Disney Dreamlight Valley: Donald Duck Questline Glitch [FIXED]

In this guide we will discuss how to resolve the bug found in "A House Fit For A Duck" questline.

It is not uncommon for video games to be riddled with bugs and glitches when they are in early access. But taking input from the community and resolving those bugs on top of making QOL changes is the reason games are in early access in the first place. In today’s guide, we will be discussing how to resolve the progression-blocking glitch in Donald Duck’s quest line “A House Fit For A Duck” in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Key Takeaways
  • The Donald Duck questline glitch prevented item pickup in his house.
  • Developers fixed the glitch in a September 15, 2023 patch.
  • To fix it, drop another item near the one you want, overlapping prompts.
  • Expect errors in early access games, including questline bugs.
  • Keep your game updated to prevent issues.

A House Fit For A Duck Guide Step By Step

  1. Unlock the Quest: You can initiate this quest after completing the “Lost in the Darkened Grove” storyline and unlocking the “Forest of Valor” biome.
  2. Talk to Donald Duck: Visit Donald Duck after completing the Darkened Grove quest line to start his friendship storyline. He will inform you that his boathouse on the beach is in ruins and needs repair.
    Interacting with Donald Duck
  3. Find Scrooge McDuck: Donald suggests that his uncle, Scrooge McDuck, can help with the repairs. Locate Scrooge McDuck on the map by looking for his icon. Scrooge can often be found in his shop or near the location where you found Donald.
    Donald's Uncle
    Selecting the right dialogue option
  4. Convince Scrooge to Help: Initially, Scrooge may be reluctant to assist, but after convincing him of the family connection, he agrees to help.
  5. Collect Materials: Scrooge will task you with gathering materials for repairing Donald’s boat. You need the following items:
    • 16x Softwood (gathered from areas with trees)
    • 8x Hardwood (collected near trees, except in Main Square and Peaceful Meadow)
    • 2x Iron Ingots (crafted from Iron Ores at your workbench, found in mineral deposits except in Main Square and Peaceful Meadow)
    • 4x Ropes (crafted from fibers at your workbench, produced from 1x sea wood)
  6. Craft Boat Repair Kit: Once you have all the required materials, craft the boat repair kit at your workbench.
  7. Give Kit to Donald: Hand the boat repair kit to Donald Duck and proceed to the next step.
  8. Begin the Repairs: Visit Scrooge McDuck again, and the repairs on Donald’s boathouse will commence.
  9. Clean the House: After the repairs are done, your task is to clean the house and clear any mess created during the renovation. Collect the following items:
    • Donald’s Awards
    • Jugs
    • Donald’s book
    • Mysterious Junk
  10. Bug Note: Be aware of potential bugs in this part of the quest. You may encounter issues when trying to pick up items between two objects, such as a sofa and a coffee table. Some users have reported difficulties picking up items under the coffee table. These issues may have been addressed in recent patches, so keep an eye out for updates or fixes.

Fix & Workaround

Picking up a glitched item

To pick an item under the coffee table, simply drop another item near it. Afterward, the prompts for picking up both objects will overlap, and in this way, you will be able to pick up the item from under the table.

Now moving on to the second problem, which is the unreachable item present between the two objects. There is no workaround for this, and there was no fix until the developers deployed an official patch on September 15.

Fans of the game shared their concerns on multiple forums and social media platforms, forcing the devs to take notice of the issue. With this patch, the developers of Disney Dreamlight Valley “Gameloft” not only fixed the bugs present in this quest but also made tons of new improvements and resolved various other bugs present in the game.

After updating your game to the latest version, you won’t face any issues related to item picking, allowing you to complete Donald Duck’s quest line finally.

With that, our guide on how to fix Donald Duck’s item-picking glitch during the quest “A House Fit For a Duck” in Disney Dreamlight Valley comes to an end. In case you are still facing any kind of issues, either with this or any other quest, consider contacting Gameloft Support.

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