Disney Dreamlight Valley: Demigod Of The Wind & Sun

Our Article will explain how to unlock Maui and finish the Demigod of the Wind and Sun Mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In contrast to other life-simulation games, Disney Dreamlight Valley offers a distinctive feature called quests. For those who lack creative flair, they offer a steady stream of tasks to engage in, and you may also gain some special prizes and bonuses by doing so. The Disney Dreamlight Valley Demigod of the Wind and Sun quest’s steps are broken down on the page below.

Key Takeaways
  • Maui is a strong, large man with a tender heart who will ask you to aid him in making sure that above the village the kites are always flying.
  • Unlock The Dream Castle by completing Merlin’s Mission. That allows you to enter any realm of your choice but at a price. 
  • Choose The Ocean With A Demigod which will transfer you to Moana’s World where you can find Maui.
  • The quest is given to you by Maui which is to construct several numbers of kites in the crafting station by using the following:
    • 30 Fiber
    • 18 Softwood
  • For Softwood, you will need to search the Peaceful Meadow and the Plaza.
  • For fiber, first, collect Seaweed that can be found in the Oceans or Ponds.
  • Deliver the kites made by you to Goofy, Waller, and Merlin in your hamlet as instructed to you by Maui.
  • Take Maui to the Lost Island and do some fishing in specific spots to get Limestone and the quest will be completed.

How To Unlock Maui?

Demigod of the Sun and Wind Unlocking Maui

Maui is a really large man, yet beneath all that hard power he also has a tender heart. That’s why it’s such a sweet moment when Maui asks you to assist him in making sure kites are always flying above the village.

Imagine being asked for assistance by a large person like Maui just to get kites flying above the village. Of course, you assist, being the nice buddy that you are. The process for unlocking Maui is the same as that for Moana. The Dream Castle must first be unlocked for players to interact with Maui.

To achieve this, you must first finish the “Merlin‘s Mission,” which requires you to remove every thorn from the Castle’s entryway. You’ll be able to unlock the door and enter after that’s been finished.

You have options to open any realm you choose to enter from this point on. But keep in mind that not all realms are accessible for free; you must pay to enter them. Players must select the option labeled “The Ocean With a Demigod” to get to Moana’s world. You will find Maui on her island once you have been transferred there.

Demigod Of The Wind And Sun Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Demigod of the Sun and Wind

When you talk to Maui, he suggests that the village has kites. He gives you instructions to create several using 30 fiber and 18 softwood. Create three kites using these components at a crafting station, then transport them to Maui. Search Peaceful Meadow and the Plaza for Softwood, then gather the branches.

The crafting station’s Refined Material tab allows players to create fiber, which is a craftable material. So, to make Fiber (x30), you must collect Seaweed (x6). Toss your hook into the ocean or the ponds, far from the churning fishing circles, to find seaweed.

Either ordinary fish or seaweed will be pulled. Bring a villager with fishing expertise if you want to move things forward quickly and have a chance to get more seaweed. Once you have the kites, He will instruct you to deliver one to each of Goofy, Wall-E, and Merlin in your hamlet. Locate them and present one to each of them.

Once you go back to Maui, he will thank you and urge you to take him with you to the “lost island” location. Then, find Limestone by fishing at the bubbly orange point that occurs in the sea near the Pillar on the tiny island off of Dazzle Beach. The mission will be completed after you show it to Maui!

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