Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamshards: How To Get & Use

Our guide entails in detail everything you need to know about Dreamshards in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how to get them.

There were originally only two ways to get Dreamshards in Disney Dreramlight Valley; however, thanks to the players continuously ranting about their lack of availability and developers responding positively to that, there are three methods now. Let’s discuss each in detail.

Key Highlights
  • Dreamshards can be obtained by removing Night Thorns, feeding critters, and receiving them from developers as compensation.
  • They are used for crafting Dreamlight and for progressing through main quests.
  • Nightshards can be obtained from Night Thorns and by completing Nightshard duties, but have a low spawn rate.
  • They can be used with Dreamshards to create Purified Nightshards.

How To Get Dreamshards 

Removing Night Thorns

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamshards Nightthorns
Night Thorns
  • Night Thorns are wicked plants scattered across Dreamlight Valley.
  • They look like bushes with thick purple vines and thorns.
  • Approach a Night Thorn and interact with it to remove it.
  • Dreamshards may drop as a reward, but it’s not guaranteed.
  • Night Thorns respawn each night, allowing you to try your luck daily.

Feeding Critters

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamshards Feeding Critters
Feeding Critters
  • Feed small animals their favorite foods to earn Dreamshards.
  • Different animals have specific favorite foods (e.g., berries for raccoons, carrots for rabbits, seaweed for turtles).
  • You receive Dreamshards when you feed them for the first time, so avoid overfeeding them.

From Developers

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamshards Dreamshards From Developers
Dreamshards From Developers
  • Due to player feedback about the scarcity of Dreamshards, developers provided a compensation of 25 Dreamshards in the current game version.
  • To claim this compensation, interact with the main post in the game.

These methods offer various ways to obtain Dreamshards, so choose the one that suits your gameplay style and preferences.

Uses For Dreamshards 

Dreamshards in Disney Dreamlight Valley have several important uses:

1. Crafting Dreamlight:

  • Dreamshards are used in crafting Dreamlight, which is a valuable resource in the game.
  • While Dreamshards can be used for this purpose, there are alternative methods to obtain Dreamlight, such as fishing, foraging, Dreamlight Duties, cooking, mining, collection, and village activities. Therefore, consider whether using Dreamshards for Dreamlight is the most efficient choice.

2. Progressing Through Main Quests:

  • Dreamshards are necessary for advancing through some of the main quests in the game.
  • Wise use of Dreamshards is crucial for completing quests and making progress in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

3. Crafting Purified Night Shards:

  • Dreamshards can be combined with Nightshards to craft Purified Night Shards.
  • Crafting Purified Night Shards requires four Nightshards and one Dreamshard.
    Night Shards
    Night Shards

Night Shards and Purified Night Shards:

  • Nightshards are obtained by digging up Sparkling Moulds using a shovel.
  • To craft Purified Night Shards, you need to use four Nightshards and one Dreamshard at the crafting table.
    Purified Night Shards
    Purified Night Shards

Make sure to use your Dreamshards wisely, especially when progressing through quests, as they play a significant role in your journey.

That about wraps up our Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamshards guide, and if you found this helpful, then you will also be interested in our Disney Dreamlight Valley Clay: How To Find & Get It guide.

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