Disney Dreamlight Valley Quest: A Fishy Dispute [Guide]

A Fishy Dispute is one of Donald Duck's questlines centered around fishing and exploring the game's earlier biomes.

A Fishy Dispute is the second quest you can do for Donald Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It’s essentially a tiny argument between Donald and Goofy over some wildlife trivia which eventually leads you to go on an expedition to discover a variety of new items. The main objective of this questline is to introduce Time Capsules, Donald Duck’s Memory pieces, and the story behind the pieces.

Key Takeaways
  • A Fishy Dispute is a mid-game quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley that incentivizes you to explore Dazzle Beach and the Sunlit Plateau locations.
  • You can follow this mission after Donald’s first quest, ‘A House For A Duck,’ where you help rebuild his boat with a Boat Repairing Kit.
  • As you progress through this quest, you’ll find more outfits, Memories, and several types and rarities of fish.
  • It’s worth noting that you should upgrade your companion’s fishing rod by leveling up Friendships of different characters in the game so that you find better loot as you go through this quest.
  • Most of the locations you visit in A Fishy Dispute will already be unlocked, so you don’t have to save up any Dreamlight to unlock more biomes.

A Fishy Dispute – What You Need To Do

After doing both objectives for unlocking ‘A Fishy Dispute,’ find Donald in the valley using your map and meet him to start the quest. The conflict begins with Donald and Goofy arguing over whether catfish live in the valley’s lakes or the ocean.

From there, we pick up that a Fishy Dispute is going to be a fishing-related quest in Dreamlight Valley that might involve catching some catfish in certain locations.

Beginning of A Fishy Dispute in Disney Dreamlight
The start of A Fishy Dispute (Image Credits: eXputer)

After exhausting Donald’s initial dialogue, you’re given your first two missions of the quest – Catching ten fishes from the ocean and wearing the “Green Fishing Waders” outfit which Donald will have recently given you. Find the outfit in your wardrobe menu, wear it, and head over to Dazzle Beach to catch some fish.

Green Fishing Waders Disney Dreamlight Valley
Green Fishing Waders Outfit (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Since there’s no restriction on the type of fish you need to catch, you can find any rarity of fish from the ocean in Dazzle Beach, and it will count towards the mission. Simply equip your fishing rod and swing it wherever you see bubbles and ripples appearing from underwater. It’s worth noting that you might also catch Prawns from the ocean, but those are not included in the mission.

Fishing in different locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Fishing in Peaceful Meadows and Dazzle Beach (Screenshot by eXputer)

Finding Time Capsules And Memory Pieces

After catching ten fish from the ocean, head back to Donald and tell him about your finds. You might have noticed that you didn’t find any catfish in your finds. This is because catfish are only found in small ponds scattered across other biomes of the valley. And since you haven’t caught any, you’ll now follow Donald to where he claims to have seen one swimming in the ocean.

First Time Capsule location Disney Dreamlight Valley
First Time Capsule’s location in Dazzle Beach (Image Captured by eXputer)

Once you’ve followed him to the edge of Dazzle Beach, you’ll see orange ripples right next to him in the water. This is where Donald believes you’ll find a catfish, so cast your line directly onto the ripples and tug your fishing rod at the right moments to find a locked Time Capsule.

Time Capsule found in Dazzle Beach
Locked Time Capsule (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Bring the Time Capsule back to Donald Duck so he can unlock it and return it to you. Once Donald’s given it back, use the unlocked capsule in your inventory to uncover a piece of his Memory.

Unlocked Time Capsule after being given to Donald
The Unlocked Time Capsule in your inventory (Image by eXputer)

Now, talk to Donald about the Memory and then head to the Sunlit Plateau to uncover another Time Capsule. The Quest Log will advise you to use the Memory you just found to find the next capsule. Simply put, you’ll find it next to the fossils at the biome’s eastern edge near your house.

the other Capsule hidden in Sunlit Plateau
The second Time Capsule next to the fossil bones in Sunlit Plateau (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Use your shovel to dig out the locked Time Capsule from the ground and give it to Donald. As you interact with him and exhaust his dialogue, he’ll conclude that there aren’t any catfish in the ocean after all and apologize to Goofy. And with that, you’ve visited the final location and completed the ‘A Fishy Dispute’ quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How To Unlock And Track A Fishy Dispute

There are two objectives you need to complete first to unlock and track this quest. You can find these objectives in the ‘Quests’ section of your menu, where you can also track your progress for every mission you do during the quest.

Donald Duck's quest requirements
What you need to begin A Fishy Dispute (Screenshot by eXputer)

Progress Donald Duck’s Friendship To Level 4

The first objective you need to do is to Level Up Donald Duck’s Friendship to Level 4. The quickest way to do this is to give Donald gifts from his Favorite Things of the Day list. You can find this list at the bottom right corner after you select the “I have something to give you” option when you interact with Donald.

Favorite things of the day that can be gifted to Donald Duck
Donald Duck’s Favorite Things of the Day (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

However, if you don’t have his favorite items, you can also give him spare gems or flowers that you find in Dreamlight Valley. This is because these two items give a lot of Friendship EXP from all the characters in the valley once gifted. The rarer the gem or flower, the more Friendship EXP you’ll get. Once you’ve progressed Donald’s Friendship to Level 4, you’ll also get 500 Starcoins in return.

Level 4 Friendship Donald Duck
Level 4 Friendship with Donald Duck and 500 Star coins as a reward (Image Credits: eXputer)

Unlock Sunlit Plateau

The next and final objective that you need to complete is unlocking the Sunlit Plateau for 7000 Dreamlight. This biome is to be explored mid-quest, which is why you need to unlock it beforehand.

The Sunlit Plateau is on the west side of the map. As such, you can access it either from the hill left of your house or from the Peaceful Meadows next to Merlin’s house. Go to either of these locations once you have 7000 Dreamlight and summon Merlin to remove the large Night Thorns blocking the entrance to the Plateau.

How To Unlock Donald Duck In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Of course, before doing any Donald Duck quests in Dreamlight Valley, we need to find him first. Donald can be unlocked midgame when you’ve unlocked the Forest of Valor biome for 3000 Dreamlight. As a reminder, you can unlock every biome in Dreamlight Valley once you’ve obtained the Orb of Friendship as part of the ‘With Great Power’ questline.

Explore The Forest Of Valor

Once you’ve unlocked the Forest, head southwest until you meet the first member of Disney’s Frozen cast, Kristoff, playing his lute, talking to him is when you’ll first hear about Donald Duck, who got lost after trying to fight off the Forgetting with Kristoff.

Kristoff's location in Dreamlight Valley
Meeting Kristoff in the Forest of Valor (Image by eXputer)

After exhausting his initial dialogue, Kristoff advises you to go through the portal next to him and find some clues. Go through the portal, and you’ll end up in a mysterious area called The Dark Grove, surrounded by mist and large Night Thorns. Pick up Donald’s feather in front of you and a shiny pink plant attached to one of the Night Thorns.

Donald's Feather and the Shiny Plant in the Dark Grove
Getting Donald’s Feather and the Shiny Plant from the Dark Grove (Image by eXputer)

Now, head back to Kristoff and tell him about your finds. Exhaust his dialogue again, and then take the feather you found to Merlin, who’ll help you track down Donald Duck. After talking to him, Merlin will then send you off to collect the following ingredients for a tracking spell that’ll help find Donald in the Dark Grove:

  1. 1 Donald’s Feather
  2. 2 Emeralds
  3. 1 Plant from the Dark Grove
  4. 4 Dreamshards

Collect Ingredients for Merlin

Out of the four ingredients that Merlin asked you to bring, you’ll have 2 of them in your inventory since you already collected Donald’s Feather and the plant from your trip to the Dark Grove. The next ingredient you need to find is Dreamshards, which you might also have since they’re a common item. You can find Dreamshards by digging or removing night thorns scattered across Dreamlight Valley.

Emeralds, on the other hand, are mainly found in the Forest of Valor or the Glade of Trust. You can mine them with your pickaxe from the black rocks, usually in the corners of biomes.

Although there’s no guarantee you’ll always get an Emerald after mining a rock, you can tell it’ll drop a gem if there are bits of colored rock poking out. Similarly, a rock with dark green emerald bits around it means it’ll certainly drop an emerald.

Emerald Rock in Forest of Valor
An Emerald Rock found in the Forest of Valor (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

It’s also worth noting that you might also find iron ores while mining for emeralds. These ores are also extremely useful in crafting, and you can even use them to make Iron Ingots. Once you’ve collected all four ingredients, go back to Merlin and give the ingredients to him.

Find Donald Duck In The Dark Grove

With all the ingredients in Merlin’s hands, he’ll combine all of them and then give you an Enchanted Feather, which you can use to find Donald. Head back to the Dark Grove and follow the feather by tracking its glittery trail. As you’re following the trail, you’ll be able to move through the mist, which wasn’t possible before.

Following the glittery trail left by the Enchanted Feather (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

After a few seconds of following, the feather will eventually lead you directly to Donald Duck. As you talk with him, he’ll give you the Orb of Courage that you can place in the Forest of Valor’s Pillar of Friendship to get rid of the darkness that surrounds the area. You can now head back to the Forest by taking the portal right behind Donald.

Forest of Valor's Pillar with Orb of Courage
The Pillar of Friendship in Forest of Valor with the Orb of Courage (Screenshot by eXputer)

Bring Donald Duck To Dreamlight Valley

Place the Orb of Courage in the Pillar, and along with removing the Forgetting’s hold on the biome, you’ll finally bring Donald back into the Dreamlight Valley. Now simply talk to Donald about how he feels returning to the valley and completely exhaust his dialogue to complete this long quest.

Talking to Donald once he's in Dreamlight Valley
Talking to Donald Duck after bringing him back to the valley (Image Credits: eXputer)

That wraps up our guide on completing the Fishy Dispute Quest by visiting the required locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley. As seen, A Fishy Dispute always encourages you to explore different locations in Dreamlight Valley and learn about Donald’s story. It also gives us a small hint about the core objective for his next few missions – finding Donald’s Time Capsules!

If you want to learn more interesting stuff about the game and progress faster, here’s a guide on the Best 20 Tips. You could also consider reading our Energy Restoring Recipes if you find yourself constantly running out of it. Other than that, check out our guide on Character Roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley, where we go more in-depth on the game’s friendship mechanics.


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