Disney Dreamlight Valley: Blue Star Lilies Quest [Walkthrough]

This Disney Dreamlight Valley Blue Star Lilies guide will uncover the best ways to discover blue star lilies for players!

Disney Dreamlight Valley has to be one of the most comforting and aesthetically pleasing life-sim games ever. Recently released, it features the players going on quests, unlocking and befriending Disney childhood characters, running and decorating their homes, cooking, shopping, and much more. Our Disney Dreamlight Valley Blue Star Lilies guide will uncover the entire questline and how to gain the lilies! 

Key Takeaways
  • Blue Star Lilies are a type of flower that can be found in the Forest of Valor biome in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • To collect Blue Star Lilies, you must first unlock the Forest of Valor biome by spending 3,000 Dreamlight.
  • Once you have unlocked the Forest of Valor, you can find Blue Star Lilies growing in the grassy areas of the biome.
  • Blue Star Lilies respawn every 30 minutes, so if you don’t find any in one area, try searching another area.
  • Blue Star Lilies are used in the quest “The Language of Flowers”, which is given to you by Minnie Mouse.
  • Completing the quest “The Language of Flowers” will reward you with the blueprint for Minnie’s Flower Arrangement.

The Language of Flowers Quest 

Before players can even think of acquiring the Blue Star Lilies, they must understand that acquiring the flowers will be mingled with a short questline. No matter what, players cannot obtain the blue star lilies on their own. 

The “Language of Flowers” questline will entail one of your favorite childhood characters Minnie Mouse. The quest will require players to venture all over the open world map to get their hands on different types of flowers they will need to spend time searching for. 

The flowers will include:

  • White and Red Hydrangeas
  • Red Bell Flowers
  • Blue Star Lilies

Unlocking The Quest 

Dreamlight Valley Unlocking The Quest
Unlocking The Quest

The quest can be unlocked after interacting with Minnie. She will be located in an area, covered in red and purple auras. Apart from that, one of the most defining features of Minnie’s location will be the glowing pink stones. 

Interact with Minnie Mouse which will initiate a dialogue cutscene. She will share her desire to pick some flowers from the general areas in the village. 

After which it will show a quest that displays “The Language of Flowers” questline. Her main aim will be to give the flowers to Mickey, and the first part of your quest will entail gathering a total of 6 blue star lilies together with Minnie.

Collecting Blue Star Lilies 

Let’s discuss the best ways to find each flower and how you’ll be able to gather all 6 of them. If you’re not aware, blue star lilies are a flower that are taller in size, they will have small defining petals that will be fully bloomed, and of course, they will be blue. 

Blue Lilies in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be found in the Forest of Valor. You can double-check this by going to the Map through your inventory.

First Flower 

Dreamlight Valley First Lily Location
First Lily Location

After talking to Minnie and starting the quest, the first flower is near her. Once you’ve finished talking to her, you’ll remain in the same area. Turn around and head towards the shorter end of the grass patch.

Along the way, you’ll find a bag containing flower seeds. The actual flower you need is right behind the yellow flower seeds. Press “E” on your keyboard to pick it up, and it will be added to your collection.

Second Flower 

Dreamlight Valley Second Lily
Second Lily

When it comes to the second flower, players must make their way over to an area in the Forest of Courage. To be specific, there will be a bush that will be present on the left side of the player, and there will be a total of 3 Trees surrounding the general location of the flower.

Behind the trees, there will be a large stone structure and large trees, a yellow background, and red flowers will grow in the bushes. To get the second flower in Disney Dreamlight Valley, make your way over to the tree on the front end of the area, and it will be placed on the left side of the tree. Once picked up, it will be yours to keep.

Third Flower 

Dreamlight Valley Third Lily
Third Lily

To get your hands on the third flower, you want to turn around from the area where you picked up your second flower and start running back. While you’re running back, you’ll come across an area that appears to be Elsa’s ice castle, and it seems like there will also be a statue of Anna when she was frozen. 

There will be a few trees in front of the castle, four to be specific, and there will also be a small formation of rocks and a small bush growing on top of it. Right in front of the rock formation, the third flower will be placed meticulously. Click on it, and you will be allowed to pick it up. 

Fourth Flower 

Dreamlight Valley Fourth Lily
Fourth Lily

To progress with the questline even further, you will need to get the fourth flower, which will then be located in another area. This particular area will be extremely aesthetically pleasing, and the scenery will surround a glowing purple rock that will be present on the left corner of the area and a tree that will be covered in the snow beside it too. 

On the right side of the tree, there will be a small pile of wood, presumably placed there to help the player light fire, and there will be ice on the grass, and on the right side of the frozen grass, there will be regular grass placed. As for the flower, it will be placed in front of the log of wood. 

Fifth and Sixth Flower 

Dreamlight Valley Fifth and Sixth Lily
Fifth and Sixth Lily

To get the fifth and sixth final flowers, they won’t be found in any area in the forest of valor; rather, you will have encountered these flower seeds while progressing through the story; therefore, make your way back home. From there, head into any place where you might have stored these seeds and pick them up. 

Go into any area with tons of grass, and open up your inventory. Select the two flower seeds you have placed there, and plant them in the grass. It will take less than a second in order for the flowers to be planted, and you can immediately pick them up. 

Handing The Flowers To Minnie 

Once you’re done collecting the flowers, you can go back to Minnie Mouse. Surprisingly, once you’ve unlocked your quest, she will continue to follow you, making it all the easier to hand over the flowers to Minnie once you’re done collecting all 6 of the Blue Star Lilies. 

Upon exhausting the dialogue, she will hand you a pot that will be colored brown and have a red and white polka dot bow on it.

Collecting Hydrangeas

Dreamlight Valley Hydrangeas

As for the next part of the quest, you will be prompted by Minnie to collect hydrangeas in Disney Dreamlight that she will use further to fill up her flower pot with pretty flowers. One of the flowers will be hydrangeas that are colored red and white. Players will only need to collect one flower, making the entire process easy. 

  • You can find the Hydrangeas in Dazzle Beach.
  • The best way to travel there is to simply fast-travel, which can be done by unlocking the area and then going over to the map and clicking on the Dazzle Beach area. 
  • Interact with the flowers, pick them up, and you’ll be able to add them to your inventory.

Collecting Red Bell Flowers 

Moving on, the Red Bell Flowers will also be the final flowers you will need to collect to complete the flower arrangement, which has the Disney Dreamlight Valley Blue Star Lilies. The overall appearance of the red bell flowers will include flowers that will be upside down, and four will be upside down in the same arrangement.

The flowers will again be in the same location where you found the Blue Star Lilies, the Forest of Valor. 

First Flower 

Dreamlight Valley First Red Bell
First Red Bell

The first flower will be located right by the area where the blue star lilies were, where there is Elsa’s ice castle. To get your hands on the first bellflower, venture over to the area of Elsa’s castle surrounded by 2 or 3 trees. 

There will be a small tree that will be close to a shrub, and it will be practically attached to the ice castle. Scoot closer to the ice castle, and towards the right of the tree and in front of the castle, you’ll come across the same arrangement of flowers. Interact with it so that you can add it to your inventory; the first flower is yours! 

Second Flower 

Dreamlight Valley Second Red Bell
Second Red Bell

To get the second flower right from where you picked up the first flower, turn around, and start making your way a bit to the left. Right across from you, you will come across an orange flower and a small tree. 

Right across from the tree will be a patch of land that instantly drops down after coming to an edge. The bellflower arrangement will be placed right at the edge of the grass patch. Make sure not to fall over the edge, and carefully pick up the flowers so that 2/4 of the flowers will be all done with. 

Third Flower 

Dreamlight Valley Third Red Bell
Third Red Bell

Moving on to the next flower, once you’re all done picking up the second one, the next thing that you will want to do is steer right from the tree that we mentioned earlier. Right across from the tree on the right side will be a stone structure with some mushrooms growing on it. 

Move right past it, and steer left. After a bit of searching, eventually, you’ll reach a place where there will be tons of trees that will be surrounding yet another stone structure. If you make your way around the stone structure, there will be a small arrangement of flowers. Upon taking a closer inspection, it will be indeed the bell flowers. 

Fourth Flower 

Dreamlight Valley Fourth Red Bell
Fourth Red Bell

As for the fourth flower, it will be present pretty close. From the area where you picked up the third flower, start making your way forward by steering a bit towards the right end of the land. 

After doing so, there will be a few trees that you will need to steer around, so once you’re doing that, you’ll come across some yellow flowers, as well as a few animals, a wooden bridge, as well as a small water structure with a mini waterfall in front of it. There will be two red bellflower placements, and you can pick up one or both. 

Giving Flower Arrangement To Mickey

Your final assignment will be to craft Minnie’s flower arrangement, and then once it is all done, you will need to hand deliver it to Mickey. Go over to any crafting table, go to furniture, select “Minnie’s Flower Arrangement,” and click on “Make,” which will start the crafting process. 

Talk to Minnie, and she will ask you to give the flower pot to Mickey, once you’re done with that, the quest is complete! With that, we will finish up our Disney Dreamlight Valley Blue Star Lilies guide! While you’re at it, why not read our Disney Dreamlight Valley Veggie Casserole guide?


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