Disney Dreamlight Valley Fugu: How To Catch & Recipes

In our guide we will look at how to catch Fugu and what dishes you can make with it.

If you are a fishing fan, we have good news for you! The new Disney Dreamlight Valley actually lets its players fish like Fugu in the game.

Key Highlights
  • Fugu fish is one of the Rarest Fish in the game, which is going to reward with around 900 coins.
  • The Fugu Fish can be found only in the Bubbling Spots in Dazzling Beach.
  • For capturing the Fugu Fish, you will need to meet some specific requirements, which are Rainy and Stormy Weather. There are people who have caught the fish on a warm and sunny day, but the chances are almost zero.
  • The recipes you can make from the fish are Fugu sushi, Steamed Fugu, and much much more.
Catching Fugu in the game
How to Catch a Fugu

The fugu fish is one of the rarest types of fish in the game. So as you can imagine, since it is very rare, the number of coins you will be able to get will be out of the world. If you want to know more about how to make money faster, we have the perfect guide for you!

Okay, so one important thing that you should know while fishing is that each type of fish has a different value. You might be wondering how you will know how many coins each fish is worth. Well, there is a very simple trick to it. Let us look deeper into that!

How Many Coins Can You Get For The Fugu

When you put the fishing rod in the water, you may notice a circle forming, which would indicate that you have caught a fish. What most players may not have noticed is that there are different color circles that form when you catch fish. These colors actually symbolize the value of the fish.

Now that we have you curious, let us look at what each of the colors means. Okay, so if you get a white circle, there is a high probability that the fish you catch will have a very low value. Honestly, speaking for the amount of effort it takes to fish, even getting some coins is a pretty cool deal. However, that is not to say you can not find a rare fish per se. The chances are very low, but hey, they are not zero!

The second type of circle you may encounter will be the golden circle; as you might have been able to guess, that golden halo means that you are hitting the jackpot. So you can expect to get 500 coins easily. 

The last type of circle that you will encounter is the blue one, and you will see this particular colored circle when you have a Fugu in your hand. The blue circle shows that players have found a super rare fish like Fugu. If you find a Fugu, you can anticipate 900 coins. Imagine what you could do with that kind of money; we have a few things in mind!

Where To Find A Fugu Fish

Typically, it is not too difficult to determine where different fishes reside in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. It actually depends on the ecosystems that you will encounter in the game. If you are unsure about what we are talking about, do not worry. We will explain it!

Basically, as you progress through the game, players will be to obtain diverse habitats. Each of these will have different varieties of fish that you will be able to get. Of course, if you have played the game, you would know things are not as simple as they may seem.

Sometimes the game will not tell you the additional information that you will need to bear in mind when fishing. This rings especially true for Fugu which will only be found in the bubbling spots on the Dazzle beach! While you are here, why not take a look at our guide on the best gifts to give in the game?

How To Catch The Fish

Fugu is a very finicky fish and can only be found in very specific circumstances. The thing is, the bubbling spot biome is home to both the Swordfish and the Fugu. However, the Fugu can only be caught when there is rain. Yes, you did, in fact, read that right! To catch a Fugu, there needs to be a thunderstorm.

As you can imagine, thunder and rain are not a normal fixture in the game, which is exactly why the fish is so rare. While we would like for the game to give us some hints on when the weather may get rainy. But we have no such luck.

Hence, you will have to wait for the weather to get stormy. Once that happens, you will have to take a friend with you to the bubbling spot and start praying for a Fugu. Now you might be thinking that is having bad weather a pre-requisite for finding a Fugu?

Well, some players have had luck catching it on a warm and sunny day, but the chance of that is very slim, barely next to none. It is far better for players to wait for a storm to hit. It will dramatically improve the probability of getting a Fugu. 

Recipes To Use Fugu 

Once you catch the fish, you should use it to make different types of recipes in the game. One such dish can be Fugu Sushi. For the recipe, you will need rice, seaweed, and of course, fish!

You may also make steamed Fugu, which will require ginger, garlic, and Fugu. If you want to look at more recipes, you should certainly take a look at our Disney Dreamlight Valley recipe guide!

We hope that our guide was able to help solve your question, happy fishing!

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