Disney Dreamlight Valley Avatar Code – Import Character

Creating an awesome location relatable character is a big part of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Today we will show you how you can import your character using the Avatar Code.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a recently released game developed for hardcore Disney fans. It serves as a tremendous fan service-filled adventure RPG. Today we will show you how to find your Disney Dreamlight Valley Avatar Code. 

Speaking of avatars, that is what you get to make when you first start up the game. The player is given plenty of options to make their avatar resemble them as much as possible. You can pretty much make anybody who resonates with you.


  • The game is in early access, so it is only natural that it has bugs. Expect to run into similar issues, but nothing major that can’t be resolved. The developers will fix everything with time; that is what the early access state indicates.
  • In a game like this, the player’s immersion is everything. You need to have the perfect avatar that you could completely relate to. Knowing the Avatar Code will help you import the avatar to the game.
  • Be aware that you can only copy and paste your Avatar Code once. It is a one-time thing. We advise that you work on the avatar for as much time as you want and only proceed when you have the most satisfactory one.

This is just more reason to learn about your code, as you will require it to import your character. Be sure to read our guide till the end. We are going to make the process as straightforward as possible. To hear more of our thoughts on the game, check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley Review.

How To Get Disney Dreamlight Avatar Code?

Disney Dreamlight Valley character designer creator code
Get your Disney Dreamlight Valley Avatar Code from here

To import the avatar code, you will first need to open up your Avatar Designer Tool. It is from here that you get to copy the code. As the name suggests, the Avatar Designer Tool is what is used to customize your character, so naturally, it is there where you can find the code.

Furthermore, to access the tool, go to the main menu. Once you open up the Avatar Designer Tool getting the code is simple. Click on the option that says “Show Avatar Code,” and the game will give you the 10-character code.

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We have completed the easy part and gotten the Avatar Code. Next, we will show you where to use that code to import your character into the game. It is also a straightforward process. Just make sure to read everything carefully. 

But before we discuss that, there are some things that you need to keep in mind going into the process. These are essential to remember. 

  • Remember that the Disney Dreamlight Avatar Code is only active for 24 hours. Once the time limit has expired, you will have to repeat the process to get the code again.
  • The player can only import one avatar. So make sure you are perfectly fine with how your character looks. It is disappointing, we agree, but here’s to hoping they fix it by allowing players to do it multiple times. 
  • The Avatar Code will import the latest look your character has. So once again, make sure to make a character in who you can completely immerse yourself.

How To Import Your Character?

Disney Dreamlight Valley character creator designer tool code
Enter the code here

As shown in the screenshot above, there will be an option in the settings where you can paste the avatar code. Once you have done that, the gameplay will do the rest. It is that easy. Just remember to look out for everything we told you before. 

Moreover, there is no need to worry if you forgot to change some minor things during character creation. Thankfully like Monster Hunter, you can change aspects of your character that make sense. 

These include the hair cut, hair color, and skin color. You can’t completely and thoroughly customize the character, but there is still a lot of variety here.

As far as the clothes are concerned, you can change them too. Here, the variety takes a nosedive compared to the Avatar Designer Tool. Now you only have access to the clothes that are present in your inventory.

We advise that you pick up anything that looks cool to you during the Avatar Designer Tool. You can later remove it, and it will still be available to you. After all of this is done, you are ready to show off your drip to the world. We hope you have a fun time with the game.


And that brings our Disney Dreamlight Valley Avatar Code guide to an end. That is all you need to know about importing your Avatar to the game. Make an excellent-looking character so you feel extra immersed when meeting your favorite characters.

The game has received mostly positive reviews from both fans and critics alike. Everybody loves the fanservice. The only complaint that we have about the fanservice is that there needs to be more of it with more characters. 

In addition, thankfully, with how successful the game has been, that is very likely going to happen. If your favorite character isn’t part of the roster yet, they will make it sooner than later. Who knows, maybe we’ll get plenty of great appearances. 

Other Tips

The gameplay revolves around players just going into the world and interacting with their favorite characters. You can even cook a lot of recipes. You can make simple stuff like an apple pie or a banana pie, or you can try other recipes.

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Exploring is another big part of the game. The player is encouraged to go out there and find whatever they can. Simple exploration can lead to finding worms, onions, clay, Mystical Cave Riddles, and many more unique things. 

As you can tell, immersion will be critical in a game like this. It would be best if you felt like your avatar at all times to truly enjoy the experience alongside the world and charming interactions it offers. 

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