Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Pixar Fest Rewards

Pixar Fest is an event currently going on in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the primary goal is to progress through exploration and perform quests to save the world. Players get to play along with many cool characters from the Disney and Pixar universe. Each character comes with their own story and tasks for you to perform. Completing tasks for them isn’t the only thing; you can befriend and go to fun festivals with them too! We’ll tell you about the current festival, known as “Pixar Fest”, going on in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Key Takeaways

  • Pixar Fest Star Path is Disney’s version of the Battlepass.
  • It has two different passes, the Standard and the Premium Pass.
  • Even though it costs more, you’ll get some of the unique rewards in the Premium Pass.

What Is Pixar Fest Star Path 

For the past three years, a Pixar Fest festival has occurred at Disneyland Resort. If you’re a Pixar fan, you might already be familiar with it. Pixar Fest is a Star Path event based on this real-life festival and is the first event introduced in the game. Since it is a limited event, it lasts only for at least a month.

The event is currently taking place and will come to an end at 9 AM ET on 11th October 2022 in Disney Dreamlight Valley. So if you can’t visit the Disneyland Resort, don’t forget to celebrate this event in-game. You will win Pixar-based rewards along the way by performing event duties. These rewards can be moonstones, motifs, house and Valley decorations, or an addition to your wardrobe.

Keep up with any event by checking the Event option. In the option, you’ll be informed about what the event is about, what the rewards are, and what the requirements are to get those rewards.

Before we get into the guide on the Pixel Fest Star Path, how about you check out the game’s review? We have covered every aspect of the game in our Disney Dreamlight Valley Review. Even though it is still in early access, we are impressed by how well the developers have made this game. It is nostalgic playing the game and meeting some of your favorite childhood characters, such as Merlin.

Duties To Perform

Once the event starts, you will get three duties/tasks to complete. With each duty completed, you gain tokens known as Pixar Balls. These tokens can be exchanged for items inspired by Pixar movies such as UP and the Incredibles. To gain access to more rewards, you can spend Moonstones and unlock premium. The premium will come with three extra duties, meaning more tokens to exchange for rewards.

Duties are randomly assigned to each player, and not everyone gets the same duties to perform. One thing common among these duties is they are all time-consuming to perform, at least compared to normal duties.

Let’s say a normal task is to grow 5 Tomatoes, but the Star Path task will be to grow 20. You can be tasked to give favorite gifts to characters that might take time to unlock. But you can complete these duties in a month if you’re committed to them. And since the rewards will be unique, all this hard work makes sense.

In some of the duties, you might be asked to do some unique tasks. In our duties, we had to collect Oysters, Make Seafood Salad, or make Apple Pie. The game has well over 150 recipes, so be prepared to make some of the unique dishes.

Rewards From Pixar Fest Event

There are a total of six pages of rewards in the event’s “Rewards” option. In total, there are 36 rewards you can exchange with your collected tokens. However, each page has a premium reward. The premium rewards can be collected only if you have bought the premium pass.

Standard And Premium 

Disney Dreamlight Valley gives you two options for you the Pixar Fest Star Path event. Whether you play the standard version and do not pay for it, you can buy a premium pass from 2,500 moonstones. This pass gives you three additional duties and unlocks all premium rewards on each page.

Buying Premium Pass.
Premium Pass costs 2,500 Moonstones.

There is another premium pass package, and if you spend 4,100 moonstones instead of 2,500, you gain 100 extra Pixar balls/tokens without any tasks done. The rest of the package is the same as the 2,500 moonstones package, with three extra duties and all premium rewards unlocked.

How to Buy Pixar Fest Premium Pass

Buying the Pixar Fest Premium Pass in Disney Dreamlight Valley is quite easy. All you need to do is have a total of 2,500 Moonstones. You’ll have that amount as you’re in the early access. The game will reward you with a total of 8,000 Moonstone for free. It is a deal that you should definitely get behind.

In the Main Menu, you’ll have the events page. There, to the left, you’ll find the Pixar Fest Star Path. In it, you will get a little description of the event. If you look at the bottom right corner, you’ll notice that there is a 2,500 Moonstone price tag. Clicking on it will buy you the Premium Pass and unlock all the exciting rewards.

You get a premium pass by spending Moonstones. This might sound like a bad deal, but it’s not; we’ll explain that in a while. Moonstones are a premium currency in games. You can collect them at events and spend them back on unique things. Following are some ways of earning moonstones now:

  • Blue Chest in the Valley that spawns once every day gives off ×10 Moonstones
  • Moonstones are rewarded for buying a Founder’s Pack. 

Moonstone currency will be used throughout the game. It will be an essential currency for other upcoming Star Path events too. Check out in more detail how to get Moonstones by reading our guide. Make sure you aren’t confusing Moonstones with Star Coins, the in-game currency. We have covered a guide on how to Make Money Faster in the game.

Should You Get Premium Pass?

As you know that if you get the Premium worth 2500 moonstones, then you’ll have more duties than the standard pass. The 2,500 Moonstone is a lot if you convert it into real money. But if you check it out, then you’d know that you’re getting more than it is worth.

To start with, the game lets you buy almost all of the Moonstones that you’ve spent in the game. If you complete the Premium Pass rewards, you’ll get a total of 2,175 Moonstonees back. Yes, we know, it puts you a total of 325 Moonstonees down, but it’s not a bad deal when you consider the rewards you’ll be getting.

When you do that, the 325 Moonstone that you’re losing in the deal doesn’t seem a lot. If you don’t feel satisfied, hear us out. You’ll get IncrediSquirrel as an Animal Companion on the first Page. Later on, the game will reward you with a Buzz Lightyear suit Display. If that doesn’t sell you out, the game rewards you with Mr. Incredible’s retro Suit display.

You’ll be getting all of that for just 325 Moonstone. But there is a catch, and you’ll have to complete all of the duties given in the event to get the most out of it.


As mentioned already, you get limited rewards in standard, whereas all 36 rewards are unlocked in premium. Let’s find out all the standard and premium rewards per page in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

First Page Rewards

When you get into the rewards of the First Page, here’s what you can get.

Page 1 rewards Disney Dreamlight valley Pixar Fest
Rewards on Page 1.


  • Incredibles Motif
  • Papel Picados
  • 100x Moonstone


  • XL-15 Spaceship Model
  • Grape Soda Motif
  • Coco Guitar Motif
  • IncrediSquirrel.

Second Page Rewards

On the Second Page, these are the rewards available to collect.

Page 2 rewards.
Rewards on Page 2.


  • Up House Motif
  • SR Motif


  • Burro Pinata
  • Lightning McQueen Motif
  • Space Ranger Suit Display
  • Low-Boot Incredibles Suit
  • 200x Moonstone

Third Page Rewards

The Third Page of the event has these rewards.

Rewards on Page 3 in Disney Dreamlight Valley Pixar Fest.
Rewards on Page 3.


  • Coco Motif
  • “Live The Music” Shirt
  • 400x Moonstone


  • Edna Motif
  • Lightning McQueen Motif
  • Adventure Is Out There” Balloon Basket
  • Mr. Incredible Retro Suit Display

Fourth Page Rewards

As for the Forth page, here’s what you’ll get as a reward.

Page 4 rewards.
Rewards on Page 4.


  • Jack-Jack Motif
  • Piston Cup
  • Fredricksen Fireplace


  • 500x Moonstone
  • Sox Motif
  • Elasticycle
  • High-Boot Incredible Suit

Fifth Page Rewards

The rewards on the Fifth page start to get exciting.

Page 5 rewards.
Rewards on Page 5.


  • Pixar Fest 2022 Shirt
  • Miguel Motif
  • Piston Cup Motif


  • Miguel’s Guitar
  • Lightning McQueen Racing Jacket
  • McQueen Racing Bed
  • 800x Moonstone

Sixth Page Rewards

The Sixth Page is for those players who got the Premium Pass.

Page 6 rewards in Disney Dreamlight Valley Pixar Fest.
Page 6 only has one reward.


175x Moonstone (only available in 4,100 moonstone pass)

Final Words

Disney Dreamlight Valley has its own name for the ‘Battle Passes’ found in shooter games. They call it the Pixar Fest Star Path. As usual, you’ll have to complete a few tasks to get the rewards. There are a total of 6 tiers in the event. Each of these has unique rewards that are worth their value.

The game has different types of passes. They are known as the Standard and the Premium Pass. The Standard pass has limited rewards. At the same time, you get all of the unique rewards in the Premium Pass. We know that it costs a lot. But if you consider all of the rewards that we’ve explained in our guide, you’ll understand the true worth of the Premium Pass.

This completes our guide on Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Pixar Fest Star Path. If you feel like anything is missing from the guide, please let us know. 

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