Disney Dreamlight Valley Falling Water & Final Trial Quest

In Our Guide On Falling Water And Ice Heart We Entail On How To Acquire These Items For The Merlin's "Final Trial" Quest.

The new fantasy adventure and life sim game by Disney is a place of dreams where you can fulfill your childhood urge to play with the various Disney and Pixar characters. Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game with a variety of quests that are acquired through various characters, and they can command you to do anything from farming to exploring. One such quest is Merlin’s “The Final Trial” quest, where many players are stuck on how to gather the Falling Water and Ice Heart

Key Takeaways

  • The Falling Water and Ice Heart are part of a quest given to you by Merlin called “The Final Trial”.
  • To acquire the Falling Water, you will have to locate it in Glade Of Trust, and as for the Ice Heart, you will have to grow it through a seed given to you by Merlin.
  • These two items are important to complete the quest, and to be able to upgrade your watering can lead to the last level.
  • Without these two items or ingredients, you will not be able to upgrade the watering can to the last level and also will not be able to complete the quest.

What Is Falling Water And Ice Heart?

Now, for those who were wondering what these strange-sounding items are then, let us explain. First, we would like to inform you that once you reach friendship level 10 with Merlin, he will assign you the last task through which you can upgrade your watering can for one last time. The task is called “The Final Trial,” and the main objective of the quest is to acquire Falling Water and Ice Heart.

Also another one of Merlin’s quests includes the Blue Furniture For Merlin in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

However, these two items are troubling some of the players as they are not able to find them. Well, to acquire Falling Water, you will have to find it, while as for the Ice Heart, there is a different method to acquire it. Now, below we will be listing both these items and how to acquire them.

Acquiring Falling Water

Falling Water
Falling Water Location In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now, at first glance, you might be wondering how to acquire such an exotic material but do not worry, as it is a very easy item to acquire. Furthermore, to find this item, you will have to travel to the southern edge of the Glade Of Trust, where you will stumble upon a waterfall. 

Now, explore around the waterfall and look for some golden particles which will be emitting from a specific spot near the waterfall. The golden particles specify the area where you will be able to gather the Falling Water. Next, all you have to do is close in on the golden particles and press the button that is prompted on your screen to collect the mysterious Falling Water that you were stressing over finding.

Acquiring Ice Heart

Ice Heart
Ice Heart Plant In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now, Ice Heart is also another item that is fairly easy to obtain if you know what to do. You might be surprised to read that Merlin also gives you a hint on how to obtain the Ice Heart. The hint is in the enchantment book that Merlin gave you, as inside it lies an Ice Tear Seed. From here on, you might know what to do but if not, then continue reading to find out more about the Ice Heart.

Now, to acquire the Ice Heart, you will have to plant the Ice Tear Seed as you do with any other seed. First, dig a hole using your shovel, and then simply plant the Ice Tear Seed inside the hole and cover it up. Next, just water the seed with your watering can, and after a few seconds, you will notice that the icy-blue plant will start growing and will reward you with an Ice Heart once it has fully grown.

Now, just harvest the plant, and you will acquire the Ice Heart that you were looking for. Also, we would like to inform you that the Ice Heart is a unique item and can not be grown again but do not worry as you will not need it apart from this quest, so you really would not miss out on anything.

Furthermore, we have researched and found out that the seed does not require a specific biome to grow faster, like in the case of the other seeds, which require specific biomes to grow faster.

Completing The Final Trial Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Merlin In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now that you have gathered the two main items to craft the upgrade potion for your watering, you can proceed further with the quest. However, you will also have to obtain 25 mushrooms which can be found on the floor of the Glade Of Trust, and do not forget to take along a Dinsey Dreamlight Valley characters that grant you more mushrooms. These characters will have a Foraging role.

Lastly, just put together these ingredients, and you will have the magic potion that is required to upgrade your watering can lead to the last level.

And with this, we bring our Falling Water guide to an end where we discussed how to acquire both the Falling Water and the Ice Heart for Merlin’s Final Trial quest. However, if you think that we left something out regarding this topic, then please do let us know through the comment section down below.

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