How To Get Ice Heart In Disney Dreamlight Valley [Explained]

eXputer's take Disney Dreamlight Valley Ice Heart guide entails how players can acquire this item & progress Merlin's The Final Trial quest.

The enhancement to your Royal Watering Can is a significant reward for completing the Final Trial for the Merlin quest. Therefore, in this guide, we will go over all of the procedures that need to be carried out in order to get an Ice Heart in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Key Takeaways
  • In order to obtain the Ice Heart in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must first increase their Friendship with Merlin so that she can give them the Final Trial quest.
  • You will be needed to use the Ice Tear Seeds given to you by Merlin and make your way to the Frosted Heights.
  • Here players will use a shovel to dig up the ground and plant the seed there.
  • After that water the seed and wait for it to fully grow into an Ice Heart.

When you are adventuring in the realm of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can come across a wide variety of collected goods, some of which are quite uncommon. Some of them are also necessary for completing critical objectives in order to go farther in the game, presenting you with a lot of questions about how you can get them. One of these items is the Ice Heart, which is required for one of your quests.

You will find that the Watering Can is an exceptionally helpful upgrade since it enables you to destroy the biggest mushrooms that are shutting off sections of the Glade of Trust. You may collect Falling Water from waterfalls, but you’ll have to nurture or grow an Ice Heart all on your own!

The specific location of Falling Water in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as well as instructions on how to cultivate an ice heart, are both outlined in the following section in great detail for your convenience.

How To Access Merlin’s The Final Trial Quest

Ice heart required for Merlin‘s Quest The Final Trial

Although it has a peculiar name, acquiring Falling Water in Disney Dreamlight Valley is not nearly as difficult as you would think it would be based on the name alone; in fact, it is rather straightforward.

In spite of the fact that Falling Water may seem to be an exclusive good that is difficult to track down, it is really rather widespread. The water that makes up Falling Water is just that which is gathered from the waterfall that can be found in the southern portion of the Glade of Trust.

Find your way to the creek that’s situated close to the stone bridge that leads to the waterfall. You should be able to see the glitter in the water that is standing there. You should get a popup asking you to inspect the sparkling at some point. You will have completed Falling Water and earned the achievement after you have checked the sparkles and acquired Falling Water.

When your friendship with Merlin in Disney Dreamlight Valley reaches level 10, only then will he offer you the last task to update your watering can. Until then, you won’t be able to use it. The process of assembling an upgrade ointment calls itself “The Final Trial,” and it requires the collection of three distinct materials.

Ice Hearts, in particular, may seem to be a bit puzzling at first, despite the fact that all three of the components are difficult to locate.

In addition, in order to progress through Merlin’s quest line to the point where you must acquire the Ice Heart, you must first finish the very first part of the mission, which requires you to obtain five purified night crystals. Only then will you be able to move on to the next stage of the quest. 

How To Get Ice Heart

Ice heart acquired Disney Dreamlight Valley

After you have finished that section, Merlin will give you some Ice Tear Seeds and give you the duty of gathering some Falling Water, Mushrooms, and Ice Heart.

Now, obtaining the first two of these is not very difficult at all. You should really be able to locate each of these supplies in the Glade of Trust area, which is easily accessible after you have completed the necessary steps.

Ice Tear Seed

However, obtaining the Ice Heart might be a little bit challenging. To get it, you must first have the Frosted Heights region unlocked, which will cost you 10,000 Dreamlight. 

Assuming you have already gained access to Frosted Heights, the first thing you will need to do is go there while carrying the Ice Tear Seeds that Merlin has given you. Afterwards, when, you will need to either excavate a hole in the earth or locate some abandoned farmland.

Frosted Heights region

The next step is to put the seeds into the ground and water them well. This will result in the birth of a young Ice Tear seedling. After giving this plant some water with the Royal Watering Can Tool, you should wait for a few moments while it matures into its whole form.

You may harvest this plant once it has reached its full potential, at which point you will get an Ice Heart in your inventory.

So, to summarize the entire process of getting the Ice Heart, you must first utilize the Ice Tear Seed that was included in the enchantment book that Merlin handed to you. This will allow you to advance with the rest of the procedure.

The next step is to use your Shovel to create a hole in the dirt, then implant the Ice Tear Seed in the soil like you would any other seedling, and finally, use your Watering Can to water the plant. After only a few seconds, the icy-blue plant should begin to grow taller, at which point you will be able to extract an Ice Heart from it.

We sowed our Ice Tear Seed in the Plaza area of Disney Dreamlight Valley, and it began growing to its full size in about three seconds. However, we believe that the seed will grow quickly no matter where you plant it, in contrast to traditional crops, which take more time to mature if they are grown on plants that are not in their natural environment. 

To get the Ice Tear Seed to germinate and flourish, you must first prepare the soil by digging up any location. Once you have harvested the Ice Heart, the plant will vanish, and it will not be possible to recreate it. There does not seem to be any other use for the Ice Heart that is not related to this quest; thus, there is nothing that you are losing out on by not having it.

Completing Final Trial Quest

At this point, you will have both of the primary materials required to manufacture the magical ointment that will upgrade your Watering Can that is associated with Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you do not already have 25 Mushrooms, you will need to forage for them on the soil in the Glade of Trust in order to be able to manufacture the medicament.

If you do not want to do so, click here. It is essential that you spend as much time as possible in the company of one of your Disney Dreamlight Valley characters who has been tasked with the duty of Forager in order for them to assist you in acquiring even more mushrooms.

Once you have the Disney Dreamlight Valley Falling Water, the Ice Heart, and 25 Mushrooms prepared, you should go to a crafting table and construct the Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment within the Potion and Enchantment part of the game.

You need now take this ointment to Merlin so that he may apply it to your Watering Can. Once this has been done, your Watering Can will be able to vaporize those gigantic mushrooms that are blocking the road. Merlin will not only award you with a stylish wizard hat for your accomplishments in the Final Trial quest, but he will also award you with magical power!


The missions in Disney Dreamlight Valley are one of the most memorable aspects of the game. You may discover even more of this enchanted world by epic quests, which are presented to you by a wide variety of Disney and Pixar figures.

In addition to that, they may assist you in the collection of new goods or the enhancement of other objects. You should make haste to go to the realm of your game as soon as you have gained the knowledge necessary to get the ice heart so that you may finish the questline associated with The Final Trial.

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