Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Friendly Exchange Quest

Our guide is about A Friendly Exchange quest that you have to complete in Disney Dreamlight Valley in order to help two friends, Ariel and Wall E to become friends with each other again after The Forgetting.

Key Highlights
  • A Friendly Quest is one of the several quests featured in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • The quest will help you reunite two major characters in the game, Wall-E and Ariel.
  • You will have to find three objects, a light bulb, a toy train, and a bowling pin in order to complete the quest.

A Friendly Exchange Quest 

You will be able to unlock the A Friendly Exchange quest as soon as you complete a broken memory quest in the game after you have successfully repaired the broken machine. The quest will help you reunite one of the two major characters in the game, Ariel and Wall-E.

A Friendly Exchange Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Talk to Wall-E

Since Ariel is fond of collecting different things, even if she has no use for them, you will have to collect certain objects that Wall-E can exchange with her. Doing so will help them restore their friendship as they were the best of friends before The Forgetting happened.

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You will also be required to discover a memory Along with finding three items. While you are at it, don’t forget to check out our guide on how to make apple pie.

Where To Find The Memory 

To find the memory and complete the “A Friendly Exchange” quest, follow these steps:

  1. Hidden Requirement: The quest requires you to find a memory related to two characters in the game. This memory is essential to initiate the quest. You’ll need to destroy night thorns to find it. Be patient, as it might take several attempts to obtain the memory. Look for a Blue Sphere when you find it.
  2. Finding Ariel: Once you have the memory, search for Wall E in the Valley and interact with him. Ask Wall E about the memory and its significance. Then, check your map to locate the mermaid, Ariel. Approach her and show her the memory, asking her about it.items for A Friendly Exchange Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  3. Collecting Objects: Ariel will request three specific objects:
    • A toy train
    • A light bulb
    • A bowling pin
  4. Speak to Wall E Again: Return to Wall E and inquire about the locations of these objects. Wall E will help you find them, eliminating the need for extensive searching.
  5. Collect the Objects: Locate and collect the three objects as directed by Wall E.
  6. Quest Completion: After obtaining all three objects, return to Ariel to complete the quest successfully.

Before you check out the locations of the objects, let’s see how you can unlock the quest. 

How To Unlock The Quest 

In order to unlock the quest, all you need to do is complete the broken memory quest. In the quest, you will have to fix the F02937 M3 907 machine, which would require a lot of repairs. Here is the entire rundown:

  1. Complete the Broken Memory Quest: First, you need to complete the “Broken Memory” quest. This quest involves repairing the F02937 M3 907 machine, which requires various repairs.
  2. Reach Friendship Level 8: You must reach Friendship Level 8 with the character associated with the quest. Ensure you have a strong friendship with this character before attempting the quest.
  3. Collect Required Items: To complete the “A Friendly Exchange” quest, you need to find and collect three specific items:
    • Bowling Pin: Visit the Peaceful Meadow and go to Goofy’s house. Look next to the couch to find the bowling pin. Alternatively, ask Merlin if he has a Bowling Pin available.
      bowling pin location in A Friendly Exchange Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
      Bowling Pin
    • Light Bulb: Go to Wall-E’s house and search between the trash can and the bench. You’ll find the light bulb near the shelf on your right side.
      bulb location in A Friendly Exchange Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
      Light Bulb
    • Toy Train: Visit Mickey Mouse’s house in the Plaza and look in the dining room. The toy train will be located on the dining table. You can also find a toy train in Scrooge McDuck’s house.Toy train location
  4. Complete the Quest: Once you have collected all three items, return to the character who initiated the quest (the one you reached Friendship Level 8 with). Give them the required objects to complete the “A Friendly Exchange” quest successfully.

Completing The Quest

After you have successfully collected all the objects required by Ariel, take them to Wall E. Now look for the Mermaid together around the Valley and wait for her in a certain area, and she will eventually come to you.

finding Ariel
Find Ariel

Also, we recommend that the players check their map as much as they can during the quest so they can keep an eye out for their meeting spot. Now you can see them exchanging gifts. Listen to their interaction, and you will be able to complete the quest.

Also, we would like to mention that Ariel is one of the water-based characters in the game. So sometimes, she might get bugged, and it would be hard to give her the gifts. In case it happens, you can always push Wall E towards her, and eventually, they will be able to exchange the items successfully.

A Friendly Exchange Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Completing the quest

You might have to do this a few times.


As soon as you finish listening to their interaction, the quest will end. This is how you can complete A Friendly Exchange quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley by collecting all the items in the game. Hopefully, after reading our guide, you will be able to find these objects easily and complete the quest in no time. 

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