Disney Dreamlight Valley Lost Diaries Language [Explained]

The brief discussion on what does the Lost Diaries language means in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Story Highlights
  • Easter Eggs are a unique way to rile up the fanbase of a game
  • The writing on the Lost Diary page is written in an unidentifiable and bizarre language
  • It had confused the community for a long time until a very passionate fan decided to decipher it
  • The language is essentially based on ancient atlantean dialect from the 2001 film, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  • And the translation will help players understand the Lost Diaries Language

Disney Dreamlight Valley has many secrets to uncover too such as the Lost Diary pages which have now been translated into the English language for fans, with an easter egg message which is sure to make you smile.

The Lost Diaries Language Explanation

More often than not, developers will likely squeeze in a few friendly gags and easter eggs which most of the time, pay homage to or reference various kinds of pop-culture media and fiction. It can be in the form of a background NPC, level or even using a collectible name, which is the case behind the lost diaries in Disney Dreamlight Valley that have used an odd language on them.

The lost diary pages themselves can be seemingly found while exploring the game as normal with tons of locations hidden in almost every major area of DDV’s map. Collecting them should reveal some obscure text that you will probably understand at first glance. However, just recently a passionate fan of the game on Reddit under the name of u/Skissored helped crack the code on one of the unique pages that are essentially an easter egg.

I may or may not have taught myself to write in Atlantian when I was a teen, the diary letters looked familiar! from DreamlightValley

Upon further analysis, the language is loosely based on the 2001 movie called Atlantis: The Lost Empire as the user had a hand in helping to create the movie at the time of release so he instantly recognized the text. As most might’ve guessed already, the post skyrocketed in popularity in the subreddit as players of Disney Dreamlight Valley praised the developers for incorporating the ingenious easter egg into these items.

So if we look closely, the text language on this piece of the Lost Diaries translates directly to “This diary belongs to ruler of dreamlight alley. rivate.” But if we fill in the blanks here left in some of the words such as ‘Dreamlight’ and ‘Valley’ as well as ‘Private” in the end, then we can easily assume the lost diary entry is unintentionally breaking the fourth wall here.

Just be sure to know that some of the other lost diary entries may say the exact same thing while some may slightly differ, but it begs the question of what these clues may lead players to in the game.

Surprisingly enough, it has the player base excited for another reason aside from it using text inspired by a movie as theories have begun spurring it may be teasing new content for the game soon. If you are not aware, we discussed Upcoming Characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley so aside from Ariel the mermaid, there has been some speculation that more characters from the deep sea of Atlantis may be arriving in the game.

However, it remains to be seen what the developers may do next to provide more progression incentives to the game which will undoubtedly help you remain invested in the game. But special occurrences like these in the game, allow players to remain anticipated for what lies in the future. Who knows? we might just be able to experience the entire world of Atlantis appearing in the game from The Little Mermaid movie.

The Wrap-Up

Disney Dreamlight Valley is arguably the perfect game to play on a whim if you are wanting to relax and let loose with your favorite Disney characters. There are various characters that you can interact with and they will regularly assign you quests and other forms of progression aspects.

It is crucial to growing your friendships with various characters in the world as these will reward you with the Recipes that you can then use to gift your favorite characters or sell them to earn an insane profit on the market. Not to mention you will also need multiple crafting ingredients such as Hardwood and Fiber which will be useful for growing your lifecycle in the game.

The developers at Gameloft are constantly striving to dish out new updates to the game which will not only increase its performance and stability but provide new content for you to grind every once in a while. The game is easily one of the most popular life-sim titles right now and we can’t wait for what’s in store for the future.

This concludes our brief guide on what the Lost diary language means in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you have any sort of related questions about the topic or anything that we missed, be sure to let us know about it in the comments section below!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is making headlines as of late on Steam and while the game is still in the Early Access stages, there is still so much content in it to satisfy any and all types of Life-sim genre gamers. Disney Dreamlight Valley is a mix-up of popular titles such as Animal Crossing and The Sims series, making it a must-play for anyone who loves them.

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