Disney Dreamlight Valley Characters [Current & Upcoming]

Our guide today is all about the characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how you can invite them to live in your village.

How To Invite Characters In Your Village 

The character mechanism is different from other RPG games as instead of playing as characters, you will get to interact with them. However, you will have to request them to come to live in your valley in order to interact with them. 

Key Highlights
  • Merlin, a powerful wizard of the Sword in the Stone, is one of the first characters you see in Disney Dreamlight Valley. His best abilities include ( Enchantment, Shapeshifting, Foresight, Animation, Alchemy, and Abjuration ).
  • The legendary Mickey Mouse is your Plaza neighbor and can be unlocked easily by clearing Night Thorns in front of his home.
  • Another character who is already living in the village is Scrooge McDuck, also known as the richest duck in the world. He is located on the right near the center of the plaza; you have to assist him by re-opening his shop, which will engage you in the ‘Making Sense Of Things’ quest.
  • The clumsy Goofy of Mickey Mouse is the same old childish in Disney Dreamlight Valley; although he is already living in the valley from the start of the game, you still would need to collect Pick Axe Royal Tool to unlock Goofy.
  • The lonely adorable robot called Wall-E is a garbage collector; it can be unlocked by entering into his realm and by completing some of the quests; once done, you can invite him to live in your valley in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • The optimistic and sea-loving girl Moana can be invited to your village by entering into her realm first, and completing all of her quests.
  • The Demigod of the South Pacific legend, Maui is all-powerful with his superhuman abilities and can help anyone in danger; you can persuade Maui to enter your village once you invited Moana; however, you need to have access to Dazzle Beach.
  • Remi, the popular mouse from Ratatouille can be unlocked in Disney Dreamlight Valley by completing some of the quests in order to invite him to your village.
  • The sweetest Minnie Mouse in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be invited to your village once you reach friendship level 8 with Mickey Mouse and by completing a bunch of Mickey mouse quests.
  • Ursula in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be freed in the game by retrieving the orb of water by completing the Mystery Cave Puzzle.
  • Kristoff is one of the protagonists of the Disney film Frozen; he can be found in the forest of Valor and can be unlocked as your friend by completing a quest.
  • Donald Duck can also be found in the forest of Valor, Donald is inside the Dark grove and can be brought back to the village by completing a quest.
  • Mother Gospel is an antagonist of Disney’s Tangled; you can unlock her in Disney Dreamlight Valley by completing her quest called The Curse.
  • The two beautiful sisters Anna and Elsa, in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be unlocked by first unlocking the Frozen realm and completing some quests which will help them to join you in your Dreamlight village.
  • Ariel in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be unlocked by sailing to an island when you repair the Mysterious Shipwreck, she would require a home on the beach in the village to be your friend in the game.
  • Once you have successfully brought Ariel into the village in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Prince Erik can be invited too by completing Ariel’s quest.
    The potential upcoming characters to be added to the Disney Dreamlight Valley include ( Beast, Belle, Cinderella, Buzz lightyear, Olaf, Ralph, Pumbaa, Simba, Scar, Woody, Sully, Stitch, and Vanellope ).
character in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Character in Disney Dreamlight Valley

They will need a lot of persuasions to leave their realm. Also, you can invite them through a story quest that you will complete in the game. Characters like Mickey Mouse, Anna, and Elsa can all be invited to live in your Valley.

Then you will be able to hang out with these villagers and build rapport with them by increasing your Friendship Level. This will allow you to unlock exclusive items that will help you in your adventure and help you collect resources as well. 

There are several ways by which you can persuade the Disney characters to come to your valley. Some of them need to be unlocked as well, and most of them require completing a quest and general progression in the main campaign in order to be invited. 

Furthermore, you will need a lot of Dreamlight so that you can afford new Village Biomes and Realms that will allow you to interact with several new characters in the game.

In order to afford the homes that the villagers will need to stay in, make sure that you have plenty of Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins as well. Here are all the ways by which you can invite the characters into your valley. 

Friendship And Story Quests 

Probably the most on the way of inviting characters into your valley is through Friendship and Story quests. 

Whenever you complete an overarching Story Quest or a Friendship Quest for a particular character, this character will return to your Dreamlight Valley. For instance, you can invite Minnie Mouse to your village by completing the quest line of Mickey Mouse’s friendship.  

Unlocking The Realms Of Dream Castle 

Another great way of inviting the characters to your Valley is by unlocking Realms in the Dream Castle. The realms of Disney Dreamlight Valley are built around a Disney film. Therefore you will find a relevant character there, like the frozen realm will have Anna and Elsa.

All you need to do is speak to these characters, and if they offer you a quest, you need to complete it so that they can come to your Dreamlight Valley. 

Unlocking New Regions 

Another great way of meeting new characters is by unlocking certain areas. If there is a character that lives in that region and you unlock it, you will automatically gain access to that character too. For instance, if you unlock the Peaceful Meadow, you will unlock Goofy automatically in the game.

However, you will need a Pick Axe for it. 

All Disney Dreamlight Valley Characters

We’ve compiled a list of all the characters that have been released so far in the game. Furthermore, for your convenience, we have also included the process of unlocking each character and how you can get them to join your valley. This includes all the quests you need to take on or the regions you need to unlock in the game.

Keep in mind that these characters are only the ones that have been released recently. We will make sure to add any new characters that get released later on in our guide. Meanwhile, take a look at all the confirmed characters in the game below. 


The deuteragonist of the Sword In The Stone, Merlin, is a powerful wizard tasked with the duty of educating Arthur. He has a lot of abilities and is hailed as the most powerful Wizard of all time. His most popular abilities include Enchantment, Shapeshifting, Foresight, Animation, Alchemy, and Abjuration. He can see in the future; however, he can only foresee some parts of it.

merlin character in Disney Dreamlight Valley

With these Shape Shifting abilities, he can change into anything he wants, from a caterpillar to a goat. Furthermore, with his magic, he can bring inanimate objects to life and even give them a personality like his famous Sugar Bowl. 

He is one of the first characters that you meet in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and luckily you won’t have to complete an extensive quest to unlock him. 

Mickey Mouse 

The character who never left the valley and your Plaza neighbor, Mickey Mouse, is one of the beloved characters in the game. He will be located in the house opposite the Plaza, and you can go inside to meet him. Doing so would initiate Mickey’s Memories quest line.

mickey character in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Mickey Mouse

After you have completed the quest, you will get the Royal Tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley. He has another search called the Foodception. In the search, you will be introduced to cooking for the first time. After this quest, you will be able to cook many in-game recipes that will help you in your journey ahead. 

Scrooge McDuck 

Another character that you can find standing outside his ruined shop is Scrooge McDuck. He is the richest duck in the world and was created by Carl Barks. His television series duck tales was a success across multiple mediums and is still loved by everyone.

scrooge character in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Scrooge McDuck

Not only did he appear in Disney Dreamlight Valley but in other games as well, including the Kingdom Hearts series, Epic Mickey, Disney Infinity, and The Duck Force Rises. 

His shop will be located right near the center of the Plaza. As soon as you speak to him, you will be able to unlock the Making Sense Of Things quest. The quest will ask you to go and interact with another character, Goofy. 


The unintelligent and extremely humble character of the Mickey Mouse franchise is our clumsy goofy. He gets absentminded very quickly and acts childish sometimes. His personality doesn’t change one bit in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

He is always optimistic and can do anything for people close to him, especially Donald, Mickey, and his son Max. Goofy is a great addition to your valley as he not only is extremely fun-loving but will care for the community around him as well. 


And Disney Dreamlight Valley will be locked away in the Peaceful Meadow. You need to collect the Pick Axe Royal Tool to unlock Goofy. Once you have the tool, you need to break the rocks that will be blocking your way into the Peaceful Meadow.

The House of Goofy will be located right in the middle of the region and will be fairly easy to find. After that, you need to find a broken Fishing Rod as well before interacting with goofy. It will be located by the pond. After you have collected the broken Fishing Rod, take it to goofy, and you will get a Royal Fishing Rod. 


The adorable robot called Wall E is a waste collector drone created by Buy N Large. He was tasked with clearing everything garbage plaguing earth in the distant future. He gained consciousness of his own after years of never-ending work and started to wish for someone in his life.

wall e character in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After 700 years of loneliness, he made eve, and everything changed after. In the Disney dream light valley, you will have to unlock his realm in the Dream Castle to invite him. Furthermore, you will also have to complete a quest that will allow him to move into your valley.

He has a garden that can be upgraded with time. You can also harvest a lot of crops from there that will help you in certain recipes and future quests. 


The optimistic and tenacious daughter of the chief of Motunui, Moana is here to save the day with her headstrong and sea-loving personality. The fearless chief has an undying love for her family and village, and she strongly believes in the legends and stories surrounding her island. 

moana character in Disney Dreamlight Valley

She takes everything seriously and tries to do her best in every task she is appointed with. You will see these personality traits and Disney Dreamlight Valley as well. You will have to unlock her realm first in their Dream Castle and complete all her quests so that you can invite her to your Dreamlight Valley. 


The Demigod of South Pacific legend, Maui, uses his mortality and his magical fish hook to help Moana in her adventures. He is very strong and powerful and is termed the guardian of mankind. His godly strength allows him to use his superhuman abilities to help anyone in danger.


Furthermore, he can also Shapeshift and can transform into whatever he pleases, including a shark, a fish, a beetle, a reindeer, and even a starfish. He is also a great sailor.  

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, after you bring Moana back to the valley, you can invite Maui to your village as well. For that, you will have to go to the Moana realm and visit him. Doing so will allow you to take on a quest called a Feast Worthy Of A Demigod.

After you have completed the quest successfully, you will be able to persuade Maui to come over to your Dreamlight Valley and join Moana. However, keep in mind that you need to have access to Dazzle Beach. Otherwise, you will not have an area to place his watery home where he can live. 


The adorable mouse is here in the Disney Dreamlight Valley to make your adventure more delicious with his appetizing recipes. Remy has a gift of identifying the different ingredients of a dish, and this ability has even helped him identify toxic foods so that the members of his clans will not die from eating poisonous things. 


You will be able to invite him into your dream light welly once you unlock the Ratatouille realm. You can unlock the realm in the Dream Castle, and you will have to complete some quests as well so that Remy can come back to the Dreamlight Valley.

Furthermore, you will also learn the recipe for Ratatouille by taking his quest. As soon as Remy is in your Dreamlight Valley, you can open the Chez Remy restaurant in your valley. 

Minnie Mouse 

Minnie mouse is the epitome of femininity and cheerfulness. She is sweet to everyone around her and is used to seeing the positive in everything. This leads to her kindness being taken for sometimes granted; however, her sweet nature is appreciated by everyone. Minnie mouse is very outspoken when it comes to bullying or rudeness. 

minnie character in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Minnie Mouse

You will be able to invite her to your Dreamlight Valley once you reach friendship level 8 with Mickey Mouse. Furthermore, you will also have to complete the Memory Magnification  Friendship Quest and all the Mickey Mouse quests to interact with Minnie mouse. During the Memory Magnification Friendship Quest, you will be able to rescue Minnie Mouse. 


The antagonist of Disney’s animated feature film The Little Mermaid, Ursula, is half woman and half octopus with a lot of powers. She finds Merfolk, that is in trouble, and offers them a wish that will come true.

ursula character in Disney Dreamlight Valley

However, she always finds something that will benefit her and then exploits the mermaids in trouble. Ursula is one of the most important members of the villain lineup in Disney and uses dark magic whenever she pleases.

You will meet Ursula and Disney Dreamlight Valley for the first time when you start the quest With Great Power. You will only be able to take on the quest when you unlock the Dazzle Beach region of the game. To free Ursula, you will have to retrieve the orb of power. You can do so by solving the Mystery Cave puzzles that you come across in Disney Dreamlight Valley.  


He is one of the protagonists of the Disney film Frozen. He loves going out on adventures with his reindeer Sven. Kristoff has a romantic relationship with Anna, and he loves going out on adventures with her.


You will meet Kristoff when you unlock the forest of valor region and Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can find him wandering about. 

Donald Duck 

Donald duck is the cheeky friend of Mickey Mouse who loves adventures, hiking and dancing. He also loves spending time with his lover, Daisy the Duck. Donald is a fan of pranks, and you will see this trait of him in Disney Dreamlight Valley as well.

donald character in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Donald Duck

When you find Kristoff speaking to him will initiate the Lost In The Dark Grove quest. Donald will be a part of the quest, and during the course, you will have to go through a weird portal located in the Forest Of Valor. 

Mother Gothel 

She is an antagonist of Disney’s Tangled. While you will not come across Rapunzel or Eugene as they are not part of the game yet, you will have to interact with Mother Gothel for a number of quests.

mother gothel
Mother Gothel

When you take on the quest called The Curse, you will be able to unlock Mother Gothel. In order to complete the quest, you will have to remove the dark magic that has been applied to a tree in the Glade Of Trust. 

Anna And Elsa  

The two beautiful sisters are up for interaction once you unlock the Frozen realm. It will be on the second level of Dream Castle. It is to be noted that you will have to interact with Anna first.

elsa and anna character in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Then interact with Elsa in order to bring them back to that Dreamlight Valley. Furthermore, you will have to level up your friendship with Anna during the quests you take. Moreover,  building rapport with Anna is an important part of the main campaign in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. 


The main protagonist of The Little Mermaid is also a part of Disney Dreamlight Valley, and she is the 7th youngest daughter of king Triton and Queen Athena. 

ariel character in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will be able to interact with Ariel as soon as you repair the Mysterious Shipwreck and help Goofy. You will find a shipwreck on a deserted island that is located southwest of Dazzle Beach. Once you have built a little raft, you can go and interact with Ariel. 

Prince Eric 

As soon as you have invited Ariel to your Disney Dreamlight Valley and build her home on your island, you can level up your friendship with her to access Eric.


When you start your friendship with Ariel, you will get a quest where you will have to bring Eric back into the valley as well. 

Upcoming Characters 

According to the information available online, as of now, players are guessing that there will be a lot of characters that will be added shortly in the game. While the game already has a lot of characters with the upcoming expansions, characters from Lion King and Toy Story are expected to be added.

Furthermore, Ralph and Belle did appear in the official trailer, but we did not see them in the game.

Also, there are a lot of furniture sets and clothing that we see in the game that indicate the addition of several other Disney characters that can be potentially released in the future. Below are all the characters that are expected to be added to the game. 

  •  Beast 
  •  Belle 
  •  Cinderella 
  •  Buzz Lightyear 
  •  Olaf 
  •  Ralph 
  •  Pumbaa 
  •  Simba 
  •  Scar 
  •  Woody 
  •  Sully  
  •  Stitch 
  •  Vanellope 

All these characters have appeared in the trailers, and other characters from these franchises might also appear in the game. 

Characters Fans Would Like To See 

Many fans have expressed their wishes for certain characters to be added to the game. Everyone wants these characters to be added shortly in expansions so that they can enjoy the game in its true essence.  

Below are all the characters that many fans want to see in the future. 

  • Tarzan 
  •  Up 
  •  Soul 
  •  Sleeping Beauty 
  •  Snow White And The Seven No Dwarves 
  •  Robin Hood 
  •  The Princess And Frog 
  •  Pocahontas 
  •  Peter Pan 
  •  Pinocchio 
  •  Luca 
  •  Mulan 
  •  Onward 
  •  Aladdin 
  •  Alice In Wonderland 
  •  The Hunchback Of Notre Dame 
  •  The Jungle Book 
  •  Hercules 
  •  Encanto 
  •  Brave 
  •  Big Hero 6 
  •  Winnie The Pooh 
  •  The Incredibles 

You will see subtle hints pointing to these franchises throughout the game. However, there has been no confirmation of these characters being added shortly. We do wish to see Lightning McQueen and characters like Dumbo. However, they have very little chance of being added to Disney Dreamlight Valley. 


We hope that after reading our guide, you will have a better idea of all the characters you will get to interact with within the game and all the characters that you can expect to be released in the near future. 

If you have any queries leave them down in the comment section. We will make sure to add any new characters as soon as they get released in our guide. 

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