Disney Dreamlight Valley Kristoff Stall [Full Guide]

Kristoff sells different items at his Stall in the game. You'll have to help him unlock it.

Once you start progressing in the game by fulfilling quests, you’ll eventually run across a quest named “A Mountain Man’s Stall” featuring Kristoff Bjorgman from Walt Disney’s Frozen part I and II. This quest will only come up if your Friendship Level with Kristoff is at 6; more on that in a while.

Key Takeaways

  • Kristoff’s Stall is a stall that you’ll install in the Valley in the game.
  • To install the Kristoff’s Stall, you’ll have to complete a few of Kristoff’s Quests and get his Friendship Level to 6.
  • Once you have done so, you can help him install the Stall in the Valley, where he sells unique items that he finds on his adventures.

In this quest, Kristoff mentions having a lot of materials he got by foraging. In response, your character suggests he start a stall with them. He will set up the stall in the Valley once you help him unlock it through a special quest. Kristoff needs your assistance with crafting this stall, and this is where your quest starts.

Some interesting items like Carving stones, Sand, and Softwood can be bought from Kristoff’s stall that he collects while foraging. You won’t have to travel back and forth for these elements once this stall is up. You can upgrade this stall and get more variety of items later on.

Even though Kristoff will help you tons with his items available in the Valley, you will still need to explore different realms for many other quests and needs. Check out our Fast Travel and How to unlock it guide. This will help you break through the game effectively with no long traveling on foot.

There are many things you can do in the game, including cooking. You can make delicious recipes, too, such as Zucchini seeds, sushi, and tasty-looking Jam waffles

Mushrooms might also make delicious recipes, but they are also annoying. These mushrooms can block your path and slow you down; know more about getting rid of mushrooms through this guide. 

Unlocking Kristoff

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Almost every character is supposed to be unlocked by the player. Each of them plays a vital role in-game, which includes unlocking different locations and adding more elements to the magical world. Kristoff also has a role, and his main purpose is to sell goods in the Valley. To gain this advancement, you need to unlock his character first. 

Kristoff can be found in the Forest Of Valor. The location is unlocked by 3,000 dreamlights (dreamlights are claimed by doing quests daily). Teleport here and explore the forest till you run across Kristoff standing in the woods, next to a big dark portal. He will have a blue symbol floating above his head, making it easy to notice him. 

Finding Kristoff.
Kristoff is found in the Forest of Valor.

Lost In The Dark Grove Quest 

After meeting Kristoff, do the Lost In The Dark Grove quest given by him. In the quest, Kristoff tells you Donald Duck went into the portal nearby, chasing the Dark Entity. Since Donald hasn’t been able to come back, Kristoff’s been standing there waiting for him. 

The quest is to go into the portal, where you will find Donald’s feather. Take it back to Kristoff, who will suggest you take the feather to Merlin, the old magician guy from The Sword In The Stone movie. Merlin will give you a materials list to collect. These materials include:

  • 2x Emerald
  • 1x Plant from the Dark Grove
  • 1x Donald’s Feather
  • 4x Dream Shard

Once done, go back to Merlin, and he will provide you with a Tracking spell. The Tracking spell will help you trace Donald’s location. And it will lead you to him. After the quest is completed, you’ve finally unlocked not only Kristoff but Donald Duck too! Kristoff is finally back in the Valley and can be interacted with.

Finding Kristoff In Valley

To take on the adventure of unlocking Kristoff Stall, you need to find the main guy himself in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Finding different characters in the game is easy. They can be found using the same method as finding Kristoff. Once Kristoff is unlocked, he is a member of the Valley and can be found on the map. 

  • Go to the Maps option in the menu bar.
  • Each unlocked character can be seen roaming around
  • Click on the character you need to meet up with
  • A magical path of sparkles will appear
  • Follow this path leading towards the character you chose
Kristoff location in the Valley.
You can locate Kristoff using the in-game map.

When you get to Kristoff, he will assign you a few more quests. After doing a few more quests by him, you will finally reach Stall’s quest. So make sure to catch up to his quests and complete them one by one.

How To Unlock Kristoff’s Stall

To unlock Kristoff’s stall after unlocking Kristoff himself, start the Village’s Project: A Mountain Man’s Stall quest. But first, you have to fulfill the given requirements:

  • Complete the Quest Frozen Memories
  • Get Kristoff’s friendship level to Level 6.

Complete Frozen Memories Quests

Once Kristoff is unlocked, he will give you a few quests to perform before finally reaching the Stall’s quest. These quests are Leaving the Wood Behind and A Broken Sled. Once you complete both of these, Kristoff gives you another quest that is known as Frozen Memories.

Make sure to find and bring Anna and Elsa back to your village before you start this quest, as they will be necessary for this quest. In the quest, you’ll have to talk with Elsa, who will prepare a spell for Kristoff to bring back his memories. Then you’ll have to get a lock of hair from Anna.

Once you bring the hair to Elsa, she will give you an ice block that will make a sculpture of Elsa. This will bring back Kristoff’s memories. Doing so will increase your friendship level with Kristoff. 

Raise Friendship Level 

Kristoff’s Stall can only be placed if your friendship with him has reached level 6. If you’ve completed Kristoff’s quests, but his Friendship level isn’t to 6 already. Then you’ll have to increase his level by yourself. The Easiest way to raise friendship is by gifting your villager.

Gifts are, well, gifts that you can give to the residents of the Valley in the game Disney Dreamlight Valley. Giving gifts to the residents will increase your friendship level with the character. Even though you can give almost anything to the residents as gifts, it is better to give them their desired gifts.

If you go to the Collections tab, you can see Kristoff’s 3 daily desires in the “Favorite things of the day” option. If you gift him one of the three things, his friendship level will boost up more than normal. So you’ll have to try a bit harder if you quickly want to get his level to level 6.

A great trick is to give great meals such as Ratatouille to Kristoff. Including this dish, there are well over 150 Recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley that will surely boost his and other characters’ Friendship Level. 

Unlocking Kristoff’s Stall

Once the requirements are reached, go to Kristoff and talk to him. He will talk about setting up a stall to sell important resources he collected. Kristoff used to live in the mountains selling ice; he already has some businessman experience but needs your help with assembling the stall. 

The first step is to go to Goofy and talk to him. He will give you a materials list. The list contains:

Finding materials

The materials required to make a stall are scattered all over the magical world. The exact location of each item is mentioned below:


Softwood is a common material found in any biome, including the Valley’s hub. It can be seen lying around in a bunch. Pick up any softwood you can find.


Stone is another common element found in the game. Dig up any stone you can find. It can also be found in the Valley’s hub.


Hardwood is a little complicated to find in the Valley. It is located in some specific biomes. These biomes are the Forest of Valor, Forgotten Lands, Frosted Heights, Sunlit Plateau, and The Glade of Trust. If you can’t find it or that you have found it in abundance, you can check out our Hardwood Guide to make great use of it. 

Iron Ingots

You’ll need to use a crafting tablet to make Iron Ingot. To craft one, you need: 5 Iron Ores and one Coal Ore. Iron ores are rare compared to Coal ores. Keep an eye out for them alongside the rocks in the following biomes:  Forest Of Valor, Forgotten Lands, Frosted Heights, Sunlit Plateau, and The Glade Of Trust. Coal Ores are common, and you’ll find them in all biomes.

When you’re done collecting all the resources, go to Kristoff and inform him. He will let you craft and place it wherever you want in the Valley. Go to your crafting station now and select the Furniture option in Recipes. Find the stall, craft it, and you’re done! Place it down in a perfect spot.

Kristoff's Stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
You can place Kristoff’s Stall at a suitable place.

How To Upgrade Kristoff’s Stall

Kristoff’s stall is not limited to selling three materials like Sand, Stones, and Softwood. You can surely upgrade his shop for your benefit. This upgrade will give a whole new row with 3 more items capacity to the shop. 

Upgrading Kristoff Stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
By upgrading Kristoff’s Stall, you’ll unlock a new row of items.

To upgrade, though, the most important step is to reach level 10 friendship with Kristoff. Only then the quest named “A Broken Sled” will be available. Stall’s upgrade is a part of this quest, so completing it is essential. 

A Broken Sled Quest

After reaching level 10 friendship, go to Kristoff and talk to him about his broken sled. Follow him to Frosted Heights. It is located above the Forest Of Valor on the map. He will guide you to his sled that is stuck in the ice. Grab your pickaxe and clear the ice. The pickaxe is one of the Royal Tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley that you’ll find early on in the game.

After you clear out the sled, you’ll find out that it is broken. Now you have to repair it and give it back to Kristoff. Retrieve the sled and talk to Kristoff. Next step, you have to go to Kristoff’s house, which is located in Forest Of Valor, symbolized by a purple symbol on the map. You’ll find a library book named “Ice-cident: How to Fix Your Sled”.

Repairing The Sledge

A sled fixing recipe will pop up:

  • 30x Hardwood
  • 10x Iron Ingot
  • 50x Fiber
  • 9x Tinkering Parts

We’ve already explained how to find Hardwood and Iron ingots earlier in the guide. As for other items, here’s how to find them.


Fiber is not available in its raw form, and you’ll need seaweed to make it. To get Seaweed, you’ll have to go fishing at Dazzle Beach. When you’re done with the quest, if you have Fiber leftover, don’t throw it away. The fiber in the game is quite useful material. It is useful in repairing different items in the game. To learn more about Fiber, consider reading our Fiber Guide.

Seaweed is a useful material in the game. It is not only useful to make Fiber, and you can make different items out of it. Consider reading our guide covering Seaweed. In the guide, we’ve explained all of the uses of Fiber in the game.

Tinkering Parts

Getting a Tinkering Part is rather simple, though; all you need are 2 Iron Ingots and a crafting table.

After gathering all the needed resources, go to your crafting table and find Kristoff’s Sled in the Furniture option. Once you fix the Sledge, you can hand it over to Kristoff. 

Materials For Stall

Once Kristoff gets his sled back, he lists out some sample materials to display in his stall. These materials are:

  • 1x Fiber
  • 1x Brick
  • 1x Glass
  • 1x Iron Ingot

Back in the guide, we explained thoroughly how to get Fiber and Iron Ingot so we won’t be explaining those here again.


Using 1 Coal ore and 5 clays, you can make Bricks in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You’ll find Coal around rocks, as for Clay, you’ll find it in specific biomes. Forgotten Lands, The Glade of Trust, and the Sunlit Plateau are the biomes where you’ll find Clay. Gather any clay you find on the ground in these locations.


To make Glass, you need 5 sand and 1 coal ore. Sand is easily accessible at Kristoff’s stall. 

After collecting each of these four materials, go to Kristoff and hand them over. He will add these materials to his stall. Each day three of them would appear randomly on the second row of the stall. You can buy these materials using Star Coins, the in-game currency. If you are short on Star Coins, here’s How to Make Money Faster.

Final Thoughts

That was all that you’ll need to know about Kristoff’s Stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is a great opportunity to meet with some of the Frozen movie characters. This is great as even if you haven’t unlocked these characters, the game lets you meet with them eventually.

Kristoff’s Stall brings entertainment to the game. Once the quest is complete, you’ll get to buy new items in the game too.

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