Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Find Dandelions

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dandelions is part of a quest that the players will complete in the game for McDuck. Find out where to get the flowers from in the game and what are they used for!

Story Highlights
  • players will receive a quest by Scrooge McDuck, where they will have to help him in getting his store advertised & Dandelions restocked.
  • dandelions can be usually located inside the plaza, however, players can find them in meadows as well.
  • Finding dandelions will reward you character.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has different items, and one of them includes spotting dandelions. Players have to find the flower and then craft it as part of Scrooge McDuck’s quest called Gran Re-opening Bug Fix.

After the players have found the dandelion, they need to craft it at the station of crafting. Have a look at how to make bouillabaisse, and also look at the recipes for Banana pie and Apple pie in the game. 

Quests Of Dandelions

What the players are supposed to do in the game is bring back the memories of all the villagers. Players can also build their own homes in Disney Dreamlight by earning enough money.

There is a set of requests that the players are supposed to fulfill. Doing so can help them unlock more achievements and befriend their favorite Disney characters. Every kind of mission in the game grants you something, be it money, to get the village upgraded and unlock more areas and realms to explore.

Furthermore, players will also do some quests for the people of the village and become their helping hand. Some of the quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be very fun to complete, and players will enjoy completing them. We will be discussing all the details related to Disney Dreamlight Valley Dandelion in our guide. 

Placing And Crafting Dandelions

Just like that, players will receive a quest by Scrooge McDuck, where they will have to help him in getting his store advertised. We will be talking about the quests in which players will have to find Disney Dreamlight Valley Dandelions.

His store does not have many flowers in it, which can be an important factor in grabbing the attention of customers. As part of the quest called Grand Reopening, players not only have to find dandelions but also craft them.

Once players have gotten the pot of Disney Dreamlight Valley dandelions crafter, they have to put it outside the shop. Moreover, players can open their menu of furniture and find the pots to put them in a proper place to complete the quest.

However, it would not be of much use if the players had a dandelion of 1x, and got it, crafter, later. Because in that way, after they have put it near the valley, Scrooge would not even give a reaction. Hence, players would not be able to complete the quest.

If it’s already done, players can get the pots removed and try getting them placed again. Another way is to get dandelions crafted again during the time given to you. However, the players might not be able to complete the quest in time. So make sure to do the right crafting and placement. 

Finding Dandelions

Disney Dreamlight Valley dandelions can usually be located inside the plaza. However, players can find them in meadows as well. The appearance of dandelions is that they are yellow, and there are three flowers placed on them.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dandelions
Finding Dandelions

After the players have gotten dandelions, they can get their inventory opened and locate the flowers. To find them easily, players should look for the sign of a star that represents dandelions as an item for the quest,

After getting their hands on the flower, players should go to the house of McDuck and make the table of crafting placed in the store to get the item of their choice crafted. 


In addition to that, after the players have headed over to the table of crafting, they can move inside the menu of furniture to find the pot of Dandelions for crafting.

Tap on the menu, but players need to make sure they have all the materials needed for crafting. To craft the flowers, players can just simply press the ‘Make’ option and get the flowers crafted. 

Furthermore, after the players have gotten the pot, placing the dandelions pot near the store of Scrooge McDuck is the next step of the quest; once it is all done, players should go to the house of Mcduck and look for the pot in the inventory.

The pot will be found in the menu of furniture as well. Tap on the pot and get it placed in the front of the table. Lastly, players need to go back inside the house and have a conversation with McDuck. Telling him about the quest you completed would make him extremely grateful and happy, and so your quest will be done. 

Dandelions Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley


In conclusion, we can say that finding dandelions in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be pretty easy and fun. Help your friend and enjoy the fun quest of the game. Moreover, players can also earn rewards either in the form of money or love from their fellows.

Other Tips

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a world filled with dreams and magic. In the game, players uncover stories of fantasies. Moreover, players also interact with the world-famous characters from Pixar and Disney, both villains and heroes. There are different adventurous things that the players do in the game. We have also curated a guide for players to unlock fast travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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