Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Obtain Onion & Garlic

These two ingredients/items are some of the most important in the game. They are even required to complete some quests and we are here to help you get them as efficiently as possible.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is the latest game from the famous mobile game developer Gameloft. They have made a game for hardcore Disney fans where you can immerse yourself. You will be cooking many recipes too, and that is where we come in. The Disney Dreamlight Valley Onion & Garlic are some of the required items for many of the game’s recipes.

Key Highlights
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley Onion & Garlic are important in-game items.
  • Onions are obtained in Forest of Valor by upgrading Goofy’s cart, costing 255 coins per onion.
  • Upgrading Goofy’s cart again reduces onion cost to 55 coins.
  • Garlic is exclusively found in Forest of Valor and can be harvested for free.

Our Onion & Garlic guide will tell you everything you need to know about the items. First, we will discuss the item in a bit detail and why it is essential, then show you how to get it.

What Are Disney Dreamlight Valley Onion & Garlic?

Dreamlight Disney game cooking guide
Cooking with various ingredients

Onions and Garlic are both very important items in the game. As mentioned earlier, you will need them for multiple recipes. Without spoiling much, Onion is even required for some of the quests in the game. So if you don’t have any on you, it can halt your progression.

Moreover, progression getting halted is never a good time. You must always be going forward in a game like this, just as the Disney characters taught you. No need to worry when you have finished reading our guide; you will have no problem finding the items.

As for what is more important, we would say onions are. In any case, you should absolutely know how to get the Onion & Garlic. That is what we will now discuss. 

How To Get Onion?

Where to get Onions in the game
A brief look at Goofy’s cart

The player will first come across Onions when they are going through the Remy Realm; even though this is where you first see the ingredient, you can’t pick these up and take them back home, which is a bummer, but no need to worry. The method to do so is quite simple.

To properly find the Disney Dreamlight Valley Onions, the player needs to have the “Forest of Valor” area unlocked. In fact, the Forest of Valor is the only area where Onions can be obtained.

Furthermore, once you have reached the Forest of Valor, you will need to upgrade something. This is the last step you will need to do to gain access to Onions. Look around the area and spot Goofy’s cart. That is where you get the Onions.

Before you can get your hands on what you need, you must upgrade Goofy’s cart once. It is something that is compulsory as Onions only become available after the cart has been upgraded.

When the cart has been successfully upgraded, you will be able to purchase onions. Yes, that is right, you can’t collect them for free. You will have to spend in-game currency. Now, you should know beforehand that these are very expensive.

Moreover, a single Onion costs 255 coins, which also naturally means whenever you run out and need another one, you will need to pay that insane price again. Don’t worry; there is a proper solution to the problem.

You will have to upgrade Goofy’s cart once again. When you do that, Onions will now cost 55 coins each. As you can tell, that is a massive discount, and we highly recommend you upgrade the cart beforehand.

How To Get Garlic?

Garlic in the game
Garlic ready to be harvested

Getting this is far easier and simpler. Firstly, you should keep in mind that unlocking the Forest of Valor area is crucial. Get it unlocked as soon as possible, as both the Onions & Garlic are exclusively found there.

Once you have access to the area, you can get both of the items. It would have been far more time-consuming and possibly even frustrating if that wasn’t the case. Thankfully getting the Garlic is one of the easiest things in the game once Forest of Valor has been unlocked.

In addition, look for a green plant on the ground with one stem and a bunch of leaves present. Take a look at the above picture for a visual representation. You should be able to spot it fairly quickly. 

When you see one, simply go near it and harvest it. Doing so will give you a Disney Dreamlight Valley Garlic. It is as simple as that, and now you have what you need, simply go back. There is no need to spend coins or anything; just harvest the Garlic directly from the ground. 


And that brings our Onion & Garlic guide to an end. We have explained in detail what these items/ingredients do and how to get them. Other than that, we have also provided the most efficient methods to do so.

We hope you enjoyed reading through our guide and that it helped you. Disney Dreamlight Valley has been one of the best Disney games in recent years. Long-time fans of the industry giant are very pleased to see their favorite characters in such a beautifully crafted setting.

While some of the characters are missing, the game is still in early access. We are sure that your favorite will make it into the game very soon. All of the fans are glad to see that the game wasn’t just nostalgia bait and actually turned out to be good.

What do you think about the game? Do you like Disney characters? Was the fan service done well? Who is your favorite Disney character? What do you like the most about the game? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.


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