Disney Dreamlight Valley Emerald: Perks & Location

Check out the guide to find some interesting tips on farming Emeralds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Gems are the source of making money in the Disney Dreamlight Valley game. If you want to grow big and be a pro gamer, you must find ways to collect as many Emeralds as possible. Emeralds are sold to Goofy at any of his stalls to get the star coins in return. One thing is for sure; Emeralds can take you far ahead in the game compared to your peers. 

Key Highlights
  • Emerald Gems are special kinds of gems that you can use in order to Earn Money, To Complete Quests and to Craft Recipes. These are gems that are very useful in Disneylight Valley as they can help players in many ways.
  • Use a Pickaxe as it is going to be required to break rocks and get emeralds. 
  • Locations that have a high chance of the Emerald Gems’ appearance are Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust. Tall Black Rocks on the Cliffside are where the gems usually reside, and you can see them as they have a shiny surface.
  • Simple Emeralds go for 325 coins, while shiny ones go for 1300 coins.
  • If you do not have enough Emeralds, you might not be able to complete specific quests and missions as they are mandatory for them.

Most beginners find it tough to search out rare gems, including Emeralds- because they are unaware of the places where they can find them. If you want to know how to farm Emeralds in Disney Dreamlight Valley, this article will help you find it.

Why Do You Need Emeralds?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Emerald

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can do farming, fishing, and other such activities to earn a few hundred-star coins. But that is a time-consuming and less-surprising way to earn money in the game. Everyone loves surprises and wants to gain more rewards with less effort. Emeralds behave the same way, as they act as speed boosters for your cash and item upgrades. Gems like Emeralds are useful in the following ways.

To Earn Money

Money is required to purchase many items in the game and unlock the quests. You can use the rare Emeralds and exchange them at Goofy’s shop to get cash. If you do not want to get coins in return for the precious gem, you can just accumulate them as Emerald is an asset in itself. 

To Complete Quests

Gems not only give star coins but are required in certain missions and quests. For example, a mission, “Dreamlight Valley Economy 101,” requires us to sell gems at Goofy’s store. Another task, “With Great Power,” requires players to have three unique gemstones to pass through the Mystical Cave. Similarly, Emerald gem is mandatory in crafting a device to bring back Minnie Mouse in “Memory Magnification,” a friendship quest. 

To Craft Recipes

Players can use gems like emeralds to craft recipes using a crafting workbench. For instance, the Green Light Low Beach torch requires Verdant Peridot as a recipe material. If you want to discover new recipes and meals in the game, we recommend you check out All Recipes.

Emeralds Location And Perks

There are more than a dozen gems in the game, and specific locations are allotted to each of them in the Valley. The Emerald gem is green in color. It is more precisely dark green, not to be confused with Peridot, which comparatively has a lighter shade of green. So, it is not that difficult to differentiate it from other gems. You have to go to some specific locations where the chances of finding this gem are higher.  

First, you must get a Pickaxe next to the Plaza Valley’s well. The Pickaxe is used to smash the rocks to get Emeralds. After grabbing your Pickaxe, dive into the locations where chances of coming across emerald are high. 


Gems are scattered all over the Valley, but there are some hot spots for each gem, where the chances of getting the specific gem are high. Emeralds are found on tall black rocks on the cliffside. You can locate and see the gems even from a distance because most of the gems have a shiny surface. There are two best places to harvest Emeralds in the game, which are:

Forest Of Valor: 

Emerald Locations
Forest of Valor

The Forest of Valor is present at the east of Plaza. You’ll need 5000 Star coins to unlock this area. Look for tall black rocks in the Forest of Valor and collect your favorite emeralds. 

Glade Of Trust:

Emerald Locations
Glade of Trust

The Glade of Trust lies on the southwest side of the map. Like Forest of Valor, you also need 5000 Star coins to unlock this area. The chances of hunting the Emeralds are equally present in both these spots. 

Keep the locations in mind, Forest of Valor lies on the east side of the Plaza area, while Glade of Trust rests on the southwest side of the map, and buckle up to mine emeralds. Both of the areas require 5000 Dreamlight coins to unlock them. Pay to unlock and then look for tall black-colored rocks with gems or jewels appearing on them. Emerald appears dark green, smash the rocks and harvest the gems. 


Emerald gem can be your moneymaking machine. You can sell your Emeralds at the following price.

  • Simple Emerald sells for 325 coins
  • Shiny Emerald sells for 1300 coins

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Secret Tips To Farm Emerald

If you find it difficult to find Emerald gems, the following tips can be useful to you.

Focus On The Green

Look for gems with green color gems appearing on them. As the emerald is dark green, you will most likely come across it while searching out black rocks showing green gemstones on top of it. Even if no green gemstone appears on the rocks, try your luck; you can still find a shiny Emerald. 

Take The Help Of Your Mining Buddy

Before mining the Emeralds, don’t forget to take the village mining friend with you. If you don’t have a mining friend, go and adjust the character skill to mining and take the mining buddy with you to increase the chances of bagging the emeralds. 

Level Up The Mining Mate

Leveling up the character skill and the mining buddy is extremely helpful in hunting emeralds as it enhances the chances of getting rare items and bonuses. Level up and get a helping hand from your mining buddy in quenching the thirst for Emeralds. 

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Other Gems In Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

There is a total of 9 of total gems in the Disney dreamlight valley. Each of the nine gems has a shiny variant, so you can say a total of 18 rare gems are available. The other gems include Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Diamond, Garnet, Emerald, Topaz, Peridot, and Tourmaline. 

All these gems are scattered in the whole Valley; if you have searched the whole Valley and still cannot find emeralds, consider clearing all the mining codes. After clearing the mining codes, refresh the data, and go to the target place to hunt the gems. Hopefully, you will find your desired gems in the next spawn. 

Bottom Line

All the tips mentioned above do not guarantee that you will get Emeralds. But surely, following these strategies will help you find the gem more easily. Keep these tips in mind and keep grinding until you get your hands on them. 

Sometimes, you keep mining but do not get emeralds because of bugs or other reasons. However, smash the tall black rocks to keep trying your luck. There are two main reasons for not getting the emeralds in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

  • Some other gems like aquamarine and citrine may appear in the area instead of emeralds. 
  • The gems are not guaranteed to appear at their favorite spot all the time. So, apart from skills, luck also matters.

Emerald gemstones are one of the most valuable gems in the game. These gems are not placed randomly in the Valley; instead, two special zones – Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust- are the hot spots to find. If you are looking for emeralds in Peaceful Meadows or Plaza, you are at the wrong place. Make a strategy, go to the right spot, and play with sheer dedication; you will surely rock!

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