Dislyte Ye Suhua: Skills, Ascension, Relics & Build

Dislyte Ye Suhua guide contains all the information about how to get her, skills, relics, rating ascension phases, and a lot more.

Dislyte has more than 60 characters known as espers, and these include Stewart, Lucas, and Long Mian. Each esper has a star rating and belongs to a particular category. In this guide, we will elucidate Dislyte Ye Suhua, who belongs to the support esper category.

Key Highlights
  • To unlock Ye Suhua in Dislyte, you need 30 Ye Suhua ripples, which means joining the raid multiple times.
  • Ripple Dimensions have a time limit of 60 minutes and can only accommodate 20 espers.
  • Dislyte Ye Suhua is a support esper that provides strong invincibility to target allies and has a great overall skill set.
  • Ye Suhua’s abilities significantly advantage her allies and she can grant defense and attack to all allied espers.
  • Ye Suhua’s skills include Stardust, which deals more damage than attack, Astral Guardian which heals and grants invincibility, and Star Dancer which grants attack and defense up to all allies.
  • Recommended Relic Sets for Ye Suhua include the Guardian and the Healer sets.
Dislyte Ye Suhua
The Support Esper

How to Get Ye Suhua in Dislyte

Ripple dimensions game mode can be found in the Trials tab. This mode is quite similar to Boss Raid mode, but the only difference is that you have to fight espers to unlock them here. Joining the Ripple Dimensions is equally vital. You must track global chat and join the raid of a random player.

However, it would be best if you did it quickly because various people want to join it. 

On the other hand, you can create a raid yourself, but you need to farm a lot of Ritual and Sonic miracles. The process will take longer but grants 100% security for participating in the raid to get Ye Suhua in Dislyte. Unlocking this esper requires 30 Ye Suhua ripples, which means you must join the raid several times.  

Ripple Dimension Rules

Collection and convergence of specific wave frequencies fuse time and space to emerge into the Ripple Dimension. After entering, you must haste because it only lasts for 60 minutes. To collect esper ripples, explore and destroy Phantasms.

Ripple Dimensions are shared with your friends as soon as you discover them. Also, after 15 minutes, it’s shared with all other espers on the world channel. Ripple Dimensions are pretty unstable, and they can only accommodate 20 espers. So if you are late, do not take entry. To know more about ripples, go through our guide, Ripples.   

Dislyte Ye Suhua Character Information

Dislyte Ye Suhua
Great support for all allied espers

Dislyte Ye Suhua belongs to the support esper category. It provides strong invincibility to target allies by shielding them. Also, the Overall skill set is fantastic. Star Dancer grants attack and defense up buffs to the entire team. Similarly, Astral Guardian gives healing and invincibility to an ally.

If HP is under 50%, it grants extra rejuvenation and a double healing buff. 

Ye Suhua Skills

As she is a support esper, her abilities significantly advantage her allies. She is excellent at attacking, and her remarkable skills enable her to inflict more damage than attack. Moreover, she can heal teammates and grant extra recovery when required.

On the other hand, she can grant defense and attack to all allied espers. Her skill set is lethal for opponents, and her support role makes her a priority in any team. Also, check out our guides on other espers like Nicole and Unas


Stardust seems like Angel’s attribute, but it holds ferocious power behind the name’s disguise. It empowers Ye Suhua to deal more damage than attack in Dislyte. In fact, she can deal damage equal to 130% of attack with a 70% chance of inflicting an attack down for two turns.

  • Level 2, Damage increased to 105%
  • Level 3, Chance to trigger increased to 50%
  • Level 4, Damage increased to 110%
  • Level 5, Chance to trigger increased to 60%
  • Level 6, Damage increased to 120%
  • Level 7, Chance to trigger increased to 70%
  • Level 8, Damage increased to 130%

Astral Guardian

Astral Guardian is truly a guardian angel for teammates. This skill enables her to heal a teammate for 30% of their maximum health points while granting invincibility and recovery for one turn. Moreover, if the teammate has less than 50% health points, it grants an extra recovery buff for one turn. Astral Guardian takes three turns to cool down.

  • Level 2, Healing amount increased to 22%
  • Level 3, Healing amount increased to 24%
  • Level 4, Healing amount increased to 26%
  • Level 5, Healing amount increased to 30%
  • Level 6, Cooldown reduced by one turn

Star Dancer

Star Dance is the skill that makes Ye Suhua pretty unique that other espers in Dislyte. Unlike previous skills, the Star dancer is capable of helping all the teammates. It empowers her to grant attack and defense up to all allied espers for two turns. However, it takes two turns to cool down.

  • Level 2, Cooldown reduced by one turn
  • Level 3, Cooldown reduced by one turn

Recommended Relic Sets for Ye Suhua

You get access to gear sets known as relics when you pass through the initial stages. They must not be ignored because relics are vital to boost your espers’ aptitude. Six slots exist, so limited relics can be used. A wide variety of gear is available, but we chose two sets most relevant to Ye Suhua in Dislyte.

Dislyte Ye Suhua
We Recommend these relic sets as they are the most suitable

Relic Set One

For set one, we have 4 sets of Wind Walker and 2 sets of Master Grove. Firstly, Wind Walker set can improve the speed of an esper belonging to any class. Speed is vital during combat; this relic set increases the speed by 25%.  

Secondly, Mater Grove set is crucial for maintaining health points. During combat, health points determine how much damage you can take before losing. If your health points are depleted, you die. But not when Mater Grove set grants a 25% increase, giving you a better chance of winning.  

Relic Set Two

For set one, we have 4 sets of Wind Walker and 2 sets of Adamantine. Speed is of utmost importance during combat. Considering this fact, we have selected Wind Walker set here as well. Esper, who can inflict more damage fast, will always have the edge over slower espers.

Also, the Adamantine set is vital in providing a shield. It’s a perfect relic to boost your defense. Without a strong defense, you take significant damage and your chances of winning decrease significantly.

So we chose the Adamantine set because it helps you start the battle with a shield equal to 20% of maximum health points. However, it only lasts for two turns. On the subject of relics, go through our Relic Guide.


She is a five-star esper disguised as a three-star shimmer support esper. She can prove to be the best support for Kronos and Aped. Overall, she has excellent ratings.

Ascension Phases of Ye Suhua in Dislyte

Ascension is vital for improving your character’s stats and abilities. It doesn’t only increase basic stats but also provides buffs to skills. Ascension might require a few resources, but it’s worth it because the aptitude of your espers is enhanced significantly.

Here, we have six ascension phases for Ye Suhua. Before going further, check out our guides like Gabrielle and Best Healers.

  • Phase one increases health points by +950, and you will get Basic Shimmer Wave x5.
  • Phase two enhances defense by +70, and you will be rewarded Basic Shimmer Wave x10.
  • Phase three enables Astral Guardian to provide recovery as well. Also, you will get Basic Shimmer Wave x15 and Advanced Shimmer Wave x5.
  • Phase four improves health points by 10%. Moreover, you will get Advanced Shimmer wave x10 and Elite Shimmer Wave x5.
  • Phase five improves defense by 15%. Also, you are rewarded with Advanced Shimmer wave x15 and Elite Shimmer Wave x10.
  • Phase six increases speed by 10%. Also, you get Advanced Shimmer wave x20 and Elite Shimmer Wave x16.

Pros and Cons of Ye Suhua

She is an incredible esper with excellent benefits and a few limitations.


  • Skill 3 gives both attack and defense buff
  • Skill 2 heals + grants invincibility to ally
  • Skill 1 provides attack down
  • Element neutral
  • Quite tanky


  • Only available in Ripple Dimension on rare occasions (hard to get)
  • No cleanses
  • Lacks damage

Dislyte has gained a lot of fame, and the number of active users is significant. Very few mobile games have gameplay and features close to PC or PlayStation games. It’s a free-to-play mobile game but can also be played on a PC using an emulator.

Well, this is all we have on Dislyte Ye Suhua. Our guide contains essential information about her character and expounds on how you can get the esper. Moreover, skills are described, and ascension phases are also elaborated.  Also, we have suggested a few relics to boost the aptitude of Ye Suhua to the optimum. For further queries, post in the comments section below.    

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