Disney Dreamlight Valley: Bigger Chest & More Storage

In Disney Dreamlight Valley the player will collect a lot of items during their adventures. The character inventory won't have space to keep all of these and that's where our guide comes in.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game filled with charm. Its primary purpose is to keep the fans immersed and entertained. What we have here is fanservice done right. You can collect a lot of items in the game. So many so that you will eventually need to get more space; that is why today we will discuss how to get Disney Dreamlight Valley a bigger chest and more storage. 


  • Cooking recipes is one of the main aspects of the game. The player goes out to explore and collect ingredients with which they cook all kinds of recipes available in the game. To be able to store more stuff, you will need more extensive storage.
  • Other than ingredients and food, there is a lot more stuff that the player stores in their inventory. Once the inventory fills up, you will either need to store the item in the chest/storage or just drop them off. 
  • A storage room is compulsory in a game like this. Most of the time, it is either unlimited or upgradeable. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can upgrade it, and that is something that every player must do as soon as they can.

Now let us get to the guide and tell you everything you need to know about more storage in the game. Before you jump in, we advise you to read our Beginner Tips

How To Get Disney Dreamlight Valley Bigger Chest?

Crafting Station from the game Disney Dreamlight Valley
The Crafting Station

The player will automatically receive a chest in the game when they get to their house. You should have access to it soon, as Merlin provides the player with a home early. The player house is an essential part of the game and its immersion.

Moreover, the storage chest the player will have in the beginning will be relatively small. That is to be expected in a game like this. That is where the upgrading comes into play.

As you progress through the game, upgrading things will become the norm as many more things become available to upgrade. The player will even be able to upgrade their house later on in the game during a quest. 

That is a topic for another day. Today our Disney Dreamlight Valley bigger chest & more storage guide focuses on how to increase your storage space. To increase that, the player must create a chest. 

First and foremost, the player will need to get a crafting station. You can obtain that relatively easily. Go and find Scrooge McDuck and do his quest. Once the quest is complete, he will hand the player the crafting station.

Furthermore, the crafting station can be placed anywhere in the house or around it. We recommend putting it somewhere it is clearly visible and rapidly accessible. 

To craft the chest, access the crafting station. You will require two times of materials, 25 Softwood and 25 Stones. Thankfully these can be obtained easily. 

The stones can be gathered by breaking the big stones in the area, and you can get Softwood from under the trees near the Plaza. Go and craft the chest once you have gathered enough.

How To Craft Chests To Get More Storage?

Crafting a chest and upgrading it in Disney Dreamlight Valley Full Method on How To Do That Procedure
Crafting A Chest

One thing you should be aware of is that your default home chest can only enlarge with outdoor house upgrades. So whenever you will upgrade your house, the only chest that will expand is the one that you get with the house in the beginning. Hence, we recommend that you put a substantial amount of chests in your house. This way, you can make good use of the space that you have access to in the house. 

Now that you have a chest let’s talk about how you can upgrade it. It will initially only have 8 slots, which is decent. To increase the limit, you will need to upgrade your house. Alternatively, you can create more chests for more storage space.

There is plenty of space in the player’s house, so craft as many chests as you want by collecting materials and using the crafting station. Place as many as you need. 

As you progress through and gather materials soon, you will be able to upgrade your house. Upgrading the house will give the player bigger chests, as we mentioned earlier.

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Moreover, it is always better to store items in the chests, and we advise you never to discard any and always store the items in chests that you don’t have space for in your inventory. 

How To Upgrade House For More Space?

As we briefly mentioned earlier, upgrading your house in the game can naturally give you way more space. This is excellent as it means now you can place even more chests in your house and store more items. Upgrading your house is simpler than it sounds. 

Furthermore, all you have to do is progress further through Scrooge McDuck’s quest line. Go ahead and do his quest until he asks you to help Goofy out. When you are done helping Goofy head back to Scrooge McDuck.

He will give the player another quest which is just going to your house and using the elevator to expand it. Just like most other things in Disney Dreamlight Valley the house expansion also unlocks when you progress through the story. By expanding the house, you can even unlock a better chest which stores even more items.

Just like other games expanding different sections of the house does not come for free. Every time you want to increase the space it will cost you 1000 Gold. We do recommend that you upgrade your house whenever it is convenient as it obviously will give you way more space and storage. 

As of now there is no way to upgrade the regular chests in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is a live-service game, which means it’s only a matter of time before the developers add the option into the game. 

Wrap Up

That is all you need to know about how to get a bigger chest and more storage in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Just get access to a crafting station and then craft chests to gain more storage. 

To get a bigger chest, you can upgrade the ones you already have, and that will get you even more storage. If you can’t afford the upgrade or if it isn’t available yet, crafting more chests is the way to go then.

What do you think about the game? Did your favorite character make it in? What is your favorite Disney movie? Let us know all about it in the comments section below. 

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