Disney Dreamlight Valley: Kappa Maki [Complete Guide]

Find out everything you need to know on cooking the Kappa Maki recipe!

Cooking up new recipes is a crucial mechanic in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and one such recipe is the Kappa Maki. It is one of the many sushi recipes featured in the game. In this guide, we will tell you how to obtain the required ingredients and create the dish. It will also go through other requirements you’ll need to fulfill before cooking the recipe and what you can expect to get out of it – aside from some sweet flavor, of course.

Key Highlights
  • Kappa Maki is a Three Star Entree that is able to replenish energy by 462 or can be sold for a price of 335 coins. 
  • Ingredients that are going to be needed for the making of Kappa Maki are Seaweed, Rice and Cucumber.
  • Seaweed. Players need to visit different places across the valley as they can find seaweeds lying on the ground.
  • Rice. Rice can only be grown by seeds which you can buy from Goofy’s stall in Glade of Trust.
  • Cucumber. Cucumber can be found in the Frosted Heights Biome and will need to grow it. 
  • After acquiring all the ingredients you can start cooking the Kappa Maki. Before that, obtain a stove and coal so you can unlock cooking.

What Is Kappa Maki

The Kappa Maki is a 3-star entrée. If consumed, it restores at least 462 energy. Otherwise, you can sell it for 335 coins or more.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Kappa Maki
Kappa Maki

Preparing the Kappa Maki requires three essential ingredients:

Obtaining Ingredients

For seaweed, players should scavenge different parts of the Valley since some is lying around on the floor. However, this seaweed won’t replenish once obtained. Players can also reel in some seaweed by fishing in any spot other than the ripples. Keep in mind that fishing in the ripples guarantees you only fish.

Fishing for seaweed
Players can fish for seaweed.

Rice needs to be grown from seeds. Players can purchase the seeds from Goofy’s Stall in the Glade of Trust. Similarly, players can find a cucumber in the Frosted Heights biome and need to grow it. With all three essential ingredients in hand, players should head to a nearby stove and get cooking!

Recipes In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley let you cook up one or more ingredients to create a single dish. This dish can restore energy and be sold for much more than what the individual ingredients were worth. Otherwise, players can also gift the prepared dishes to characters to strengthen their friendship. Moreover, cooking up some recipes is essential for completing certain quests and progressing the story.

Recipes can be for appetizers, entrées, or desserts. Furthermore, the game rates recipes from 1-5 stars based on how many ingredients it requires. Each required ingredient will add another star to a recipe. For example, the Kappa Maki is a 3-star recipe since it needs three major ingredients. However, optional ingredients do not add to the star rating of a recipe.

Looking for the best ingredients? Here are our guides on how to get oysters and tomato seeds!

How To Get Recipes

Players are introduced to recipe books early in the game. From there, you can obtain more recipes by digging them up from the ground in different locations or finding them stuffed in furniture. You can also get certain recipes as rewards for completing quests.

However, players can also ‘guess’ recipes by throwing a bunch of ingredients in and seeing if they can concoct an edible creation. This means that if you have the right ingredients, you can cook up anything you like. So, if you need new recipes to cook, check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley Recipes guide!

How To Cook Recipes

As one might expect, cooking does not require much. For one, players will need to obtain a stove. You can purchase one after repairing Scrooge McDuck’s Shop. Moreover, you can also get a free stove after completing the Foodception quest from Mickey Mouse. Alternatively, stoves can be crafted through resources such as iron ingots and glass.

Aside from a stove, all you need is a piece of coal. With that in your possession, interact with a stove, and you will be able to prepare recipes such as the Kappa Maki.

Preparing recipes
Preparing recipes on a stove


That covers everything you need to know about the Kappa Maki in the game! Let us know if you could find the ingredients easily and if it was worth the hassle in the end! For more culinary adventures in Disney Dreamlight Valley, check out our recipe guides on the Seafood Platter and Ratatouille!

Other Tips

Disney Dreamlight Valley is out now on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It is a hybrid of a life-sim and an adventure game and is currently in Early Access. This means that players can experience the game while the developers polish it and furnish it with new content.

The story takes place in Dreamlight Valley, a wonderous place that has fallen prey to The Forgetting. As a result, thorns have gripped the land and severed the memories that made the land what it once was. Now, players must step forth from the safe haven that is the Dream Castle to rediscover the magical stories of Dreamlight Valley and, in the process, repopulate the land with the iconic Disney and Pixar characters who once called it home.

The game will receive updates leading up to its final release. Two of these updates have been announced and will be bringing beloved characters from The Lion King and Toy Story into the mix, along with cosmetics and additions to the main story. Here are more of the current and upcoming characters for the game!

Also, if you’re a new player, be sure to check out how long to beat Disney Dreamlight Valley!

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