Disney Dreamlight Valley Secret Door: Quest, Gems & Reward

Disney dreamlight Valley Secret Door is part of the mission given to the players by Mickey Mouse. Make sure to complete this last quest by the character to win rewards.

Disney Dreamlight Valley secret door is a mission given to the players by Mickey mouse. Players will have to fulfill a lot of missions and tasks in the completion. Moreover, they will also become friends with other characters from Disney and Pixar. 

Key Highlights
  • Level 10 friendship with Mickey will require you to go through different obstacles, such as Cooking different dishes, finding out how MInnie got lost, and much much more.
  • The secret door’s location can be found in Dream Castle behind the case of stairs.
  • Mining gems that will require at least one of these gems Aquamarine Gem, Garnet Gem, Citrine Gem, and tourmaline Gem.
  • These gems can be found in Dazzle Beach, Peaceful Meadow, Sunlit Plateau, and Frosted Heights/Sunlit Plateau, respectively.
  • After placing all the gems, the door will open, and you will be rewarded by the Enchanting Fountain and much much more.

Quest Of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is an NPC in the game. Players receive many quests from him at the beginning of the game. Our guide will tell you about the last quest of Mickey Mouse, in which the puzzle of a secret door is also involved.

To get to the 10th level of Friendship with Mickey Mouse, players will have to make their way through some obstacles first. From cooking different dishes to figuring out how Minnie got lost, players will have to complete many missions for him.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Secret Door
Mickey Mouse

Furthermore, players will also have to shower him with gifts and have conversations with Mickey. After the players have crossed all the levels and reached the tenth one, they will be given the last quest by him.

In that quest, players are supposed to find the location of a door. It is hidden somewhere, said to be a ‘Secret Door’. The location of that door can only be found based on a memory that is in their mind of Mickey. 

However, finding that door is not much of a headache for players who have already wandered around in a place called Dream Castle.

Secret Door

The door looks very mysterious by the looks of it, hidden behind curtains. To get that secret door unlocked, players will first have to locate it. It can be found behind the case of stairs in Dream Castle.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Door Of Secrets Quest
Finding The Secret Door

There, the players will come across some curtains hanging down from a wall. Moreover, players will push them away when they check it out keenly. Doing so will get a door that has a gem instilled on it revealed.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Secret Door
Using The Magic

Unlocking The Door

If the players pay a close look at the door, they will see the spaces on the door where several gems can be placed. Moreover, the players will head back to Mickey, and upon inquiry, he will tell them that they need to gather four more gems to get the door unlocked. 

Acquiring Gems

Players will need to have at; least one gem from the following categories:

  1. Aquamarine Gem
  2. Garnet Gem
  3. Citrine Gem
  4. Tourmaline Gem

After getting these gems, the next step is to mine them.

Mining Gems

Players can mine the gems through the nodes of the crystalline in black color. These can be found in different places in the Dreamlight Valley. Moreover, players will also need a tool or Royal Pickaxe to mine all the gems.


To collect all the gems, players will have to look over several biomes where different types of gems are located. Below, we have listed the laces where all the required gems can be found easily:


First of all, we have a gem called Aquamarine. Players can easily find this gem in Dazzle Beach and also on the Forest of the Valor.


Next up, we have the Garnet gem. To find this gem, look over at the places of Peaceful Meadow and also at the Plaza.


Citrine is another type of gem required to fill in the places of the secret door. The gem can be found at the Sunlit Plateau as well as at the Glade of Trust.


This kind of gem can be easily founded at the locations of Frosted Heights and Sunlit Plateau both to open the secretive door in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Placing The Gems

To get the gems places, players will have to go back to where the secret door was located. Furthermore, the players will then have to put all the gems in the places they need to be put.

However, it is to be noted that the players must put them in the right order. The order is to start placing the gems from the top and then start placing them in the clockwise direction.

Secret Door
Placing The Gems

Moreover, players can also have a look at the memory of the photo to make sure the order of the gems is correct. If the players are still confused about the order, then they can have a look at the table above. The order which will get the door opened is:

  1. First of all, place the gem of aquamarine on the socket.
  2. Secondly, put the Garnet gem in its place.
  3. On the third number, there is citrine which can be put in its respective place on the place of the secret door.
  4. At last, we have Tourmaline to be put in the correct place.

Opening The Door

Once the players have placed all the gems in their correct order and place, the secret door will be opened. Moreover, the players will also be able to get inside the door and have a word with Mickey.

Rewards And Collecting Items

The reward that players will receive upon finishing the quest and opening the door is an Enchanting Fountain. Moreover, players are also supposed to gather a few items in the secret room before leaving it. Hence, make sure you get everything you need in your hands.

Once all the items are collected, you will come to the end of your quest. Furthermore, this is also the last quest that Mickey Mouse gives the players in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Wrap Up

Disney Dreamlight Valley is all about solving puzzles and missions. One of them is the Disney Dreamlight Valley secret entrance and getting it unlocked so that Mickey’s quest can be completed and players can earn rewards.

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