Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins: Make Money Fast

Want to get rich in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Check out the guide to know some amazing ways of making Star Coins.

Are you ready to dive into the Disney Dreamlight Valley game? A hybrid of adventure and life-sim teeming with quests, explorations, and many exciting activities? To enjoy this game, you must earn money and collect as many Star Coins as possible to buy pretty dresses, unlock features, and upgrade your house.

How To Make Coins Faster
  • Complete quests and tasks to earn coins.
  • Sell excess craft materials.
  • Don’t convert Dream Shards.
  • Forage for fruits and vegetables, especially carrots and tomatoes.
  • Choose Goofy as a gardening friend and use gardening as character skill.
  • Cultivate expensive crops such as Canola.
  • Fish in blue circles for rare fish and upgrade fishing ability.
  • Unbury gems using Pickaxe and sell Shiny Amethyst.
  • Cook and sell dishes for profit.
  • Mine and sell gems for high profits.

How To Make Money Fast In Disney Dreamlight Valley

At first, the Disney Dreamlight Valley might seem like a mobile game that you play for 10 minutes in your free time. But hold on! This game is way more than that. The real-time graphics, extraordinary visuals, exciting characters, and game mechanics are much more than just a mobile game. 

At the start of the game, you can complete little quests, friendships, and clear thorns to get some coins. Later, you can learn and unlock farming, fishing, mining gems, cooking, and more. Here are all the possible ways that you can go to get some extra cash and meet your needs. 

Sell Unnecessary Craft Materials

It is recommended to keep the stack saved for future quests and challenges. But if you have a bunch of extra craft materials at the start of the game, you can sell them to make some bucks. But make sure you have enough craft materials to keep the fun going.

Disney Dreamlight Valley make money faster
Sell Unnecessary Materials

Just a tip! Do not convert your Dream Shards into Dreamlight. Multiple quests directly require Dream Shards. Whereas, Dreamlight is easy to earn. So, save the Dream Shards and not sell or covert them.

Forage For Fruits And Vegetables

Although this is not a lucrative way of collecting big bucks, it is an excellent way to get going and earn some extra cash. You can earn thousands of star coins by planting carrots initially, as a stack of 50 carrots will give 2200 gold, with each carrot giving 44 gold.

You can buy the seeds of carrots from Goofy’s shop and plant them to get a handsome profit upon selling them. Besides carrots, cultivating tomatoes can also help you get ample money to buy things and unlock features ahead.

Disney Dreamlight Valley make money faster
Forage Fruits And Vegetables

To get maximum star coins, choose Goofy as a gardening friend. It not only gives some helpful gardening tips but also helps get amazing bonuses on harvesting crops. Select the “gardening skill” as the character skill of Goofy while selecting it for sowing and harvesting crops.  

Expensive And High-Priced Crops

The most expensive crop in the Disney Dreamlight Valley is Canola. Five canola can fetch you 545-star coins, and if you cook five Canola and make the shake, the price will jump up to 565 coins.

Beware! Not all fruits and vegetables grow anywhere in the town. You have to select the optimum area for cultivating your desired crop. You can choose the site by looking at the map.

Do Fishing; Catch Rare Fish

DDV Money Guide
Catch Rare Fish!

Foraging for fruits and vegetables gives instant but less money. If you want to go big, try fishing. Catching some rare fish might take longer than farming, but it’s worth the wait. Take a closer look at the blue and golden circles from the water; they are the hot spots for catching rare fish.

  • White circles: These circles in the water aren’t much worthy, and the chances of getting a rare fish are meager.
  • Golden circles: These circles are desirable for fishing and contain Catfish, which is worth 500 golds. 
  • Blue circles: Yay! these are the circles you want to go fishing in. The chances of getting rare fish from blue circles are often higher than from white and gold hoops. For example, Swordfish can get you 700-star coins, and Bream can fetch 600-star coins.

You can upgrade your fishing ability by choosing fishing as the character’s ability as you level up your friendship with them. Invite the helping friends and get a chance to capture bonus fish.

Unbury The Gems Using Pickaxe

Once you unlock your Picaxe, it is time to hunt for tall black stones and break them to get gems. Gems can be an excellent source of money but finding and mining them is rare and challenging. Look out for the tall black rocks along the town’s walls; if you see them, hit them a few times with your Pickaxe.

Although it is not guaranteed that you will get gems each time you hit the tall black rocks, but don’t skip any rock because Shiny Amethyst can fetch up to 2000-star coins. You get some bonus coins by bringing a specialized friend in mining.

Rocks To Farm

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, some rocks grant more rewards than others, so make sure you have some knowledge about which rocks to farm. Tall black rocks with color dots are guaranteed to have rare gems. Moreover, look out for shiny rocks as they hold 4x more coins than a regular rock.

Unlock Characters And Start Cooking Meals

After you open the castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll be asked to select three realms, leading to different Disney characters: Mona, Remy, and Wall-E. Complete the characters’ missions, and they will accompany you in the town.

DDV Star Coins Guide
Cook Meals

It is best to unlock the Remy character first because it will help teach you dozens of recipes to cook. Not only can these be given to characters to increase the friendship level, but also the well-cooked meals sell at a high price to earn a handsome amount of money.

Once you unlock Remy’s shop, you will see ingredients like cheese, milk, butter, peanuts, and eggs. For cooking the Souffle, the following ingredients are required:

  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Eggs

It is best to collect 20k coins before starting the Souffle cooking. You can get 20x Milk, 20x Butter, 20x Eggs, and 20x Cheese in 16.4k coins. Make 20 souffle and go to Goofy’s cart and sell the meal. 20 souffle will be sold in 24.6k coins. So, you will get a profit of 8.2k coins. You can cook ten souffle, and the payoff will be 4.1k coins. Keep cooking the souffle, selling to Goofy, and piling up the cash stack.     

High-Paying Meals

Another excellent 5-star recipe is Ratatouille, which you can cook to make thousands of star coins. This recipe requires unique ingredients to be cooked in a particular manner for a 5-star rated meal. Remy hints at the recipe as Spices, Vegetables, and Memories. So, the recipe will include these:

Pick the ingredients and cook them according to the recipe to get a 5-star rating. There are dozens of other valuable recipes in the Remy shop. Select the best ones, and cook to earn star coins.

Some ingredients, like peanuts, require friendship quests for Remy to unlock them. So, building a healthy friendship with Remy is recommended for better cooks and 5-star meals. Look out for high-paying recipes like smoked peanuts and Anglerfish fish; each can give you 22,000.

Wrapping Up

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a never-ending adventure of quests and challenges that will take you to fantasies. Follow these valuable guidelines to make money faster and get rich in Disney Dreamlight Valley so that you can grow more prominently in the game and stand out among peers!

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