Disney Dreamlight Valley Key in The Glade Quest [Explained]

This Disney Dreamlight Valley Key in The Glade guide will uncover an overview of the full quest that players can complete!

Story Highlights
  • Keys will be a part of a crucial questline that players will need to take part in in order to progress!
  • The best way to get your hands on the key is to start the questline that Mother Gothel offers you!
  • The main benefit of gaining the key will be simply checking off another quest and increasing your personal gaming experience!
  • There are necessarily no setbacks if you do not get the key!

Disney Dreamlight Valley has an interesting range of your favorite Disney characters, ranging from Ursula, Elsa, Mickey, and Minnie to Mother Gothel, Scrooge, and Goofy. In our Disney Dreamlight Valley Key in The Glade guide, we will discuss the entire questline required to get the key and the prerequisites required for it. 

The quest itself will be pretty straightforward and won’t take a lot of effort to complete. With that, let’s get started! You might want to read up on our Disney Dreamlight Valley Elsa Stuck In Cave Glitch guide to find out how to fix it!

Starting Key In The Glade Quest 

First, Disney Dreamlight Valley players will need to start the main quest line. To do that, they will need to venture over to the general location where Rapunzel’s stepmother, Mother Gothel, is located. 

Once you have successfully made your way over there, you will be prompted to approach her, so you need to start walking over to her general placement. Once you get to her, a quest marker will appear on top of her, and you can use the interact button to start her quest dialogue. 

Upon talking to her, she will first say hello to you, after which she will instantly jump to the topic of needing an item from Scrooge McDuck, who happens to be yet another important character in the quest line. She’ll tell you that there is a certain item known as the “Sun’s Scroll” that players will need to get from Scrooge. 

If you attempt to approach Scrooge directly and ask him about it, he will never fess up the location, and even if he has it, he will not hand it over to you, no matter what. Therefore, players will need to find an alternative way and either coax him to give them the item or find a way to get it themselves. 

For the scroll, there will be a chest and key you will need to get, and after your dialogue has been fully exhausted, it will prompt a banner on your screen that will display the message “My Kingdom For A Scroll.” This will be the questline that helps you find the key in the meadow and, subsequently, progress further. 

Crafting Micberry Tree 

Dreamlight Valley Gathering Items For Micberry Tree
Gathering Items For Micberry Tree

The next part of the quest will entail players needing to craft a specific tree known as a Micberry Tree. The items that will be required are as follows. 

The first thing that players will need will be a certain amount of soil, then they will also need some softwood, and lastly, they will need to grab a box containing some electronic components from Wall-E’s place. 


One of the first items players will need to get their hands on will be around 30 clumps of soil. There isn’t a specific shop that will sell soil, nor is there any hidden place full of soi. 

Rather, the best way to get soil is to dig for it. To do that, go to the main menu and head into your inventory. From there, equip a shovel, and all you need to do is find any patch of grass that seems extremely lush and seems like it will provide fertile soil, dig your shovel in and dig away. 

Players will receive a total of one clump of dirt for every digging animation, so to get 30 of those, you just need to walk around the open land and dig 30 times. The best part about it is that since there is grass everywhere, it makes the entire process of collecting soil an easy process. 


Moving on, the next item that you will need to get will be known as softwood. Players will need 50 softwood planks to progress with the quest, and while the number may seem like a lot, the actual process of collecting the softwood is extremely simple. 

All you need to do is simply walk up to any tree and take a small round of it, and eventually, you’ll be able to come across some planks of wood lying on the ground. You’ll be able to interact with the tree planks, and once you pick them up, one softwood will be added to your inventory. Repeat the process 50 times, and you’re all done with the softwood too! 

Box of Components 

Next up, the last thing that players will need to acquire for the tree will be a certain box that will be filled to the top with electronic components. The general location of the box itself will be in the Disney character “Wall-E”s house

To get there, from where you picked up the softwood from the tree, turn around, and you will encounter the main road splitting off into three sections. One section will head straight forward, while the other two will split into left and right turns. 

There will also be a house that will be fenced off by white-colored fences towards the right of the intersection, while players will also be able to encounter two main lamps that will be located towards the right intersection turn. 

You will need to start making your way straight, and you will then need to cross the two lamps and the house guarded by the fences. Once the house ends, a small house will look like a robot’s warehouse. 

Turn right and stop at the small entrance, and from there, start making your way up across the small ramp laid down for players on the grass. Once you’ve entered the location, you won’t need to do a lot of searching for the box. 

Rather, the box will be placed in front of two orange traffic cones. Pick it up, and it will be yours to keep.

Making The Micberry Tree 

Dreamlight Valley Making The Micberry Tree
Making The Micberry Tree

Now that you’re all done picking out everything you need to make the micberry tree, including the soil softwood and the electronic component box, you will need to convert it to the Micberry tree. 

To do that, you will need to venture into the open-world map and spend some time trying to come across a crafting table. 

The crafting tables will typically be present in places with a lot of furniture, such as benches, fences, areas where you might have wanted to farm cooking items, lamps, trees, homes, or small shops. 

Other than that, you’re also able to make your crafting table and place it down while you’re working on building the perfect town by simply buying a crafting table, setting it anywhere that you like, such as your home, etc. 

Once you’ve encountered one, walk over to it, after which you can interact with it. Once you do, a black screen will appear, after which a front-view perspective of the player will be shown, and you will stand behind the crafting table. 

Your inventory will then further open up, and there will be a total of 5 tabs, ranging from “ Returned Material,” “Functional Items,” “Pollen and Enhancement,” “Furniture,” and “Fence and Paving.” 

Click on the furniture tab, and the first item you will see will be a Micberry Tree with a picture of Mother Gothel with a small blue background; you can click on it. Once you do so, it will show a pop-up box asking you the quantity of the trees you want to make, and since you only need one, you can craft one. 

Submit the 30 clumps of soil, 50 pieces of softwood, and the electronic component box to the crafting table, and it will start an animation that will further give you your micberry tree. 

Placing It Near Scrooge’s Store 

The next thing players will need to do is start making their way over to Scrooge’s Store. Typically, it will be located pretty close to the place where the crafting table was present. So from there, take a U-turn, and you will notice that there is a small pathway that will be leading out of the fenced area. 

Start going through the pathway that leads out, and right in front of the fenced area, you’ll be able to encounter a large house that will not be fenced off, but rather there will be a few basic decorations such as a few post lamps, trees and benches surrounding the place. 

Now, what you need to do is that you will need to place the tree near the entrance of his place. To do so, you will need to enter “build mode,” after which you can head into your inventory and click on the furniture tab, after which you will need to click on “furnishings”. 

From there, click on the micberry tree you have just created, and you can easily place it anywhere and click ok to confirm the setting. 

Interacting With Goofy And Mother Gothel 

Dreamlight Valley Talking To Mother Gothel
Talking To Mother Gothel

Moving on, the next thing that players will need to do after they successfully plant the tree will be to go back to Goofy and interact with him, after which players will need to go talk to Mother Gothel, who will be sitting in an area which will be carpeted red and on a dining table. 

She will first tell you that she ended up taking the item while Goofy and Scrooge finish talking, after which she will tell you to make your way over to Dazzle Beach, where you might encounter a chest. 

Of course, you will also need the Disney Dreamlight Valley Key in The Glade area on the map to open the chest. She then asks you to bring everything back to her once you’ve successfully fished out the key, retrieved the chest, and completed the mission fully. 

Finding The Key 

Dreamlight Valley Finding The Key
Finding The Key

Next up, let’s get to the important part of the quest line: to retrieve the key and chest. If you look up in the upper left corner, you’ll be able to note down two entries, one of which will be to “Find Scrooge Mcduck’s Key” in the glade. The other quest notification will be to “Find Scrooge Mcduck’s Locked Chest at the dazzle beach.” 

Once you make it to the glade, you will be surrounded by a ton of grass, and trees, and there will also be a large pond or a small stream. There will be a few “fishing bubbles” surrounding a few stone structures standing in the water, and it will indicate to you that you should start fishing. 

One of the fishing bubbles will be colored white, while another will be colored golden, which is rather suspicious. Extend your fishing line, start fishing and ensure that you pull out the fishing line when the white outline has reached the inner outline that is wider than the outline. 

If you’re able to successfully do it, though it might take a few tries, you will be able to get your hands on the golden key, which essentially completes our guide, but let’s just finish collecting the chest as well while we’re at it.

Getting The Chest 

Lastly, when you venture forth to the Dazzle beach, there will be a small cave whereby you will be able to encounter the chest, so make sure that you take your time venturing around in order to find the chest. 

The chest will be near a small tree, and you will need to dig for it and appear on your screen. Once it’s done, go back to Mother Gothel, and hand her the things, and with that, we will wrap up our Disney Dreamlight Valley Key in The Glade guide! While you’re at it, make sure to check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley A Friendly Exchange Quest guide!

Guide and Photo Credits: QuickTips on Youtube

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