Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Make Apple Pie

In This Guide We Entail On How You Can Make An Apple Pie In The New Disney Dreamlight Valley Game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has a cooking mechanism in place through which you can create delicious foods. Among these delicious foods also is the Disney Dreamlight Valley Apple Pie. 

Key Highlights
  • Players can acquire a stove in Disney Dreamlight Valley through completing a quest, helping Scrooge Mc Duck, or crafting it
  • Ingredients for an Apple Pie can be obtained through farming, buying, or finding wild ingredients
  • Players can make an Apple Pie by combining 1 apple, 1 wheat, and 1 butter
  • Giving the pie to residents will increase the player’s friend index.

Cooking Requirements For Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cooking In Disney Dreamlight Valley

However, before we get to the cooking part of the guide, we first have to unlock the stove in order to start cooking. And we also need some ingredients which are required to cook the Apple Pie. Furthermore, we will be providing you with the best possible ways to acquire the stove and the ingredients.

Unlocking The Stove

Now, there are three possible ways through which you can acquire the Stove in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The three ways are as the following:

  • The first method requires you to help Scrooge Mc Duck in opening a store. After opening the store, you will be able to buy a stove to cook your favorite pies.
  • The second method is through completing the “Foodception” quest for Mickey Mouse, which will, in the end, reward you with a free stove. However, this method will take some time to complete, so it is your choice on which method you choose.
  • The last method is to craft the stove, for which you will require a crafting bench and 12 Iron ingots, 2 Glass, and 1 Black Passion Lily.

Now, if you are a player who loves free items, then we guess that you will probably get the stove from the Foodception quest. If so, then we will be now explaining how to get the stove from the quest.

Now, we will break you the good news that the quest is fairly easy and simple as all you have to do is, after completing the “Mickey Mouse’s Memories,” just talk to him to receive 3 Wheat Seeds and a Cracker Recipe.

Next, you will have to plant the three wheat seeds and also learn the cracker recipe. Now, just water the seeds that you just planted and later talk to Mickey Mouse, who will task you with harvesting the crop. Once this is done, just visit your house, and you will notice that you have a brand new stove lying in your kitchen.

Gathering Ingredients

Chez Remmy
Chez Remmy’s In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now, if you are looking to cook an Apple Pie, then you surely require some ingredients. And in total, there are three effective ways to collect them, and they are as the following:

  • Firstly, you can either farm crops or buy them from Goofy’s Stalls
  • Next, you can also buy them from Remmy after you have fixed Chez Remmy
  • Explore the specific zones to find the wild ingredients 

Cooking Apple Pie

Apple Pie
An Apple Pie In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Lastly, we will now be discussing how you can cook the Apple Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Now, first of all, to make an Apple Pie, you will require the following ingredients:

  • 1 Apple
  • 1 Wheat
  • 1 Butter

The apple can be bought from Goofy’s, while the butter can be acquired from Remmy, and each of these will cost you 190 in-game gold. Next, you have to put all of these ingredients together in a cooking pot on the stove, and after a while, the Apple Pie will be ready.

Also, after cooking the Apple Pie, you can now give it to any of the residents of the vast Dreamlight Valley, and this pie will help you increase your friend index with them.

And with this, we bring our Disney Dreamlight Valley Apple Pie to an end where we discussed how you can make the Apple Pie and where you can acquire the ingredients and the stove for the cooking of the pie. However, if you believe that we left something out, then please do let us know through the comment section down below.

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