Disney Dreamlight Valley Iron Ingots: How To Get & Use

Our guide explains how you can craft Iron Ingots in Disney Dreamlight Valley by using Iron Ores and Coal Ores.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently in its early access stage, but it still has plenty of stuff for players to enjoy. The game allows you to explore a beautiful world filled with popular characters from the Disney universe, such as Donald Duck. You also get the luxury of crafting different items using various materials. And today, we will be discussing how to get Iron Ingots in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Key Takeaways

  • Iron Ingots in Disney Dreamlight Valley are extremely useful as they are needed to craft some important items in the game.
  • Iron Ingots can not be purchased directly from the in-game store or gathered as regular loot. Instead, you need to craft them by using Iron Ores and Coal Ores.
  • Iron Ores can be mined from a total of five biomes, while Coal Ores can be gathered from all seven biomes. 

How To Craft Iron Ingots In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now, if you still haven’t come across Iron Ingots, it’s not your fault. This is because the item is not something you can pick up as regular loot, as the only way to acquire it is by crafting it. You read that right. To craft items that require Iron Ingots, you will need to craft them first.

Furthermore, you also can’t purchase them from the in-game store. Before proceeding further, make sure to read our Disney Dreamlight Valley tips, as they can help you become a better player. 

how to get Iron Ingots in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Crafting Iron Ingot

Crafting Iron Ingots is a bit tricky as you first need to get your hands on some Iron Ore and Coal Ore. A lot of players often get confused about how to get Iron Ore in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and this is because it can not be found in all biomes. Furthermore, you must unlock the Pickaxe before you can start mining it. We recently did a guide on how to get all royal tools, including the Pickaxe. 

How To Obtain Iron Ore 

After you have successfully managed to get your hands on the Pickaxe, its time to start gathering some Iron Ore. An important thing to keep in mind is that you will need to explore multiple biomes to gather plenty of Iron Ore. Therefore, you must check out how to get rid of mushrooms. These mushrooms can block your way at multiple spots, and they make the process of exploring difficult.

 Iron Ore in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be found in the following biomes:

When you first start the game, you will not have access to any of these biomes as you need to unlock them first. You will need to first earn a lot of money, as it takes a good amount of Dreamlight to unlock every single biome. For instance, Forest of Valor can be unlocked for 3,000 Dreamlight, while Glade of Trust has an entry fee of 5,000 Dreamlight. 

It is important to remember that you will first need to make significant progress in the game before you can unlock these biomes. They will become available after you restore the Pillar of Friendship in the Peaceful Meadow. Afterward, you will be able to spend your hard-earned Dreamlight to access these biomes.  

how to get Iron Ingots in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Mining Iron Ore

Once unlocked, you can start exploring the biomes to mine Iron Ore. Out of all the biomes mentioned in our guide, we recommend that you visit Forest of the Valor first. This is because its unlock fee is the lowest among all five, and it also has plenty of Iron Ore for you to harvest.

But if money is not a problem, you can go ahead and jump into any biome. 

How To Get Coal Ore

The second item you need for Iron Ingots is Coal Ore. Thankfully, unlike Iron ore, this item isn’t difficult to get. You can find it in all seven biomes, meaning that you can get it while searching for Iron Ore. After successfully acquiring both items, it’s time to craft Iron Ingots.

After visiting a Crafting Workstation, you can craft a single Iron Ingot by using five Iron Ore and one Coal Ore. As you can see for yourself, you need a good amount of Iron Ores to craft a single Iron Ingot. Therefore, you will need to spend a lot of time gathering the crafting materials to craft a good number of Iron Ingots. 

Iron Ingots
Iron Ingots

The entire process seems pretty hectic, as you first need to unlock the five biomes. While Dreamlight isn’t difficult to get, you can still get tired of earning the total amount required to unlock all of them. And after you manage to gain access to them after working extremely hard, you will need to start gathering plenty of Iron Ores. 

However, this isn’t something that you can skip as Iron Ingots are pretty important, and you need them for a lot of stuff. For instance, you will need Iron Ingots to craft items like Streetlamps and Benches. Not only this, but you will even come across quests that will require you to have the item in your inventory. Therefore, the sooner you start crafting Iron Ingots, the better it is for you.

It will be better to dedicate some hours only to gathering Iron Ingots, as it will make the process much easier. As you will be traveling between multiple biomes, it will be wise to learn about how to travel fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This will provide you with the luxury of instantly traveling from one place to another. 

This was everything you needed to know about how to get Iron Ingots in the game. The process may be hectic, but you will need to go through it as Iron Ingots are extremely important. Without them, you can not craft different items.

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