Disney Dreamlight Valley: Energy Restoring Recipes

The Best Recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley help you recover the most energy.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is Disney’s version of the life-sim game. In the game, you get to meet some of the childhood cartoon characters that you know. The game lets you help these characters in their quests. Your character can become exhausted by doing all sorts of quests in the game. For that, we have prepared the list of Best Recipes to Restore Energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Key Takeaways

  • Disney Dreamlight Valley has an energy system that is quite similar to that of Stardew Valley.
  • You can permanently increase the Energy bar by leveling up your character or leveling up Friendships with different characters.
  • If your energy bar gets depleted, you can eat meals or items to restore it.

What Is Energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the most important resources. If you perform any tasks, your energy bar reduces until the character gets tired. 

Performing tasks such as clearing Night Thorns or mining etc., using the Royal Tools costs energy. When you complete these tasks or anything similar to these, the blue energy bar will be depleted. Thankfully, this doesn’t include every task in the game. Some of the tasks, such as harvesting, don’t deplete energy.

Recovering Energy

Once your energy is depleted, it won’t recover on its own. But luckily, two methods help you refill your energy bar. We’ll briefly explain both of these here.

Entering Home To Restore Energy

Early on in the game, you’ll have to rely on the most accessible way to refill your energy. That is to enter your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley. When your character enters their house, they will be well rested and will automatically regain the missing energy. Fast Travel can help you with this method greatly.

Using Consumables To Restore Energy

The first option will have you halt your progress to restore Energy. That’s why you should rely on the second method of restoring energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley. And that is to use Consumables to restore your character’s energy.

You can use different consumables to restore energy. But the best method to do so is to use the best recipes to restore Energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Permanently Increasing Energy Bar

Before you can get on with the guide and learn how to restore energy using some of the Best Dishes, we have good news. You can Permanently increase your Energy Bar. It isn’t some temporary buff or anything. Once you increase your Energy, it will be increased forever.

There are two ways you can permanently increase the Energy bar.

Leveling Up

The first one is quite simple, level up in the game. As you level up, your character starts to get better. You’ll be unlocking new items, new ingredients, and so on. Not only that but leveling up will also increase the player’s Energy Bar too. That means your character will get exhausted after you have truly made them work hard.

Increasing Friendship Levels

Apart from that, you can increase your character’s Energy Bar by leveling up friendship levels. But that isn’t what you’ll be actually leveling up a friendship for. By leveling up your friendship, you’ll be unlocking some of the most interesting quests. These quests will let you help your favorite cartoon characters.

You can level up your friendship by giving the Best Gifts to your friends in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Restoring Energy Using The Best Recipes

The game lets you make well over 150 recipes. Consuming these recipes restores the player’s energy bar. The 150 recipes include small appetizers to some of the best meals, such as the 5-Star Seafood Platter. All of these recipes restore energy but some more than others.

The Best Recipes to Restore Energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley are the following.

Fugu Sushi – 3306 Energy

Fugu Sushi in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Fugu Sushi is a 3-star Recipe.

Fugu Sushi requires 3 different items to make. This makes it quite easy to make, and in return, you get 3,306 energy. To make Fugu Sushi, here’s what you’ll need.


Steamed Fugu – 3668 Energy

Steamed Fugu is another recipe in the game that restores high amounts of energy. If the player consumes Steamed Fugu, they will restore 3,668 Energy. The ingredients required to make Steamed Fugu are

  • 1x Ginger
  • 1x Garlic
  • 1x Fugu Fish.

Walleye en Papillote – 3707 Energy

Walleye en Papillote to restore energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Walleye en Papillote is a 4-star dish.

Walleye en Papillote is the next best recipe to restore energy in the game. You’ll get 3,707 energy when you consume this dish. The ingredients for the dish are


Lemon Garlic Swordfish – 3713 Energy

Lemon Garlic Recipe to restore energy in dinsey dreamlight valley.
Lemon Garlic Swordfish is a 3-star recipe.

Lemon Garlic Swordfish is the next best dish in terms of recovering lost energy. The dish, when consumed, recovers 3,713 energy. You’ll just need 3 ingredients to make it. Here are the ingredients

  • 1x Swordfish
  • 1x Lemon
  • 1x Garlic

Smoked Peanuts and Anglerfish – 3960 Energy

Smoked Peanuts and Angler Fish recipe.
Smoked Peanuts and Angler Fish recipe is a 2-star recipe.

As for Smoked Peanuts and Anglerfish, it recovers the 3,960 energy of the player. The main ingredients are just two ingredients. They are,

  • 1x Peanuts
  • 1x Anglerfish

Pan-Fried Anglerfish – 4194 Energy

best Pan Fried recipe to restore energy in Disney Dreamlight valley.
Pan-Fried Angler Fish is a 4-star recipe.

If you thought we were done with Anglerfish-centered dishes, then we’re not. We have one more dish that uses Anglerfish and gives a high amount of energy when consumed. It is the Pan-Fried Anglerfish. The dish restores a heavy amount of 4,194 energy. It uses


Lancetfish Paella – 4550 Energy

Up next, we have the Lancetfish Paella. This is the 3rd best dish on our list according to the energy it restores. The dish restores a total of 4,550 Energy. Here are the ingredients that you’ll need.

  • 1x Lancetfish
  • 1x Shrimp
  • 1x Tomato
  • 1x Rice
  • 1x Seafood

Lobster Roll – 4928

lobster roll dish
Lobster Roll is a 5-star Recipe.

The second best recipe to restore energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Lobster Roll. It restores 4,928 energy. This is a 5-star dish that requires five ingredients. They are,

  • 1x Lobster
  • 1x Garlic
  • 1x Butter
  • 1x Lemon
  • 1x Wheat

Poached Basil Butter Sturgeon – 4961 Energy

dish of Poached Basil-Butter Sturgeon
Poached Basil-Butter Sturgeon is a 4-star recipe.

The Best Recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley to restore energy restores 4,961 energy. It is the Poached Basil Butter Sturgeon. Here’s what you need to make it.

  • 1x Sturgeon
  • 1x Basil
  • 1x Butter
  • 1x Lemon

These are the Best Recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley that you can use to restore your energy. They are hard to make, but it is totally worth it as you’ll be getting high numbers of energy recovered with each of these dishes.

If you believe we have missed any dish that gives a significant amount of energy, let us know. We’ll make sure to include it in our guide.


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