Disney Dreamlight Valley: Character Roles [Explained]

In this guide we will discuss the what character roles are and how do the work in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

One of the biggest hurdles players face in any video game initially is the lack of resources. Resources can be used to craft materials, complete quests, cooking, and more in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Forming a bond with other characters and taking them with you on your hunt for resources can double the number of resources you can earn, making it a very crucial gameplay component. In today’s guide, we will be explaining all you need to know about character roles and how they work in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Story Highlights

  • There are five roles you can assign to different characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley. These roles are Fishing, Mining, Gardening, Digging, and Foraging.
  • You will need a friendship bond of level 2 to assign these roles to a character. After forming a bond of Friendship level 2 with any character, you will be given a choice to assign a role to that character.
  • Assigning these roles will help you earn double the amount of rewards you usually earn from an activity. This can be done by doing the said activity with your companion.

Companion Roles

Character Roles
Assigning a role to Goofy

After forming a friendship bond of level 2 with any character, you will be able to assign specific roles to them. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there is no restriction to whom you can assign these roles. They just need to be one of the villagers and have a friendship bond of level 2 with you. What makes these roles and friendships such a crucial aspect of the game is that it allows you to gather various items and materials twice as fast as you normally would. 

Hanging out with a character with a fishing role will double the number of fishes you catch, and spending time with a character assigned mining will help you earn double the number of ores. The list goes on for every task, which is why assigning roles and spending time with those characters is such a necessary aspect of the game.

Villagers in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be assigned the following roles:

  • Fishing
  • Gardening
  • Mining
  • Digging
  • Foraging

Now, before we move on to the explanation of these roles, there are some things that you have to keep in mind before you start assigning these roles. This includes how these roles work, how to increase bonuses and the limitations of these roles. While you are at, also consider reading our guide on how to get fiber In Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How To Assign Companion Roles

To assign a character role, first, you have to reach friendship level 2 with a character. After reaching friendship level 2, you will be able to assign a role to that character and hang out with them. To hang out with a character, simply interact with the said character and select the “Let’s Hang Out” option.

This means that these roles aren’t passive, and your companions won’t farm any resources for you unless you hang out with them. So keep this in mind and don’t forget about them after you have assigned special roles to specific villagers.

How Do These Roles Work?

Let’s say you decide to pick any character in Dreamlight Valley, such as Moana or Scrooge McDuck, for a specific role. Now, the way these roles work is that once you tell them to hang out with you, they will follow you around and take part in the activity assigned to them. So if you are out of fish, pick up the character who is assigned the fishing task and hang out with them or if you are short on ores, hang out with the character assigned the mining task. 

It isn’t really that complicated, just assign the roles and partake in the tasks assigned to the characters in order to maximize your earnings from a task. Also, consider reading our guide on how to get Tomato Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Increasing Rewards

Obviously, the rewards you earn for doing specific tasks with the characters of the assigned role do not remain the same. The rewards you earn can be increased by raising the rank of your bond, and the rank of the bond can be increased by hanging out with the villagers. In other words, the more you hang out with the characters, the more rewards you will earn for performing the tasks assigned to the characters.


There are no limitations to what roles you can assign to whom. There are no advantages to be gained by assigning roles like gardening to female characters or mining to males. Assigning any role to anyone will give an equal amount of advantage. Meaning you can assign the roles to whomever you like without any consequences.

The only tip we can give you here is that you assign every role to someone because there is no point in not doing that. So assign every role to someone, hang out with them, and double your rewards in order to thrive in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Before reading further, why not go through our guide on Jam Waffles and learn how to make them?

The only thing we would like to mention here is that once a role is assigned to a character, it cannot be changed or reset, not that you’ll face the need to change it anyway, but still putting it out here in case someone wants to know.

Roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As mentioned above, there are five roles you can assign to any five villagers in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The functionality of those five roles is explained below:


Taking part in the Gardening activity

Gardening involves planting and harvesting various crops and vegetables. Hanging out with a friend, assigned the garnering role, will help you earn an extra vegetable every time you harvest. Furthermore, among all the roles available in the game, gardening gives the most significant boost to your friendship. So make sure you assign this role to the character you want to have the maximum friendship bond with quickly.

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Catching Fishes
Taking part in the fishing activity

This is one of the best activities in the game solely because of how high fishes sell in Dreamlight Valley. Catching a fish totally depends on your reflexes, but once you catch one, it fetches for a high price. Taking the character, who specializes in fishing with you, will allow you to net another fish of the same type you just caught.


Taking part in the Foraging activity

Foraging involves collecting natural resources such as wood, berries, wild crops, herbs, garlic, and more. Having a character who specializes in Foraging with you can quickly help you gather all the necessary items you need for a quest. Also, consider going through our guide on Sunstone Fragment locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


Digging ornaments
Taking part in the Digging activity

Digging can be used for two purposes, creating holes for farming or finding various materials hidden beneath the surface of the Earth. The materials you can gain through digging include Soil, Clay, Sand, and Dreamshards. So bringing a friend who you assigned the role of digging will be worth your while; due to that fact, you can now gather your required materials twice as fast.


Taking part in the Mining activity

As the name suggests, this activity helps you in gathering resources like ores, gemstones, rocks, and coal. Tagging a friend along with you for this activity can be worth your while due to the fact that now you can earn twice as many gemstones and other useful ores. Unearthing a shiny, rare gemstone is irregular, which is where your companion comes in, helping you net an extra gemstone of that rarity.

Speaking of ores, also consider reading our guides on iron ingots and gold nuggets in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Final Words

Before we conclude our guide, we just want to give one final tip to our readers. Even though all the roles are of equal importance and should be given an equal amount of time, if you still want to know which ones are the ones worth investing in the most, our answer will be Mining and Fishing.

The reason is fishing and mining deposits can be found in abundance and are regenerated again and again. In other words, Mining and Fishing activities are infinitely replayable. So if you are short on money, partake in these activities and sell the resources earned through them to fulfill your needs. For more money-making tips, consider going through our make money faster guide.

This concludes our guide on the character or companion roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Let us know what roles you assigned to which character in the comments below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and Mac OS.

Other Tips

Disney Dreamlight Valley is developed and published by Gameloft. This RPG and life-sim hybrid open-world game allows you to explore a beautiful world inspired by Pixar movies and interact with fan favorite Pixar characters. This includes characters Moana, Donald Duck, Ursula, Mickey Mouse, Elsa, and more, making the interactions with the NPCs way more fun than in a traditional video game.

In addition to that, you can partake in different quests like Lair Sweet Lair, Blue Star Lilies, Friendly Exchange, Lost in the Dark Grove, and more, which sometimes involve these characters too. Another major gameplay component of the game is cooking, and for that, you need to find different recipes.

So in order to know about the various foods you can cook in the game, consider going through our guides on Lobster Rolls and Sushi, Bouillabaisse, Seafood Platter, Veggie Casserole & Banana Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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