Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamshards: How To Get & Use

Our guide entails in detail everything you need to know about Dreamshards in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how to get them.

There were originally only two ways to get Dreamshards in Disney Dreramlight Valley; however, thanks to the players continuously ranting about their lack of availability and developers responding positively to that, there are three methods now. Let’s discuss each in detail.

Key Highlights
  • Dreamshards can be obtained by removing Night Thorns, feeding critters, and receiving them from developers as compensation.
  • They are used for crafting Dreamlight and for progressing through main quests.
  • Nightshards can be obtained from Night Thorns and by completing Nightshard duties, but have a low spawn rate.
  • They can be used with Dreamshards to create Purified Nightshards.

How To Get Dreamshards In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Removing Night Thorns

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamshards Nightthorns
Night Thorns

The first method for collecting Dreamshards in Disney Dreamlight Valley is by removing Night Thorns. The Night Thorns are basically wicked plants that, according to Merlin, make people forget their memories. They are scattered all across the Dreamlight Valley, so they should be fairly easy to spot. As for their appearance, they look like a bush, out of which thick purple vines with thorns are coming out.

To remove a Night Thorn, just walk up to it when you spot one and press the designated button to interact. Once you press the button, your character will perform an animation, and the Night Thorn will be removed.

Now, although you can get Dreamshards by removing Night Thorns in Disney Dreamlight Valley, their dropping chance is not guaranteed hence the players complaining about Dreamshards’ unavailability. But you can still get some commendable rewards for removing the Night Thorns, so it is a win-win.

The Night Thorns respawn every night so that you can try your luck on a daily basis. That wraps up the first method to obtain Dreamshards in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and now for the second one.

Feeding Critters

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamshards Feeding Critters
Feeding Critters

The second method for obtaining Dreamshards involves you feeding small animals. However, keep two things in mind when doing so. The first is that not any food will work, and you have to give them their favorite foods. Some good examples of these would be feeding berries to raccoons, carrots to rabbits, seaweeds to turtles, cocoa to squirrels, and so on.

The second thing you need to keep in mind when feeding the critters is that they only give you Dreamshrads when you feed them for the first time. So if you try to be overly generous in hopes of getting more Dreamshards, then you will just be wasting resources.

From Developers

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamshards Dreamshards From Developers
Dreamshards From Developers

Now for the last and most guaranteed method to get yourself some Dreamshards. Remember how at the start of our Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamshards guide, we told you about players ranting about the low availability of Dreamshards?

Well, that ranting not only made the developers perform a fix for it in the upcoming update but also made them give players 25 Dreamshards as compensation in the current version of the game. So how do you acquire and receive this compensation? You get it by walking up to the main post in the game.

When you interact with it, there should be a message telling you that you just received 25 Dreamshards and that you should use them wisely until future updates arrive.

Uses For Dreamshards 

Now, what are the uses for Dreamshards in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Well, their first use is in crafting Dreamlight. And this is where most players mess up since there are a number of other ways to get Dreamlight. Such as Fishing, Foraging, Dreamlight Duties, Cooking, Mining, Collection, and Village. So wasting Dreamshards for them would frankly be stupid.

The second and most important use for Dreamshards is that they are necessary for progressing through some of the main quests. So we don’t think we need to know why you should use your Dreamshards wisely in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Another mentionable use of Dreamshards is that they can are supposed to be used in conjunction with Nightshards to make Purified Nightshards. This brings us to the final section of our guide, the Nightshards.

The Night Shards

Night Shards
Night Shards

Similar to Dreamshards, Nightshards are also important materials in the game; however, their spawn rate is thankfully not so similar to Dreamshards. You can obtain NIghtshards by digging up Sparkling Moulds using your shovel.

Purified Night Shards
Purified Night Shards

If you use them in combination with your Dreamshards at the crafting table, you can craft Purified Night Shards. To be specific, it takes four Nightshards and one Dreamshards to craft one Pure Nightshards.

That about wraps up our Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamshards guide, and if you found this helpful, then you will also be interested in our Disney Dreamlight Valley Clay: How To Find & Get It guide.

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