Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Make Chocolate Ice Cream

Everyone's favorite Chocolate Ice Cream has made its way to Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Chocolate Ice Cream is a 4-star recipe. It requires a total of four ingredients to make. That makes it a higher rarity desert in the game. Finding all of the ingredients can be a hassle because some of them will be acquired after you have spent some time in the game. With that being said, we must remember that it is a 4-star recipe. You can use it to recover a huge amount of energy. It restores a total of 2,074 energy when consumed.

Key Taakeaways
  • The Chocolate Ice Cream is a 4-Star recipe.
  • It restores a total of 2,074 Energy.
  • It requires Cocoa Beans, Milk, Slush Ice, and Sugarcane to prepare.
  • Once you have everything ready, head towards Cooking Station and prepare the chocolate ice cream Dish.

Chocolate Ice Cream is one of the favorites whenever it comes to desserts. Whether it’s kids or adults, both love it as it provides that necessary refreshment. And that is what it does to the players in the game. So if you are a Disney Dreamlight Player who loves desserts, then it should be on your to-do list. Not only that, you should put it on priority and get on it as soon as possible.

Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

Made chocolate ice cream.
Chocolate Ice Cream ready. [Image by eXputer]
Although that isn’t one of the highest energy-restoring recipes, it is surely going to put you back on track. And now you will have enough energy to get on your remaining tasks. Okay, so, the ingredients that you’ll require for the recipe are:

  • 1x Cocoa Bean
  • 1x Milk
  • 1x Slush Ice
  • 1x Sugarcane

Once you have gotten your hands on these ingredients, you are ready to make the Chocolate Ice Cream. For that, you will have to head to a cooking station in the game. We prefer to use the Cooking Station at Chez Remy. Because you’ll get to interact with the small chef who makes finger-licking dishes, surprisingly enough, you’ll have to heat up your pot to make the Ice Cream. For that, you’ll require one piece of coal.

Once you have everything you need, you can finally start to prepare the Chocolate Ice Cream. Start by adding all of the ingredients to the pot. Once you have added all four ingredients, you can press the button, and it will finish the Dish, which is the Chocolate Ice Cream.


With all that, you have to acquire all of the ingredients if you want to make yourself the Chocolate Ice Cream in the game. For that, you’ll have to visit a few different places as the ingredients aren’t as easily available. We’ve already mentioned that the recipe uses a total of 4 ingredients. And here is how you can get your hands on each of these ingredients.

Adding ingredients to the Pot. [Image by eXputer]

Cocoa Beans

If you love chocolate and everything made from it, then you must know that it is made of Cocoa Beans. That in the game, you will have to get your hands on Cocoa Beans if you want to enjoy the Chocolate Ice Cream. For that, you will have to get to either of the two locations. They are the Glade of Trust and the Sunlit Plateau. There, locate the Cocoa Bean Trees and harvest Cocoa Beans from them.


As for the Milk, it will be available from early on in the game. you can buy it from Remy at his restaurant. For that, you will have to first complete his quest ‘A Restaurant Makeover’. That will unlock Remy’s Pantry along with the cooking station inside his restaurant. He will sell the Milk to you for 230 Star Coins. Make sure to get a few extras, as they will surely come in handy with other recipes.

Slush Ice

The Slush Ice is available at Remy’s Pantry. But you won’t get it easily after unlocking the restaurant. For that, you will have to increase your friendship level with him that you can do by Gifting him his favorite things. Once you have reached Friendship level 10, you will get a quest named ‘The Unknown Favor.’ When the quest is completed, he will sell you the Slush Ice. It will cost you 150 Star Coins to buy one.


Lastly, the Sugarcane can also be bought from a different character in the game. Goofy will sell you Sugarcane at Goofy’s Stall. To buy the Sugarcane, you will have to unlock his Stall at Dazzle Beach. First, to get to Dazzle Beach, you will have to unlock it by spending 1,000 Dreamlight. With that unlocked, you can then enter the Beach and unlock Goofy’s Stall. It will cost you 1,000 Star Coins to unlock it.

Once the Stall is unlocked, you can head onto the stall and get your hands on the Sugarcane. Usually, it will cost you 29 Star Coins to purchase Sugarcane. But if you want the Sugarcane Seeds, that will cost you 5 Star Coins. But then, you’ll have to wait for the Sugarcane Seeds to grow. Anyways, that is the last ingredient that you’ll need for the Chocolate Ice Cream.

Final Words

Disney Dreamlight Valley isn’t only limited to that. You can make different dishes, such as Fish Sandwiches, Bouillabaisse, or Banana Pie among many others. Not only that, the game lets you meet some iconic characters like Elsa from Frozen, Scrooge McDuck, and Minnie Mouse. Each of these has a unique Voice Actor behind them, giving them life. Not only that, you can have your very own Animal Companions that can follow you around. Lastly, we have some of the best Tips for you to help you with your journey.

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