Disney Dreamlight Valley Deal With Ursula Quest + Crystals

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will do all kinds of missions. One of them includes making a deal with Ursula to help the prince escape the dark place he is locked in.

Story Highlights
  • Ursula is known for the evil she had done in all the Disney movies, however in Disney Dreamlight Valley the players will have to help her complete certain quests.
  • Make a deal with Ursula and reach the 10th level of friendship with her so that she can help the players locate Prince Eric.
  • Collect all the crystals as part of the deal with Ursula in Disney Dreamlight Valley and get the prince unlocked.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players make a deal with Ursula to get her to free the prince. Helping an evil character in the game sure was not on the list of the players while starting Disney Dreamlight Valley, but the game is all about helping others and making friends. Even with your enemies. 

Ursula’s Quest Step By Step

Ursula plays a crucial role, and players will need to complete her quests to unlock Prince Eric. Here’s a guide on Ursula’s quests and how to deal with her:

  1. Unlocking Ursula: Ursula can be found locked in a cave near the beach of Dazzle. To unlock her, you will need a Crystal Key provided by Ursula herself. Once you have the key, enter the cave and solve the three puzzles inside. Afterward, you’ll obtain the Power Orb, which is used to unlock Ursula.
  2. Building a House for Ursula: Ursula will give you a quest to build a house for her. You will need to spend around 10,000 Coins of Stars to complete this quest.
  3. Lair Sweet Lair: After completing her house, talk to Ursula again to receive the “Lair Sweet Lair” quest. In this quest, you need to help Ursula recover stolen papers so she can craft Magical Scrolls.
  4. Reaching Level 10 Friendship with Ursula: To access Prince Eric and make a deal with Ursula, you must reach the tenth level of friendship with her. This involves completing her quests and interacting with her regularly.
  5. Deal With Ursula: Once you’ve reached the required level of friendship, Ursula will reveal the location of Prince Eric, who is being held at the Unfortunate Souls’ Garden. However, she will ask for your help in completing one of her quests in exchange for her assistance.
  6. Collecting Dark Crystals: To complete Ursula’s quest for the deal, you will need to find four Dark Crystals. The first one can be found behind a pond near the Forgotten Lands’ well. The other three are located in different places within the Village and various biomes.

Remember that Ursula is immovable and cannot follow you around, so you’ll need to complete her quests independently. Building a strong friendship with her is essential to unlock Prince Eric and progress further in the game.

Deal With Ursula
Prince Eric.

Locations Of Dark Crystals

Below, we have explained all the locations where the players will be able to locate the dark crystals to complete Ursula’s quest so they can make a deal with her. Moreover, this way, the deal can help them free the prince and get the whole mission completed.

Location No.1

Players will be able to locate the first dark crystal in a place called the Forgotten Lands. The crystal will be placed on the side of the pedestal that the players took before.

Deal With Ursula

Location No.2 

Players will have to go over to the Glade of Trust to find the location of the second dark crystal. Over there, players will have to look at the house of Mother Gothel. Go over to the door of the house, and the crystal can be found on the right side of the door.

Deal With Ursula in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Glade Of Trust

Location No.3

Players will have to look over at the Sunlit Plateau on the opposite side of the pond. To find the side of Sunlit Plateau, look by the Forgotten Lands, or the players can even get the well moved to the opposite place.

Deal With Ursula
Sunlit Plateau

Location No.4

To find the location of the fourth and final dark crystal, players will have to look at the top of the Frosted Heights’ side, which is placed by the river.

Deal With Ursula
Frosted Heights.

Once the players have gotten all four dark crystals, move over to the Forgotten Lands and put the crystals on the pedestal. Moreover, players will find another powered crystal placed on the ground behind them. Pick that crystal up and give it to Ursula. 

Deal With Ursula in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Giving The Crystal Of Power To Ursula

Furthermore, the mission Ursula will be completed, and she will tell you the location of the Prince so the players will be able to help the prince escape from the shackles of evil.

Deal With Ursula in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Giving Ursula The Crystal

Wrap Up

Finding Ursula and then taking help from her might be a little difficult for players; however, it is important to keep in mind that Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game about making friends and ending evil with good acts of kindness. So, get the Sea With Ursula unlocked and take her help to complete the quest of freeing the prince accessible.

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