Disney Dreamlight Valley: Mystical Cave Riddles

Our guide will tell you all about solving the mystical cave riddle in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how it can help to reach the Power Orb.

Fulfill the Disney Dreamlight Valley Mystical Cave Riddles to get to the Power Orb, which is hidden. There is a Dazzle Beach that has a cave of mysteries inside it, the Power Orb is hidden there.

Key Highlights
  • Players must talk to Ursula to unlock the Mystical Cave.
  • Players must use a crystal key to open the cave entrance.
  • Players must solve three riddles in the Mystical Cave to reach the Power Orb.
  • First riddle involves placing the correct gems on statues in a specific order.
  • Second riddle involves planting specific crops in soil under the statue.
  • Third riddle involves cooking and eating specific dishes made from ingredients found in the game.

Unlocking The Dazzle Beach Mystical Cave

Players will need to have a conversation with Ursula to get the Mystical Cave unlocked. They can find Ursula inside the cave with the entrance of the void of evil magic, away from Dazzle Beach. Moreover, she will also give you information regarding the Power Orb along with a crystal key to get it unlocked. 

Players will have to grab the key from Ursula and head over to the Mystical Cave. The cave will be located near the column of the ancient carvings at the front, which will be very large. Furthermore, the players will be supposed to put the crystal key inside the Ancient Device.

The device would be in front of the doorway that is carved. Click on the Ancient Device and move the key over it. Doing so will open the entrance, and you will be able to enter the cave. Once you are inside the cave, there will be more riddles of the Mystical Cave for you to solve in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Solving The Riddles

Below, we have listed all the riddles that you need to complete so that you can reach the Power of Orb in the game. 

First Riddle Of The Magic Gate

To further solve the Mystical Cave Riddles in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players have to solve some riddles inside the cave. To solve the riddle of the Magic Gate, players should be given the right gems on the statues that match. There will be an inscription mentioned on each stone.

There are three types of statues, glowing green, glowing blue, and glowing red, all around the stone. To get the gate opened, players should gather all the gems from the deposits near the Biomes and put them on the statues in the correct order. Following is the order in which you need to get the gems placed:

  1. Green: Peridot
    Disney Dreamlight Valley Riddle
    Peridot Green
  2. Blue: Aquamarine
    Mystical Cave Riddles
  3. Red: Garnet
    Riddles in Disney Dreamlight Valley
    Red Garnet

If the players want to find out the location of each gem, they can look over the page of the collection for gems. Moreover. It should be kept in mind that the gems do not have to be shiny to complete the riddle perfectly.

Players need to opt for every statue to get the right gems transferred. Hence, once the gems are transferred, the gate will automatically open.

Second Magic Gate Riddle

Players can make their way to the second gate once the first gate of the cave gets opened. There, they will come across another stone with an inscription for the riddle and how to solve it.

In the Mystical Cave Riddles in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will have to find and get the right kinds of crops planted according to how they are described. There is a crop underground. A brown and gold crop and then a round and red crop. Following are the crops that need to be planted:

  1. Carrot needs to be planted underground
  2. The gold and brown crop plants wheat
  3. A Red and round crop is a crop for planting tomatoes.

Players do not have to plant the crops in any specific order; however, they will have to get seeds for those crops. Players will be able to find the seeds mostly at the stall of Goofy, which is in Meadow and Dazzle Beach. The crops at that stall are also very inexpensive. 

Mystical Cave Riddles
Carrot And Wheat Seed

If players want to find the crops, they can also check out their page on the collection of ingredients. Furthermore, after finding the crops, they need to get the seeds planted under the soil of the statue.

Riddles in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Ingredients Page

Once the seeds are planted, water them with the help of a can for watering. Players will need to be patient for some time to get the crop fully planted and grown. Once the seeds are all grown, the second gate will be opened. 

Solving The Third Magic Gate Riddle

Players will need to break some of the stones with the help of their pickaxe, as the final riddle will be inscribed on any one of the stones. The Mystical cave riddles in Disney Dreamlight Valley explain how you should cook and then eat whatever is grown by you.

Riddles in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Third Magic Gate

It also signals a reference to all the crops you grew to get the second gate opened. If you have not gotten the crops planted, go back get harvest them. However, if they are planted and grown, grab them and take them to the station for cooking at the third gate. 

Players need to put the carrot, wheat, and tomato in a cooking pot near the third gate. Players do not need to stress if some carrots, wheat, or tomatoes have gotten worse or eaten. They can use any other ones.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Riddle
Cooking Veggie Pasta

Once players had cooked the vegetables, they would have made a Pasta Veggie Dish. Finally, to open the third gate, players need to eat the dish and make their way to the end of the cave. 


Mystical Cave Riddles
Power Of Orb

Upon solving the mystical riddles in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will be able to get to the Power Orb, which is to be caught beneath the water. Make sure to solve all the mentioned riddles in the guide and make the game even more exciting for yourself.

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