential a lot.

There are a total of ix relic slots you can use. They are the building blocks to crafting your builds in Dislyte. You can equip Unas with almost any relic set, but we recommend only a few that will make your Esper stand out with the best skills and builds in Dislyte. So let’s look at the best Unas relic set for the best and optimum build.

Set No 1: Wind walker (4 pieces)

This set provides a +25% SPD bonus, which, coupled with an already high base SPD, takes him to the next level.

Set No 2: Master Grove Set (2 pieces)

This gives the user a +20% Hp bonus, which greatly enhances the survivability of a character, and in terms of unas, it is crucial to keep him alive as a supporting character, and without him, the team’s damage can be severely reduced.

Set No 3: Fiery Incandescence (2 pieces)

This set provides a +20% Crit rate which helps a character crit, and this set is useful for almost all of the characters in the as it helps a character do much more damage, and Unas is no exception to this, which makes it a very flexible set.

Check out our best Relic Sets in Dislyte guide as it briefly explains the various relics found within the game and also, How to acquire them as soon as you can

Unas Overall Ratings in Dislyte

Unas is an extremely powerful esper when it comes to point war, and just overall, as one of the rarest and best units in the game, he is very powerful, so he will be a huge help in almost every content of the game. The following are our ratings for Unas in each of these activities.

  • Kronos: S
  • Point War: SS
  • Fafnir: S

Dislyte Unas Playstyle and Tips

As you can see, Unas is a highly skilled support unit and specializes in SPD and helps you attack first; hence he should be used first in every battle to give yourself an early advantage in a battle that sets up your main damage dealers to do heavy damage.

This will help you wrap up a fight very quickly and efficiently. It will help you develop some interesting and useful combos as you pair Unas with different other Espers in the game.

As being one of the best support Espers in the game, it can take a while to unlock him. You earn Unas through using Records for pulls. Unfortunately,

He Is a 5-star unit and thus extremely rare to pull, so that you will be largely relying on luck. There are pity pulls after a certain number that guarantees a legendary Esper, but that does not mean you will get him in these pulls, so you will have to be very patient with your pulls if you want to get him.


This wraps our guide for the character guide and best builds for Unas in Dislyte. We hope you get this character and enjoy playing and building him. If you have any questions regarding this character or you already have him built do let us know in the comment section below.

Dislyte is storming its way to be one of the most popular recent RPGs on the Playstore and Apple store. It was developed by Lilithgames, who are the creators of the critically acclaimed AFK arena and Rise of Kingdoms. The game’s characters and setting are based on real-life historical mythologies with an urbanistic and modern twist.


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