Disney Dreamlight Valley Mother Gothel: Full Guide

This guide covers every quest associated with Mother Gothel and the rewards with increasing friendship levels.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mother Gothel from Tangled is an important character in the game, here’s all you need to know.

Key Highlights
  • Unlocking characters is a crucial part of Disney Dreamlight Valley, and Mother Gothel is one of the characters you will need to unlock. She plays the Mother of Tangled in the movie.
  • Mother Gothel can be unlocked by following certain steps, which are explained in the article below, which are The Curse, Entering Tree House, Seeking Ursula’s Help, Retrieving Orbs of Trust, and Reaching Orbs of Trust respectively.
  • Mother Gothel, after being unlocked, is someone whom you will not like in the start. But as you increase your Friendship level with her, she will, in return, provide you with coins as well as many other rewards.
  • Quests of Mother Gothel include My kingdom for a Scroll, Shine a Light, The Sunstone Fragments, and Village Project: Restoring the Sunstone.

Who Is Mother Gothel 

Mother Gothel
Who Is Mother Gothel

Unlocking Characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley is an important part of the game progression. Mother Gothel played the Mom of Tangled in the movie, and the game brought her back into the adventure

She does not only become the source of perks she brings with her when you unlock the character but also unlocks various rewards with each increase in the friendship level. Every character becomes the source of something for your village.

This guide will discuss how Mother Gothel will become an important source for your village, as she is one of those characters that you do not like instantly. Let us first discuss how to unlock her and then the rewards you will gain from the different friendship levels.

How To Unlock Mother Gothel

How To Unlock
How To Unlock Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel performs dark magic to keep her daughter in the magic tower, which has resulted in absolute chaos throughout the village. You need to follow the steps given below to unlock Mother Gothel.

The Curse

The first step in the game involves activating “The Curse.” After this, you will look for Merlin in the Valley, and once you find him, you will speak to him regarding the situation in Glade of Trust. 

Entering Tree House

A cutscene will play after this, and you will enter the tree house located in the dark woods. You will find Mother Gothel here, so speak to her and follow her to the Pillar of Trust before you are directed back to Merlin. Here, you will ask Merlin about the ways to stop this black magic.

Seeking Ursula’s Help

You will need someone who knows the black magic; this is not Merlin’s specialty. He will suggest you ask Sea Witch Ursula for help. The next step is to look for Ursula. You may find her swimming in the Ocean of Dazzle Beach. 

If you do not find her in the Ocean of Dazzle beach, you will have to look around to find her. The appropriate step is to look for her in all the ponds of water located around the peaceful Meadow. 

Retrieving Orb Of Trust

Ursula will direct you to bring another NPC along to channel her magic in the player protagonist. This will allow them to eventually move into a void known as here and there to retrieve the Orb of Trust.

Remember that you will need this item to unlock Mother Gothel in the game. Ursula will help you rescue the villagers from the magic, and you have to give up something crucial for her spell to work. 

Reaching Orb Of Trust

You may find the new dimension a bit disoriented after entering, but you can keep following a visible glow that the Orb is causing at a distance. If you carefully follow this visible glow, you will be able to reach the Orb of Trust.

Unlocking Mother Gothel

After you successfully pick the Orb, the protagonist will be transported to the Pillar of Trust located within the Glade. Finally, “The Curse” will be completed, and Mother Gothel will be unlocked. The final step is to head to her home and have a concluding conversation. 

How To Enter The Glade Of Trust

Glade of trust
How To Enter The Glade Of Trust

The Glade of Trust is an area that is the Southwest of the Peaceful Meadows. Dreamers will require 5000 Dreamlight to enter the dismissal forest. For the new players, this can be a lot of amounts to invest. However, if you start to complete Dreamlight-related tasks, you will be able to earn this amount of Dreamlights quickly. 

Merlin will clear the way for you into the thorny brush which was initially blocking your entrance. After players enter the Glade of Trust, the search for Mother Gothel will start. The steps have already been covered for the search for Mother Gothel; this was just an overview of how to enter the Glade of Trust to make the search easier for you. 

Friendship Level Unlocks

Each character in the game comes with rewards associated with increased friendship levels. Similarly, an increase in the friendship level with Mother Gothel also yields unique rewards. We have discussed the rewards at each friendship level in the following table.

Friendship LevelReward
Level 1Unlocks Mother Gothel and Find the Orb of Trust
Level 2Unlocks a Necklace
Level 3Unlocks one of the outfit overlays
Level 4Unlocks 500 Star Coins
Level 5Unlocks Mother Gothel Hairstyle
Level 6Unlocks another outfit overlay
Level 7Unlocks 1000 Star Coins
Level 8Unlocks Mother Gothel Hands and Rings
Level 9Unlocks a Poster
Level 10Unlocks the Magic Mirror from Tangled

An important thing to note here is that to unlock tier 10, you must complete the Mother Gothel’s Friendship Quests.

Mother Gothel Quests

Every character in the game has quests associated with them. Similarly, Mother Gothel has various quests associated with her. We have already discussed the quest “The Curse,” which will help you unlock Mother Gothel. The remaining quests have been covered below in detail.

My Kingdom For A Scroll

Mother Gothel quest
My Kingdom For A Scroll

Mother Gothel needs to retrieve the sunstone from Scrooge McDuck, so you need to help her by completing the “My Kingdom For A Scroll” quest. We have covered the steps below to complete this quest. 

  • You will first talk to Mother Gothel as she wants you to grab the sunstone.
  • The next step will be to talk to Scrooge McDuck in his store, who will ask you to craft a Micberry Tree.
  • You will need 50 Softwood, 30 Soil, and 1 Box of electronic components to install it.
  • It is possible to craft the MIcberry Tree using any of the crafting stations in the game, so find a station. 
  • The best option is to place the crafting station outside Scrooge’s store and talk to him, who will guide you to the scroll buried in Dazzle Beach.
  • The key for the chest is in the water of the Glade of Trust, and the chest is buried near the entrance of the cave.
  • You are required to return to Mother Gothel with the key and chest so she can conclude the quest for you. 

Shine A Light

It is a comparatively shorter quest for Mother Gothel, as she will ask you to craft the sunlight torches. These torches will be placed in Mystical Cave on Dazzle Beach. The following steps will help you complete this quest.

  • Speak to Mother Gothel, who will give you three Forest’s Magic Sap, and you will be asked to craft sunlight torches.
  • The material requirement and their availability for crafting Sunlight Torches are mentioned in the table below.
45 SoftwoodAvailable everywhere except Dazzle Beach
60 FiberMade using Seawood
3 GarnetsAvailable in Peaceful meadow and Plaza
3 AquamarinesAvailable in Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor
3 CitrinesAvailable in Sunlit Plateau and Glade of Trust
  • You can head to the crafting station to craft 3 Sunlight Torches. Mother Gothel will guide you to put these torches on the lowest level of the cave.
  • You must travel down to transfer the torches there and finally take a photo of the final structure.
  • Returning to Mother Gothel with the photo will conclude the quest.

The Sunstone Fragments

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mother Gothel
The Sunstone Fragments

It is a short quest associated with Mother Gothel, where you will have to wait in real-time to collect the sunstone fragments from different locations at different times of the day. Mother Gothel will find three different fragments of sunstone from different locations, and they will be available only at certain times.

  • Fragments are spawned in the morning on the eastern side of the area, near the water edges in Sunlit Plateau.
  • You will find fragments in Glade of Trust around Midday near the northernmost tree in the back area. 
  • In Forest of Valor, fragments are spawned at night near Anna/ Kristoff‘s House. 

You will be required to carry all these fragments to Mother Gothel to conclude the quest. 

Village Project: Restoring The Sunstone

Village Project is the final quest for Mother Gothel. You will get this quest at friendship level 10. You will use this friendship level to help Mother Gothel rebuild the sunstone. The quest can be completed by following the steps given below.

  • Talking to Mother Gothel after reaching friendship level 10 will help her restore the sunstone. 
  • You will need a few ingredients mentioned below, with their available options in the table.
1 LemonAvailable in Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust
Ocean WaterHead to Dazzle Beach’s Shoreline
OreganoAvailable in Plaza
MintAvailable in Frosted Heights
  • After collecting all these ingredients, head to the cooking station and prepare Gleaming Dawn Fragment.
  • You will take it to Mother Gothel, who will trade Dawn Fragment for Dusk Fragment. 
  • The next step will involve heading to Forgotten Lands and burying Dusk Fragment in the ground.
  • Watering it will help it to grow fully in 24 hours. Stay busy during that time. You will notice it glowing once it grows. 
  • Carry it back to Mother Gothel, who will utter a spell and claim that Sun Meteorites are in Forgotten Lands.
  • It is time to go back to Forgotten Lands and pick 5 Meteorites buried in the ground. They will be clearly visible to you from the ground as small rocks.
  • Bringing them back to Mother Gothel will enable you to access all the fragments you have collected, and you can use them to craft Sunstone. 
  • The final step will involve delivering the sunstone to Mother Gothel. She will conclude the quest by gifting you a Mother Gothel’s standing Mirror.

If you found this read helpful, you may also find the How To Unlock Minnie Mouse guide an interesting read. 


Every character in Disney Dreamlight Valley revolves around a lot of quests. Similarly, Mother Gothel in Disney Dreamlight Valley also has various quests associated with her. The main quest is the one where you unlock her with others involving crafting items. We have also covered the rewards linked with Mother Gothel’s friendships level. You will find everything about Mother Gothel in this detailed guide. 

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