Disney Dreamlight Valley: Avatar Designer Tool Guide

In our guide we will talk about all the important elements of the Avatar Designer Tool in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Getting To Know The Avatar Designer Tool

Looking into the designer tool
What is a designer tool?

What makes Disney Dreamlight even better is the opportunity for players to customize their avatars. It gives the players a sense of liberty, and we get to see a lot of unique character designs! Players in the Disney Dreamlight Valley will be able to achieve character customization through the designer tool.

Key Highlights
  • The Avatar Designer tool is a tool that is quite helpful in the customizations of the characters that you use. Everybody has their own unique character designs which makes the game even better.
  • The things you are able to customize with this tool are Hairstyles, Body Types, Facial Traits, Wardrobe and Accessories.
  • You can also alter the clothing of the avatar that they wear with a tool called the Magic Touch. These include things like Hats, Glasses, Earrings, Coats, Tops and much much more.
  • Take a picture as a reminder of the avatar you made. Importing of the avatar is an important tool you can learn in the game which helps you in making your avatar in different platforms.

Simplest Method To Customize With Avatar Designer Tool

Disney dreamlight valley how to modify avatar
Changing the avatar in the game

When you open the avatar designer tool section of the game, you will see a blue dialogue box pop up. On top of the box, the player’s name will be mentioned. Followed by a series of customization options. 

  1. The first thing that players must decide on is a character preset at the start of their gameplay so that they can change it afterward.
  2. Players can then alter their avatar’s look completely upon picking a fitting preset.
  3. These alterations will include body type, haircut, eye shape, and lips. Players may also modify the thickness as well as the width of the avatar’s lips, nose, and even eyebrows.
  4. If players have chosen a female, they can also easily alter the lip color.

How To Add Your Magic Touch 

The touch of magic, as the name suggests, is truly a magical tool for players to use. Can you guess what it does? Well, the tool will actually help you alter the clothing that your avatar has. 

This tool enables players to create ensembles that are uniquely theirs by enabling users to customize a tiny portion of basic apparel with a limited range of styles, textures, as well as colors. It is very common for the players to make their very own cardigans, T-shirts, sweaters, and hoodies. Your imagination is the limit! Here are some of the more common clothing options that the game gives you.

  • Hats
  • Glasses
  • Earrings
  • Coats
  • Tops
  • Bracelets
  • Gloves
  • Pants 
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Dresses 
  • Costumes 

Taking Pictures 

After you are satisfied with the new character design, you can take a picture as a reminder. You may not know the following, but you can even take selfies with a wide variety of different Disney and Pixar characters. So if you have ever wanted to take a selfie with Mickey Mouse, here is your chance!

In fact, you can find your perfect angle while taking these pictures by rotating the selfie camera as well as the Mid-range camera position. Additionally, when capturing a picture, users may alter their backdrop, positions, and expressions. After that, you can share the picture at #DreamlightSelfie 

Before you move forward, we don’t you look at our guide on the voice cast. It will give you great insight into all the voices behind your favorite characters in the game.

How To Import Your Avatar

It is possible to make your avatar outside your primary game on a separate platform. So how will you transfer it to your existing game? Sounds super technical, no? Well, do not worry; it is simpler than it sounds. If you follow our instructions, you will have it down in no time. While you are here, why not take a look at our guide on all the fish sandwiches players can unlock in the game?

The thing is, players may still load their created avatar anyplace using their Avatar Code. If you are unsure where you can find your avatar code, do not worry. Basically, if you look at the avatar designer tool, you will see multiple options listed. The avatar code is the fourth option right below the gallery. 

When players click that button, a separate screen will pop up on the right. At the bottom of the box, there is an option to show the avatar code. Click on that, and you will be all set! There is an option to copy and paste the code. However, players can also jot it down manually. Before continuing, why not have a look at our guide on Bouillabaisse?

Having the code means that they may change as well as alter their attire and overall appearance whenever they want without losing any of their previously-stored work.

We hope that our guide was able to help you figure out the Disney Dreamlight valley avatar designer tool.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley - Avatar Designer Tool

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