Disney Dreamlight Valley My Kingdom For A Scroll

Disney Dreamlight Valley My Kingdom For A Scroll is a mission of Mother Gothel in which the players provide her with a chest and a key of Scrooge McDuck.

Story Highlights
  • Players are supposed to get Mother Gothel free in Disney Dreamlight Valley to start the quest.
  • My Kingdom For A Scroll is about players getting Mother Gothel back in the valley for which she will give them a task to build a Micberry tree for Scrooge McDuck
  • Solving the quest will provide the players with more quests and rewards in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley, My Kingdom For A Scroll, is a mission given to the players by Mother Gothel. Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game where the players get to do everything with Disney and Pixar’s famous characters. We have also curated a guide on how to cook the vegetarian stew in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

All the characters are NPCs, and the players can even become friends with them. Furthermore, you can also check our guide on how to get aquamarine in Disney Dreamlight Valley and the Lair Sweet Lair quest guide.

Players love Disney Dreamlight Valley for its vast range of characters. From heroes such as Mickey Mouse to even interacting with world-famous villains in the game, such as Mother Gothel, the game keeps getting interesting.

As a player, it is your job to bring peace and balance to the lives of the villagers of Dreamlight Valley. Furthermore, it is also your responsibility to wipe off the essence of dark magic, the Forgetting which overtook the valley. 

Get to interact with people, know their problems and try your best to solve them as well. Moreover, another factor that keeps the players hooked to it is the fun set of activities in Disney Dreamlight Valley. From cooking delicious meals, creating bonds, building homes, and finding treasures, it is a whole package.

Furthermore, players can also get their bonds with the characters better by fulfilling the missions they assign. Some of the characters need to be unlocked in the game, and upon getting them free, they will provide you with certain quests to either earn rewards or increase friendships. 

In our guide, we will be narrating down the Disney Dreamlight Valley My Kingdom For A Scroll quest. This quest is given to the players by the famous Mother Gothel. So without any further delay, let’s begin our guide.

Mother Gothel In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Mother Gothel was a part of a movie made by Disney called Tangled. It was a 3D film in which the character played the role of a wicked mother of the princess.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players do not have a choice in choosing the people they want to help. Unlocking Mother Gothel and bringing her into the valley may not be in your hands; however, you will grow to work with her.

To unlock Mother’s other, players will have to fulfill a quest that she is a part of. The process of unlocking her is not much difficult. Players have to first get the biome of the Glade of Trust unlocked.

Furthermore, upon unlocking it, players are supposed to have a word with Merlin about the curse in the Glade. Merlin will then ask the players to investigate that curse.

Moreover, once the mission is done, players will get access to the second level of the friendship quest for Mother Gothel. They will also be able to have her in the valley after that. As well as that, players will also be allowed to accept quests from her and grant her some specialty. 

My Kingdom For A Scroll 

Players get the My Kingdom For A Scroll mission by Mother Gothel once their level of friendship with Mother Gothel has reached a certain stage. Moreover, the WALL-E of Mother Gothel will also be unlocked then. 

Completing the quest and scrolling the kingdom in Disney Dreamlight Valley is not difficult. However, it does require the players to craft and forage a little. Let’s see how the players can get the mission completed easily.

Starting The Quest

After the players have gotten the quest from Mother Gothel, they will be given some recipes by her. In that recipe, the players will have to create a tree of Micberry. Moreover, the tree can be later on used by the players to keep an eye on Scrooge and what conversations he is having at the shop. 

My Kingdom For A Scroll
MicBerry Tree

Materials Needed

To get the MicBerry Tree crafted for the My Kingdom For A Scroll mission, players will need the following items:

  1. First of all, they will be required to have around fifty Softwood,
  2. Secondly, players need to get around thirty Soil.
  3. Lastly, make sure to have a Box including all the components that are electric from the house of WALL-E.

Location Of Materials

The materials mentioned above to craft the tree can be found at the following places. 

My Kingdom For A Scroll
Items To Craft MicBerry Tree
  1. For Softwood, make sure to look everywhere on the floor. It must be scattered around somewhere in the Plaza, Peaceful Meadows, Forest Of Valor, and even Glade Of Trust. 
  2. Soil can be looked for in the grass. Players will have to make use of their shovel of royalty and get the digging done in the grass to acquire the soil.
  3. The box, including all the components of electronics, can be found once the players are inside the WALL-E’s house of the truck.

After getting inside, move over to the right side across the table to the wall. Over there, look at the trash of the containers of the cubes, and they will find the box that has all the components placed on the ground.

Crafting The Materials

After the players have gotten all the items required for the crafting of Micberry, they should move to the station to get them crafted. Put the materials outside the station, near the shop of Scrooge. To do the next part of this quest, players will have to talk with Mother Gothel and Goofy both.

Locating The Key Of Scrooge McDuck

For the next part, the players will have to locate a key, Scrooge, and also a chest that is locked. Players will have to do this after hearing the recording of McDuck. The Key Of Scrooge can be located in the Glade Of Trust.

My Kingdom For A Scroll
Scrooge McDuck Key.

Move over to the very big river, which is linked to the Sunlit Plateau. Furthermore, players will also find a node for fishing in orange color, in the shape of a circling bubble. Get the fishing rod used and get your hands on the key.

Moreover, the chest that is locked for Scrooge McDuck can be located in Dazzle Beach. Move inside the Mystical Cave, and you will find a mound that glitters at the front side of the pillar that is broken.

Mother Gothel's quest
Completing The My Kingdom For A Scroll Quest

Furthermore, they can also make use of the Royal Shovel to get the chest dug up. Once it is all done, players should go back to Mother Gothel and provide her the key along with the chest and get the mission completed of My Kingdom For A Scroll in the game.

Mother Gothel's quest
Giving The Items To Mother Gothel


My Kingdom For A Scroll is a quest given to the players by Mother Gothel after they get her unlocked. Complete the quest and have fun unlocking more missions in the game. 

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