Disney Dreamlight Valley Seafood Platter [Recipe]

Seafood Platter is a delicious dish in Disney Dreamlight Valley that makes Maui forget his anger.

Cooking is therapeutic, not just in real life, even in Disney Dreamlight Valley which means you can enjoy it behind the screen too! In the game, you get to cook different foods, like the Seafood Platter. Today you’ll learn everything there is to know about Seafood Platter in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Key Takeaways
  • Seafood Platter is one of the two-star dishes that you get to cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • You can unlock the recipe for Seafood Platter by playing through the “Peacemakers” quest for Moana.
  • Seafood Platter requires any of the 2 ingredients from the following list:
    • Clam.
    • Oyster.
    • Scallop.
    • Shrimp.
    • Lobster.
    • Squid.
  • Later on in the game, you can cook Seafood Platter and sell it to earn money in the game.

What Is Seafood Platter

Currently, Disney Dreamlight Valley holds more than 160 recipes to cook. The generous amount of recipes is another reason why players love investing extreme amounts of time playing the game. Seafood Platter is among these recipes that you can cook to sell, gift, or consume.

You don’t happen to stumble upon a Seafood Platter recipe. You get a task from Moana to prepare it in order to complete a Quest. There are two more recipes to cook along with the Seafood Platter. They are:

  • Fruit Salad
  • Seafood Salad 

Your task is to cook the dishes and deliver them to Maui. Being a part of a quest makes Seafood Platter an important recipe.

Seafood Platter and other dishes.
Moana tells you about the dishes that Maui likes.

Recipes in the game are not just of the seafood category. Check out some desserts to make, such as Apple Pie and Banana Pie. Also, make sure to go through the detailed recipe list of recipes currently in the game.

Unlocking Seafood Platter Recipe 

The Seafood Platter recipe unlocks during a quest called “Peacemakers”. To reach the quest, you have to:

  • Unlock Moana and Maui by going to Moana’s realm through Dream Castle
  • Complete both their tasks and get them to move into the village
  • Raise friendship level with Moana to Level 4 by gifting things and talking to her

In the previous “Fixing The Boat” quest, Moana needed her traveling buddy, aka her boat, to be patched up. She wants to go back to being adventurous. After you follow the quest instructions and fix her boat, the boat drops a mysterious shiny thing that you have to take back to Moana. 

Moana keeps the shard to herself till the “Peacemakers” quest takes place. Once the quest starts, she wants more information from Maui about the shard. But since he’s mad at her, you become the middleman. As a middleman, you’ll have to cook the Seafood Platter and other dishes for Maui. Hence, unlocking the recipe.

Ingredients For Seafood Platter

The Seafood Platter is a 2-star dish, meaning it only requires two ingredients and gives more energy and star coins compared to a 1-star dish. The two ingredients to make a Seafood Platter are:

  • Any 2 Seafood = Seafood Platter 

Following are some of the seafood ingredients you can use: 

  • Clam 
  • Oyster
  • Scallop
  • Shrimp
  • Lobster
  • Squid

You can add the same type of seashell or a different type of seashell and get the Seafood Platter each time:

  • Shrimp + Oyster = Seafood Platter
  • Shrimp + Shrimp = Seafood Platter

Location Of Each Ingredient

Scallops location.

Following are the exact locations of all Seafood ingredients in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Clams: Can be found at Dazzle Beach.
  • Oysters: Go to Dazzle Beach and look for dark-colored shells on the sand.
  • Scallops: Easily found on the sand on Dazzle Beach.
  • Shrimps: Can only spawn in The Dazzle Beach water. Make sure you fish in the blue circled ripples occurring in the water. 
  • Lobsters: Can only be collected in the Glade Of Trust biome living in the ponds.
  • Squid: Just like Lobsters, found in the Glade Of Trust biome.

Cooking Seafood Platter

Once you’ve finally collected all the needed ingredients, return back to the valley and go where your stove lies. Start cooking and find both collected ingredients and press the “start cooking” option. You will be served with a tasty-looking Seafood Platter. 

The other two dishes of Peacemaker Quest are easy to prepare. The ingredients they require are:

  • Seafood Salad = Any seafood + Lettuce
  • Fruit Salad = Any single fruit

Once you’ve prepared all the required dishes to please Maui, do the following steps:

  • Go to Maui and choose the peacemakers option to present him with the dishes
  • He won’t accept the apology, but he says it’s a start
  • Go to Moana and inform her about this exchange of words
  • She says an Oar would work since he’s a Wayfinder
  • Collect 10 Softwoods for Oar 
  • Craft an Oar by going in the functional items option on the crafting table
  • Give the Oar to Moana and follow her to Maui
  • Listen To Maui Forgiving and give information to Moana about the Mysterious thing.
  • Collect the mysterious thing called Leader Shard dropped on the ground
  • Give it to Moana, and the Quest is completed
Presenting Seafood platter in Disney Dreamlight valley
Presenting Maui with the Seafood Platter.

Also, to make your journey easy to help the valley, you need the Royal Tools lying all around Dreamlight Valley. They are the main tools that will help you on your adventures throughout the game.

Selling Seafood Platter

Other than the quest, you can make a Seafood Platter and sell it in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The dish’s price is 116 Star coins. You can upgrade the dish price by adding more than two ingredients.

For example, if you add another Shrimp to the dish, it will become a three-star dish, and the price will be higher than 116-star coins. You can go up to 5 stars since 5-star dishes are the limit.

Other than that, if you find yourself short on money in the game, then you should start collecting it. It can become a hard chore if you don’t know what to do. For that, we have a guide ready on Making Fast Money in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


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