Disney Dreamlight Valley: Cooking Vegetarian Stew Guide

Players will know that cooking vegetarian stew in Disney Dreamlight Valley is an easty, yet important task. Get the dish cooked and enjoy your rewards as well.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, cooking vegetarian stew is a fun and easy job, which also grants the players with rewards. The game is full of several adventures in which there is a simulation of life included. 

Key Highlights
  • Cooking is one of the most important parts of Disney Dreamlight Valley, and the sooner you find that out, the better for the progression of your game. The benefits and rewards of what cooking can provide for you.
  • For cooking the Vegetarian Stew you will be needed to gather the required materials, which are carrots, onions, and potatoes, and find the location of all the items respectively.
  • In order to make the perfect dish you can follow the book of recipes. As this dish is a Three Star meal, it can help provide players with money as well as restore more energy. The price for this dish is 284-star coins.


Cooking is a vital part of Disney Dreamlight Valley, where the players are sometimes granted rewards for getting the right dish cooked. Furthermore, a lot of recipes also get unlocked if the players manage to find the correct items.

Players can also cook the food and then eat it with their friends and enjoy a good dish. The dishes can also help the characters in increasing their strength and energy. Moreover, if the players cook the food with all the correct items and it turns out to be delicious, the level of energy that is restored will keep increasing. 

To cook food in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players need to collect the items, do the farming or even buy some from various places or stalls. Furthermore, players would also require to have Coal to get the process of cooking done.

First of all, get to the stove and then click on any recipe that you need to cook from the menu placed on the left side of the top. Carry the items from there one by one and put them in the pot for cooking. Once it is all done, select the option of cooking to start making the food.

Vegetarian Stew

Players can look for the recipe of the stew of vegetables in their book of collection for preparing the dishes. To get the vegetarian stew ready, players are required to have three items.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Stew Of Vegetables
Vegetarian Stew.


Nevertheless, players will not have access to any of the items unless they gather the things and reveal the recipe. At times, players can guess the correct items needed for cooking a dish by simply looking at the picture of the dish. To cook vegetarian stew, players will need to gather the following items:

  1. They will need to gather potatoes
  2. After that, players need to have some carrots with them
  3. Lastly, it is important to have onions to cook the stew in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Cooking Vegetarian Stew in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Recipe For Vegetarian Stew

Locations Of The Recipe

The ingredients required for cooking a vegetarian stew can be found at the following locations in the Valley. Furthermore, Goofy also has these items stored in his stall.

  1. Players can find carrots in the Peaceful Meadows.
  2. Onions can be acquired by the players somewhere in the Forest Of Valor.
  3. To have access to the Potatoes, players need to look over at the area of Forgotten Lands.

Cooking The Stew

After the players have gotten all the required items from the places mentioned above, they should go over to the stove located near them. The stove can be of your own home or even at the restaurant of Chez Remy.

Vegetarian Stew In Disney Dreamlight Valley
Cooking Vegetarian Stew.

Furthermore, players can also get several dishes discovered by checking their history of the dishes. Moreover, the book of recipes can also be looked at to make sure no mistake is repeated, and the dishes are cooked flawlessly.

Once the players know the items needed for cooking stew, they have to add them all to the pot for cooking and also get one piece of coal to get the cooking started. 

Rewards For Cooking Vegetarian Stew

After the players have cooked the vegetarian stew, they will be able to get the recipe of the dish unlocked in their book of collections. Furthermore, Vegetarian Stew in a dish of three stars.

Hence, it can provide the players with money or even get a lot of their energy restored. Players can also share the meals with other members of the village and increase their level of friendships with them. 

As all the players are now familiar with the recipe of cooking the Vegetarian Stew and even know what an easy job it is, they can all get the dish made easily.

The dish can get the energy of your characters good and even provide you with some more Star Coins to be used in times of need. Moreover, the price for which players can get the vegetarian stew sold is two hundred and eighty-four Star Coins. 


Get the dish made for your players to keep them happy and refreshed. Help them restore the energy to take on more challenges to survive the game. Moreover, also get to make friendships stronger, and earn good amounts of money.

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