Disney Dreamlight Valley: Animal Companions [Guide]

Animal Companions are cute small critters that follow your around as you do your quests.

If you have been playing Disney Dreamlight Valley for a while, you might have noticed some squirrels or birds around you. Everywhere you go, you’ll find them there next to you. Did you know that you can interact with these animals or critters?

Key Takeaways

  • Animal Companions are the Small animals that follow you around as if you’re one of the Disney princesses.
  • They are quite easy to get. All you have to do is feed them their favorite food twice.
  • Feeding them benefits you, too, as they will give you seeds, gifts, or some rare items such as Dreamshards.
Animal Companion Collection.
You can check out all Animal Companions on the Collection page.

Each area or village in Disney Dreamlight Valley has a unique animal that you can make your companion. They all have different variants. You can make these Critters or animals your pets in the game. And making them your pet animal or companion is quite easy. All you have to do is feed them their favorite food, and you’re good to go.

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Feeding Animal Companions

Now you know that to add the critters to your collection, you’ll have to feed them. But then, the question arrives, how to feed them? And more importantly, what to feed them?

The game makes it easy for you to know what to feed them. Well, in the start, you’ll have to experiment with all the items one by one. You’d be easily able to guess what a certain critter would like to eat if you have a good grasp of biology. If they liked what they ate, a Pink Friendship star would appear on the head of that Animal.

Feeding animal companion favorite food.
Feeding them their Favorite food will pop up a Pink Star.

If we are talking about a Squirrel, then it is obvious that it would love nuts. And in Disney Dreamlight Valley, these nuts are the Peanuts. Using this same logic, you can guess what food that critter would like to eat.

But if you can’t seem to guess what might be their favorite food, then don’t worry. We have already tested out each and everything and prepared a complete guide for Animal Companions. So let’s get started with it.

How to Feed Animal Companions

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll find eight different Animals that you can make your companion. Keep in mind that every animal has different colored variants. They are different and won’t be counted towards feeding that animal. Meaning if you feed Black Squirrel, only the Black Squirrel will come into your inventory. They all will be found in their respective biome, and we’ll get to that in a while.

Anyways, you’ll get to meet with only two every day. The game lets you feed each of the critters only once every 24 hours in real life. So you’ll have to go through each of their zones to feed all of them.

When you approach an animal in Disney Dreamlight Valley, a button will appear on the screen. When it appears, it means that the animal is calm enough to be fed. At that time, press the respective button of any platform that you’re on, and you’ll feed it. You’ll have to press E or Left Click for PC, A for Xbox and Switch, and X for Playstation. It will pop up a menu for you to choose what to feed the animals.

Interact with animal companion.
You will have to interact with the Animal to feed it.

When you feed an animal in the game, there’s a slight chance that the critter will drop different items. These items can be seeds or other useful items such as cosmetics or Dreamlight Shards. And if you feed critters, you’ll also get certain achievements as a reward.

Choosing Food.
Choose what to feed the Critter.

Animal Companions’ Favourite Food

Now we will go through each of the Animal Companions in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They are all hard to tame. Because not only will you have to have their favorite food ready. But you need to know how to approach them. All of these critters will be ready to run at the sign of danger, which will be you if you’re not considerate.

With that in mind, we’ll go through each of the animals. You can read about their favorite food and how to approach them. So let us get started.


Squirrels are the easiest to find out of all Animal Companions in the game. They are the hungry little things that are always looking for more food. You’ll find them running around in the Plaza. If you find them, you can approach them and then interact with them. If the option to interact with them doesn’t appear, then it might be because you have already fed them.

  • Location: Plaza
  • Variants: Classic, Black, Gray, White, and Red
  • Behavior: Friendly
  • Food Group: Fruits and nuts
  • Favorite Food: Peanuts


Compared to the Squirrels, you’ll find that rabbits are more playful. They would like to play with you for a while before you can interact with them. When you approach a rabbit for the first time, it will jump up and down and then run away from you.

Rabbit in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Rabbit jumping and asking you to follow it.

Don’t get upset, and the rabbit is just playing with you. What you need to do is to chase after it. The rabbit will run away a few times. And then, it will stay in one place long enough for you to feed it.

  • Location: Peaceful Meadow
  • Variants: Classic, Black, Brown, White, and Calico
  • Behavior: Playful
  • Food Group: Vegetables
  • Favorite Food: Carrots

Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles are as shy as they are cute. They won’t let you get near them at the start. So you’ll have to approach them with caution. As you’re heading towards a sea turtle, it will hide in its shell. Then, it will start to shake nervously. You’ll have to stand still for a while to make it feel safe.

Once it assures itself that you’re a friend, it will pop out its head and raise itself using its front legs. This means that the Sea Turtle is ready to receive some seafood. Slowly approach, and interact with feeding it.

Feeding sea turtle animal companion in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Feeding the Sea Turtle.
  • Location: Dazzle Beach
  • Variants: Classic (green and brown), Black, Brown, Purple, and White.
  • Behavior: Gets nervous in front of strangers
  • Food Group: Shellfish and Seaweed
  • Favorite Food: Seaweed


If you think that the Sea Turtles are hard to approach, then you aren’t ready for the Raccoons. Raccoon is an animal that is filled with mischief, and the game shows that it is true. You’ll have to run after them just to get their attention.

When you approach them, you’ll have to be careful. A single quick movement will make them run away. When you see a raccoon, keep your distance. As it stops and starts to look around, slowly start creeping towards it. You’ll have to start after every couple of steps. Yes, we know that it is a tedious task, but you’ll get Raccoon as one of your Animal Companions. When you get close enough, feed it.

  • Location: Forest of Valor
  • Variants: Classic (grey), Black, Blue, Red, and White
  • Behavior: Gets startled at sudden movements
  • Food Group: Fruit
  • Favorite Food: Blueberries


If you have tamed a few Raccoons, then you’re in good luck when it comes to feeding Crocodiles. They work almost the same as Raccoons. They move quickly here and there, and at times, they will slow their pace and look at you from a distance. That is your cue to approach it. Wait for it to stop walking, and its head is down.

Then, you’ll have to approach it slowly. As soon as it raises its head to look up, stop then and there. When you get to it, you’ll note that it has its head on the floor. Interact it to feed it.

  • Location: Glade of Trust
  • Variants: Classic (green), Blue, Golden, Red, Pink, and White
  • Behavior: Gets startled at sudden movements
  • Food Group: Shellfish
  • Favorite Food: Lobster


If you visit the Sunlit Plateau, you’ll find the Sunbirds flying around. Even though they are flying, you can easily catch up to them. Follow them to the plants and trees, and there, you’ll be able to feed them easily.

  • Location: Sunlit plateau
  • Variants: Golden, Emerald, Red, Orchid (purple), and Turquoise
  • Behavior: You will have to catch up to them
  • Food Group: Flowers
  • Favorite Food: Bromeliad


Foxes act just like rabbits. But instead of jumping and running, they just run away from you. They’ll stop from time to time to allow you to catch up to them. After a few tries, they’ll stop at one place and let you feed them.

Foxes in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Feeding the Fox in Dreamlight Valley.
  • Location: Frosted Heights
  • Variants: Classic (brown), Black, Blue, Red, and White.
  • Behavior: Playful
  • Food Group: Fish
  • Favorite Food: White Sturgeon


At the time of writing this guide, we’re still trying to get to the Forgotten Lands. So we can’t give you an update on Raven’s behavior or their Favourite food. We’ll update you as soon as we can tame a few of the Ravens in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

  • Location: Forgotten Lands
  • Variants: Classic (Black), Brown, Blue, Red, and White.
  • Behavior: Unkown
  • Food Group: Unkown
  • Favorite Food: Unkown

How to Change Animal Companions

Okay, so you have tamed a few of the Animal Companions. Now it is time to bring them out, or if you have one out, to switch between them. For that, the process is quite simple.

To set or change an Animal companion, you’ll have to go to the Wardrobe page in the Inventory. For that, click on the backpack icon to the top right of the screen. Then tap on the Wardrope option. In the Wardrobe, you’ll find different clothing articles, but they aren’t important for now.

How to Change Animal Companion in Disney Dreamlight valley.
Changing Animal Companion.

Click on the Companion box icon, and you’ll have all of your companions that you can switch to. Pick up the one that you want to set as your current companion, and you’re good to go.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Changing animal companion
Select your preferred Animal Companion.

Keep one thing in mind, and you can’t equip or change your current Animal companion while you’re inside a realm or visiting it in the game. But we are hopeful that the developers will soon find a workaround for this. Because while visiting different realms, there were numerous places where we wanted to take pictures with our pets. 

Animal Companions Use

It might seem like a hassle to go through all of the hard work to unlock them. All your hard work to tame these animals won’t go to waste as the game has been used for all the critters. If you feed them, they will give you an item from their region. For example, if you feed a black squirrel, it will drop Oregano, a spice of Peaceful Meadow, in front of you.

You can feed these animals daily to get certain special items. These items can be found in their specific region, but it’s better to know that you will have these delivered to you wherever you are.


There are a total of 8 different types of Animals that you can have as companions in the game. But you aren’t limited to that; each of these animals has a few color variations that make the game interesting. You can unlock all of these animals by feeding them their favorite food twice.

In the guide, we’ve explained how to approach each of these animals. They all have different methods according to their biological type. One animal is too friendly, whereas the other will be too hard to tame. But all in all, they all are tamable. With that, you have a guide on how to change your Animal Companion in the game.

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