Disney Dreamlight Valley Bouillabaisse: Recipes & Ingredients

Disney Dreamlight Valley Bouillabaisse can be a little tricky as players often make the mistake of getting the wrong ingredients. To avoid that from happening, our guide will tell you all about making the dish from the scratch in detail.

Making a Bouillabaisse in Disney Dreamlight Valley can turn out to be a little tricky. Players can easily get the wrong recipe or the ingredients and end up making some fish-related dish. Moreover, making it a part of the quest can turn out to be even harder if you do not know the correct recipe or idea of how to make Bouillabaisse. 

Key Highlights
  • Ingredients needed include shrimp, tomato, two types of seafood, and a vegetable.
  • Vegetables can be found at Goofy’s stall in Peaceful Meadows, tomatoes at Goofy’s stall in Dazzle Beach, seafood in shells on the shoreline of Dazzle Beach, and shrimp by fishing near Dazzle Beach.
  • Players can interact with characters with fishing bonuses to find more ingredients and make multiple dishes.
  • One coal is needed to prepare the dish.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Bouillabaisse (
Quests of Diner With A Friend

Players need to make sure they do not mess up the dish even after having the right ingredients. To do that, you need to select the recipes listed in the correct order. The order is to get them from the top corner of the left side hand as you cook the dish.

Once it’s done, you can tap on the recipe of Bouillabaisse and click on the autofill button. Furthermore, players all need to have one coal to prepare the dish of Bouillabaisse in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Bouillabaisse (
Cooking Bouillabaisse

However, you must know and have all the correct ingredients before adding them to the pot for cooking. Following is the list of all the items required for making the delightful Bouillabaisse. 

  1. You would need to have one piece of shrimp first of all.
  2. Then you need to make sure that you have one good tomato with you.
  3. Two kinds of seafood are also required in making the Bouillabaisse dish.
  4. Finally, players need to make sure they get their hands on one good vegetable. 

Correct Ingredients To Make Bouillabaisse

Players need to make sure that even with the ingredients that they have, they do not make some other dish out of it. To make sure of that, we will tell you which items to use for each ingredient.

Players can make sure of a clam or scallop for the two kinds of seafood mentioned in making the Bouillabaisse. Furthermore, as a vegetable, it would be best to get your hands on good lettuce. Also, if the players do not get to use the function of autofill, then put the ingredients in the cooking pot in the following order.

  1. Shrimp
  2. Tomato
  3. Seafood
  4. Vegetable
Disney Dreamlight Valley Bouillabaisse (
Order Of Ingredients.

However, we would still recommend that you make use of the autofill option.

Getting The Ingredients

The first ingredient that the players should look for is vegetables, as they are the easiest to locate. Players can get lettuce or even the seeds of lettuce from the stall of Goofy that is placed in the Peaceful Meadows. However, sometimes if the players have not gotten the stall of Goofy upgraded, they might not be able to find it. So, make sure to get the stall upgraded.

Next up, we have Tomatoes. To get tomatoes, players need to get the stall of Goofy on the Dazzle Beach unlocked. The stall has both tomatoes and seeds of tomatoes. The beach can be found near the area of the southeastern side of the beach, next to the wooden pier. However, if the stall is not upgraded, you might not find any tomatoes.

To get the ingredients for seafood, to need to stay at Dazzle Beach and look out for pink and blue-colored shells near the shoreline of the beach. The items are clams and scallops. Players need to use them as they can be found easily. Moreover, they also help in making sure that the players do not end up making some recipe of the fish while they cook Bouillabaisse.

At last, we have shrimps. Getting your hands on a shrimp can be the most difficult part of making the Disney Dreamlight Bouillabaisse. Players can find shrimp while fishing near Dazzle Beach; however, they are very rare to be found there. To get them, players need to continue fishing at the spots of bubbled circles, and eventually, after a while, they will be able to find a shrimp.

Dishes With Bouillabaisse

Furthermore, if the players are interested in making several dishes of bouillabaisse, then they should interact with the character that has their bonus of fishing given. The players will keep on finding more and more ingredients as they continue fishing.

This will also make it easier to find the shrimp. It is a similar case with getting vegetables. If the players get to hang with the character that has the bonus of gardening, they can get more vegetables while harvesting.


Get the recipe of Disney Dreamlight Valley Bouillabaisse, and then mix up the right amount of ingredients to make the tasty dish. You will also complete the quest to move further in the game so that you can do more fun activities with your friends.

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