Disney Dreamlight Valley Fast Travel: How To Unlock

You can travel fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley and explore the magical world, players need to make sure they find the correct location of the Wishing Well and complete the mission.

Players can move here and there in the village if they know how to fast travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Players can travel faster in the game through Wishing Wells. However, to get it unlocked in the right way, players need to complete a quest called “Friendship Is Everything.”

Key Highlights
  • Players can use Wishing Wells and Dream Castle for fast travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Players must complete the “Friendship Is Everything” quest to access Wishing Wells and collect Dreamlight to unlock the Dream Castle
  • Both options allow players to fast travel within a Realm, but cannot be used to move between Realms

During the start of the game, players will be able to move over to the Wishing Wells through the use of the maps. Afterward, they can bend to the Realms by the use of Dream Castle. 

Using Wishing Wells To Travel Fast

travel fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Travel Fast.

Players need to make sure that the Wishing Well is Acting to travel fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley. To spot the active wells, look for the sign on the map with a purple-colored icon.

The icon would be clean and not affected by any dark magic, and no boards made out of wood cover it. Moreover, if the players have gotten any wells activated, they can travel faster to it by tapping the icon related to it on the map. Once the players tap on an icon, they will instantly move over to the well that they had chosen.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fast Travel
Wishing Well.

Other than traveling to the active wells, there will be no other obstacles in your way. Warping from one well to another will be an easy task then and can be done whenever you want to. However, there are a few quests that will block the fast travel in the game.

Furthermore, players would not get complete access to traveling faster through Wishing Wells until they complete the “Friendship Is Everything” quest from Merlin

Completing The Quest

To complete the quest to have access to the Wishing Wells for fast travel in the game, you need to do the following things.

  1. Get to the fifth level of friendship along with three villagers from Disney Dreamland Valley.
  2. Have a conversation with Merlin.
  3. Gather the Friendship Orb placed at the thorns and then put it in some Pillar next to you.
  4. Talk to Merlin again at the Wishing Well’s Peaceful Meadow.

The Destroyed Wishing Well

When the players put the Friendship Orb in the Pillar, it would clean the area possessed with any kind of dark magic, making the well a little safer. However, the well would still be insanely damaged. Moreover, Merlin will also make use of some magic to repair the well. Hence, it would allow you to get well used to traveling fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fast Travel
Conversation With Merlin

The eight areas in Disney Dreamlight Valley each consist of a well, making you repeat the whole process mentioned above. The process is to check the areas that are related to the orb and then put it inside the pillar to make the well clean.

Moreover, you need to pay Scrooge McDuck star coins in Disney Dreamlight valley. Use it to get your well repaired and good for traveling fast again. However, for now, players may make use of Merlin’s magic for the whole process.

travel fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Repairing The Well.

Using Dream Castle To Travel Fast

You can use the Dream Castle as a means of fast travel. Here’s how to use the Dream Castle for fast travel:

  1. Unlocking the Dream Castle:

    • To access the Dream Castle, you need to interact with Merlin, who is located at the castle.
    • Merlin will request that you collect Dreamlight, a currency you earn by completing quests and tasks throughout the game.
    • Accumulate around two thousand Dreamlight currency.
    • Return to the castle and use the Dreamlight currency to remove the Thorns of Night, which are blocking access to the castle’s interior.
  2. Using the Dream Castle for Fast Travel:

    • Once the Dream Castle is unlocked, you can access it by tapping on the icon of the Dream Castle on the map.
    • The Dream Castle icon is situated above the main plaza area.
    • From the Dream Castle menu, you can select any location on the list to fast travel to.
    • You can use the Wishing Wells you have repaired and the Realms of Disney you have unlocked to travel to different locations within the game world.
    • However, please note that you cannot travel from one Realm to another directly. You must return to the main world of Disney Dreamlight Valley first and then use the Dream Castle to fast travel again.

Can You Move Faster In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Although there is an option for fast travel in the game, there is still no option for a fast sprint to increase the speed of your movement. However, players can use the bonus of Well Fed temporarily, which will make them move fifteen percent faster. To activate the buff, players need to overfill their bar of Disney Dreamlight Valley Energy by eating a proper meal.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that for players to be able to travel fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and they need to have good access to the wells or the currency used. If they have both, traveling can be made fun and easier.


Disney Dreamlight Valley is the kind of game in which you can experience the magical world. Play the game in the life simulation mode. Moreover, players can also do various fun activities like mining, cooking, and gardening. Check out our guide on the recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and while you are at it, do not miss out on our guide on the recipe of Ratatouille in the game.

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