Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Tomato Seeds

This guide contains the method of getting Tomato Seeds in Dreamlight Valley along with its uses and methods of farming

Tomato seeds are vital in the game not only as a cooking ingredient but also as a requirement for some of the quests. Tomatoes are used in the game to cook a three-star or four-star meal. Moreover, once you unlock the Dazzle Beach Biome, you get a quest to find the Sea Witch Ursula of Little Mermaid Fane. You will get this quest from Merlin, and you are required to restore the curse.

Key Takeaways
  • Tomato Seeds can be acquired after unlocking the Dazzle Beach, renovating Goofy’s rundown, and upgrading it to level two.
  • Tomato Seeds can help you grow Tomatoes that you can sell later for 22 Star Coins.
  • Tomato Seeds are necessary to complete the Great Power Quest, which rewards you with a thousand Dreamlights.
  • Tomato Seeds can be purchased from Goofy’s Stall in Dazzle Beach.
  • Tomato and its seeds are native to the Dazzle Beach biome in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Tomato Seeds in Dazzle Beach
Buy the Tomato Seeds from Goofy’s Stall

Key Takeaways

    • Ingredients play a vital role in the game. You can use them to make different recipes, you can sell them for Star Coins, and you have to keep them in order to complete some quests.
    • You can acquire Tomato Seeds after unlocking the Dazzle Beach and renovating Goofy’s rundown, and upgrading it to level two.
    • Tomato Seeds can help you grow Tomatoes that you can sell later for 22 Star Coins. They will also help you in completing quests.
    • If you don’t acquire Tomato Seeds, you will not be able to complete the Great Power Quest, which is not only necessary for the main quest but also contains four puzzles and rewards you with a thousand Dreamlights.

Location of Tomato Seeds

Dazzle Beach in the Game
Location of Goofy’s Stall

The main reason you are out looking for tomato seeds is that, like many other vegetables, they do not spawn on Disney Dreamlight Valley. Apart from that, you cannot even find the tomato seeds in Peaceful Meadow at the stall of Goofy. However, in Dazzle Beach, another stall of Goofy is located from where you can buy these.

Before you visit him, there is a catch. The store will be locked, and you will need to follow these steps in order to unlock his stall and buy as many tomato seeds as you want in Disney Dreamlight. First, you will need to the southeastern edge of Dazzle Beach, where you will need to find the rundown of Goofy.

Make sure you have at least three thousand Star Coins as you will need to renovate the rundown using Scrooge’s sign with the cost of thousand Star Coins. Once the rundown renovates, you will have to upgrade it to level two, which will cost another couple of thousand Star Coins. Once the stall upgrades to level two, you can buy bananas and tomato seeds.

The last step is optional, and we prefer not to do it unless you have a good amount of Star Coins. If you want to purchase tomatoes directly from the stall, they will be available once you upgrade the stall to level three.

Farming Tomatoes

The farming method for tomatoes is simple and easy to understand. First, you will need to dig some patches in either your garden or in any place in the valley. Then use the tomato seeds you bought from the stall of Goofy to plant.

Go to the backside of your house to get the Royal Watering Can if you have not picked it yet. Once you get it, use that for watering the tomato seeds that you just planted. After a while, you will see fresh tomatoes in your garden, ready for harvesting.

Use Of Tomato Seeds In Quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley Tomato Seeds Quest
With Great Power Quest

As we mentioned earlier, tomatoes are not only used for cooking or selling, but they are also used for completing a quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley called With Great Power Quest. We have seen many players struggle while completing this quest. However, with simple instructions, it is easy to complete.

The first step to start the With Great Power Quest, you will need to unlock the Dazzle Beach, which costs five thousand Dreamlight. However, we believe that you have already unlocked it in order to get the tomato seeds. So now, you will need to talk to Merlin in order to begin the quest.

Merlin will then tell you to enter a mysterious cave with the intention of investigating. To enter the cave, you will first need to go towards the eastern side of the Peaceful Meadow. Then go to the bottom towards the entrance of the beach. Start going towards the left near the sandbar until you see an entrance to the cave.

When you go inside, you will find Ursula. Talk to her so that you get a Crystal Key and information regarding the Mystical Cave that you are required to investigate. When you exit the cave, go towards your right until you reach a wall. Then, behind the friendship pillar, you will see a podium and a door. Use the Crystal Key that you got earlier to unlock the door.

When you head inside, you will be required to solve four puzzles which are Statue Puzzle, Crop Puzzle, Cooking Puzzle, and Fishing Puzzle.

Solution Of Statue Puzzle

After following the path of the cave, you will reach a place where you will find a blocked door. Near it will be three statues with a tablet having a message on it. The message on the tablet is: Provide the gem that matches best to continue on your hero’s quest.

What you have to do here is insert specific gems in each statue based on their color. For the Green Statue, you need Peridot; for the Blue Statue, you need Aquamarine; and for the Red Statue, you need Garnet. While you’re at it, consider reading Disney Dreamlight Valley Onion.

Crop Puzzle Solution

This is the puzzle where you need a tomato for the quest to be completed. The table you will find here says: “Discover the right crops to grow to continue on below. One is underground, the other gold and brown. What remains is red and round.”

Here, you will simply need to grow three vegetables which are Tomato, Carrot, and Wheat. Therefore, do not forget to visit Goofy’s stall before doing the Great Power Quest. Once all the vegetables grow after planting, collect them, and the Crop Puzzle will be complete.

Solution Of Cooking Puzzle

It is the easiest puzzle of these all. The tablet that you will find here reads: “The final riddle, let it be known: to cook and eat what you have grown.” Remember the vegetables you harvested earlier? Put them in the pot to make a Veggie Pasta. Once it is ready, open the menu and eat it to complete the puzzle.

Fishing Puzzle Solution

Here you are required to use your fishing rod in order to catch the Orb of Power. You will need to look carefully at the bottom of the pool’s area to find the orange air bubble. Fish the spot where you see it so you can get the Orb. Once you get the Orb, put it in the Statue that is outside the Cave. Completing the Great Power Quest will reward you with a thousand Dreamlight.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Ingredients

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will find yourself making meals as a requirement. To make meals, you will also need certain ingredients. There are different ingredients in the game which can be found at a specific location. You can also sell these ingredients for a certain amount. Therefore, you can use the ingredients for recipes, profit, and completing the Dreamlight duties.

In total, the ingredients can be divided into six different categories. They are Vegetables, Grains, Fruit, Seafood, Chez Remy’s Pantry, and Spices & Herbs. Within these categories, you will find a number of ingredients. Tomato seeds come under the Vegetable category in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The highest sell price in Vegetables is Pumpkin which can be sold for 664 Star Coins; Leek, which can be sold for 309 Star Coins; and Eggplant, which can be sold for 308 Star Coins. In Grains, you can sell Canola for 109 Star Coins, Soya for 69 Star Coins, and Rice for 61 Star Coins.

In Fruits, there is Gooseberry which will sell for 50 Star Coins. For Seafood, you can sell Oysters for 250 Star Coins. In Chez Remy’s Pantry, you can sell Milk for 230 Star Coins, Eggs for 220 Star Coins, and Peanuts for 200 Star Coins. Ginger in Spices & Herb can be sold for 100 Star Coins.

All in all, you will find tomato seeds useful in the game for various reasons. Keep using them for farming tomatoes; you can even sell them for 22 Star Coins and do not forget to keep them before going to complete the Great Power Quest.

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