Disney Dreamlight Valley: Bigger Chest & More Storage

In Disney Dreamlight Valley the player will collect a lot of items during their adventures. The character inventory won't have space to keep all of these and that's where our guide comes in.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game filled with charm. Its primary purpose is to keep the fans immersed and entertained. What we have here is fanservice done right. You can collect a lot of items in the game. So many so that you will eventually need to get more space; that is why today we will discuss how to get Disney Dreamlight Valley a bigger chest and more storage. 


In Disney Dreamlight Valley, cooking recipes and inventory management are crucial. To store more items, you need extensive storage. When your inventory is full, you can store items in chests. Upgrading your storage room is essential, and it should be done as soon as possible.

Now let us get to the guide and tell you everything you need to know about more storage in the game. Before you jump in, we advise you to read our Beginner Tips

How To Get Disney Dreamlight Valley Bigger Chest?

Crafting Station from the game Disney Dreamlight Valley
The Crafting Station

To get a bigger chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a Crafting Station: You’ll need a crafting station to create the chest. To get one, find Scrooge McDuck and complete his quest. He will provide you with the crafting station.
  2. Place the Crafting Station: Once you have the crafting station, you can place it anywhere in your house or around it. Choose a location that is visible and easily accessible.
  3. Craft the Chest: Access the crafting station and craft the chest. You’ll need the following materials:
    • 25 Softwood
    • 25 Stones

    Softwood can be obtained by gathering it from under the trees near the Plaza, while Stones can be gathered by breaking the large stones in the area.

  4. Enjoy Increased Storage: After crafting the chest, you will have a larger storage space to store your items in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How To Craft Chests To Get More Storage?

Crafting a chest and upgrading it in Disney Dreamlight Valley Full Method on How To Do That Procedure
Crafting A Chest

Follow these steps:

  1. Use Outdoor House Upgrades for Default Chest: The default home chest can only be enlarged with outdoor house upgrades. So, when you upgrade your house, the chest you received initially will expand. Keep this in mind while planning your storage.
  2. Craft Additional Chests: To increase your storage beyond what the default chest offers, you can craft additional chests using the crafting station. Collect materials for crafting, and use the crafting station to create more chests. Place them strategically in your house to maximize your storage space.
  3. Gather Materials: Collect materials needed for crafting chests. These may include wood, stones, or other resources. Use tools or gather them from the environment.
  4. Upgrade Your House: As you progress in the game and gather more materials, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your house. Upgrading your house will provide you with larger chests, giving you even more storage space.
  5. Store Items in Chests: Always prioritize storing items in chests, especially those you don’t have space for in your inventory. This ensures that you don’t have to discard valuable items and helps you keep your inventory organized.

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How To Upgrade House For More Space?

As we briefly mentioned earlier, upgrading your house in the game can naturally give you way more space. Follow these steps:

  1. Progress Through Scrooge McDuck’s Quest Line: Keep advancing in Scrooge McDuck’s quest line. As you complete his quests, you will eventually reach a point where he asks you to help Goofy.
  2. Complete Goofy’s Quest: Assist Goofy as part of the quest. Once you’ve helped Goofy, return to Scrooge McDuck.
  3. Receive House Expansion Quest: Scrooge McDuck will give you another quest, which involves going to your house and using the elevator to expand it. This house expansion unlocks as you progress through the game’s story.
  4. Expand Your House: Follow the quest instructions to expand your house using the elevator. Expanding the house not only provides more space but also unlocks a better chest with increased storage capacity.
  5. Use Gold for Expansions: Note that expanding different sections of the house comes at a cost of 1000 Gold each time. Be prepared to spend Gold to increase your space and storage.
  6. Regular Chest Upgrades: As of now, there is no option to upgrade the regular chests in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Keep in mind that the game is constantly evolving, so it’s possible that the developers may add this feature in the future as part of updates or expansions.

Wrap Up

That is all you need to know about how to get a bigger chest and more storage in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Just get access to a crafting station and then craft chests to gain more storage. 

To get a bigger chest, you can upgrade the ones you already have, and that will get you even more storage. If you can’t afford the upgrade or if it isn’t available yet, crafting more chests is the way to go then.

What do you think about the game? Did your favorite character make it in? What is your favorite Disney movie? Let us know all about it in the comments section below. 

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Best guide

Very much!!!!

The crafting built chests have 16 storage and do not change with house upgrades.

I\'ve upgraded my house multiple times, and the chests I have do not upgrade. The only chest that upgrades is the chest that was in the house already when you start the game. Nothing explains how to upgrade the chests you craft, they have tons of space, but no upgrade button. They stay at only 16, which is what they have when you craft them. Upgrading your house does not upgrade them.

What does it take to upgrade a chest?? That\'s important info I now need to hunt down elsewhere.

The chests you create using a crafting station are not currently upgradable.

It would be helpful to know how many upgrades are needed to expand the chests.

I want to upgrade he CRAFTABLE chests. Not learn how to upgrade my house with the BRIGHTORANGE Scrooge sign outside. Tysm for being so bluntly obvious.

There\'s larger chests in the game

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