Disney Dreamlight Valley Voice Actors [Full Cast]

In our guide we will talk about the voice cast in the new Disney Dreamlight Valley game.

Would you like to know the Disney Dreamlight Valley voice cast to know who played your favourite characters? With so many characters featured in Disney Dreamilght Valley, players can only imagine who voiced all of them. So, let’s find out all the voice artists that gave life to your favourite Disney characters in the game!

Key Highlights

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the voices behind the beloved characters are provided by talented voice actors. Here’s a list of some of the characters and their respective voice actors:

  1. Donald Duck: Voiced by Tony Anselmo since 1985.
  2. Merlin: Voiced by Jeff Bennett, known for various popular characters.
  3. Elsa: Voiced by Danielle Bisutti.
  4. Simba (The Lion King): Voiced by Cameron Clarke.
  5. Moana: Voiced by the original Auli’i Cravalho.
  6. Goofy: Voiced by the original actor, Bill Farmer.
  7. Woody (Toy Story): Voiced by Jim Hanks.
  8. Mother Gothel: Voiced by Moira Kelly.
  9. Scrooge McDuck: Voiced by Enn Reitel.
  10. Stitch (Lilo & Stitch): Voiced by Chris Sanders.
  11. Buzz Lightyear: Voiced by Tim Allen.
  12. Eric: Voiced by Christopher Daniel.
  13. Ariel: Voiced by Jodi Benson, known for many popular character voices.
  14. Wall-E: Voiced by Ben Burtt.
  15. Ursula (The Little Mermaid): Voiced by Pat Carroll.
  16. Fairy Godmother: Voiced by Barbara Dirickson.
  17. Kristoff: Voiced by Matt Lowe.
  18. Mickey Mouse: Voiced by Bret Iwan, a recurring voice of Mickey Mouse.
  19. Maui: Voiced by Jess Harnell.
  20. Olaf: Voiced by Jake Green.
  21. Anna: Voiced by Abby Trott.
  22. Minnie Mouse: Voiced by Kaitlyn Robrock, her original voice actress.
  23. Remy: Voiced by Patton Oswalt.

These talented voice actors bring the Disney Dreamlight Valley characters to life with their distinctive voices, adding depth and authenticity to the game’s experience.

Here’s a summarized list of Voice Actors: 

CharacterVoice ActorNotable Previous Work
Donald DuckTony AnselmoThe Little Mermaid (1989)
MerlinJeff BennettJohnny Bravo
ElsaDanielle BisuttiGod of War
Simba (The Lion King)Cameron ClarkeAssassin’s Creed II
MoanaAuli'i CravalhoMoana (2016)
GoofyBill FarmerVoice of Goofy since around 1987
Woody (Toy Story)Jim HanksBlood Type
Mother GothelMoira KellyNala in The Lion King
Scrooge McDuckEnn ReitelThe Adventures of Tintin
Stitch (Lilo & Stitch)Chris SandersDirector of Lilo & Stitch,
Buzz LightyearTim AllenToy Story series
EricChristopher DanielSpider-Man
ArielJodi BensonToy Story 2
Wall-EBen BurttSound designer for Star Wars trilogy
Ursula (The Little Mermaid)Pat CarrollA Goofy Movie
Fairy GodmotherBarbara DiricksonKung Fu Panda 3
KristoffMatt LoweThe Walking Dead
Mickey MouseBret IwanVoice of Mickey Mouse in various Disney projects
MauiJess HarnellWakko Warner in Animaniacs
OlafJake GreenKipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts
AnnaAbby TrottDemon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Minnie MouseKaitlyn RobrockThe Wonderful World Of Mickey Mouse
RemyPatton OswaltThe King of Queens

The Narrator Played By Ashley Adler

The narrator plays a vital role in the game, and having a narrator is very on-brand for Disney; we are very glad that the game took this route; otherwise, Disney Dreamlight Valley would have felt lacking. Ashely Adler did a fantastic job as our diligent narrator. It is probably because she has a lot of experience under her belt.

If her name sounds familiar to you, it is probably because she has been in two very famous Marvel movies. These movies include the wildly successful Miss Marvel. She was also in the Ant-Man and the Wasp film that was shot back. Other than that, she has also been in The Snowman, which was released in 2017.

Donald Duck Played By Tony Anselmo

Disney Dreamlight Valley dinald character
Donald in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cute, sassy, and a little short-tempered is the best way to describe our friend Donald. Donald throughout the years has had a very specific and pitch-ey voice. A voice that most Disney fans would be easily able to pick up even in the dark!

Tony Anselmo did a fine job playing the character. It might be because Tony grew up being surrounded by Disney and its franchise; it may come as a huge shock to you, but Tony first showed interest in Disney at a very young age; he was only five years old! He auditioned to play a role in the film Marry Poppins. We would like to mention some of his more famous roles.

  • The Black Cauldron (1985)
  • The Little Mermaid (1989)
  • Beauty and the Beast (1991)
  • The Lion King (1994)
  • Tarzan (1999)
  • The Emperor’s New Groove (2000).

Merlin Voiced By Jeff Bennett

Merlin character un the game.
Merlin in the game

In Disney Dreamlight valley who was Merlin’s voice cast? It was the one and only Jeff Bennett! Let’s talk a bit about the amazing actor.

Think about the Royal tools quest, we will have to thank Merlin for that. In the game, Jeff Bennett graced us with the most iconic Merlin voice. His voice may sound familiar to you, right? Well, it may be because the actor has worked with some of the most famous characters like:

  • Johnny Bravo
  • Dr. Hamsterviel from Lilo & Stitch
  • Kowalski from The Penguins of Madagascar
  • Yosemite Sam in Looney Tunes
  • Extor in Samurai Jack
  • Grubber in The Powerpuff Girls
  • Raj in Camp Lazlo.

Danielle Bisutti As Elsa

 Disney Dreamlight Valley character Elsa
Elsa in Disney Dreamlight Valley

What do Elsa and Freya from God Of War have in common? Of course, the first thing you may think is that they are both women with amazing magical power. Well, they have also been played by Danielle Bisutti. She is a very accomplished actress, songwriter, and voice actor. 

Other than God Of War she has been on another top-notch game which includes. Wonder Woman in The Lego Movie 2 Video-game. Her voice-acting skills have been known to be one of the best in the industry, which was cemented by winning a BAFTA. Other than that, she has been a guest star on Anger Management, Grey’s Anatomy, and Criminal Minds.

Simba Played by Cameron Clarke

The actor has been playing our favorite lion for a while now, so he exactly has the experience to give us an outstanding process. 

He has been playing very famous characters, which include:

  • Clay Kaczmarek from Assassin’s Creed II,
  • Simba from The Lion King
  • Leonardo and Rocksteady from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon,
  • Liquid Snake from Metal Gear Solid

Moana Played By Auli’i Cravalho

 Disney Dreamlight Valley Moana
Moana in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Aulii Cravalho is an American actor and musician. She made her acting breakthrough with the 2016 Disney 3D animated feature film. She played the protagonist Moana. The movie has basically been the actress’s golden ticket and now is in the Netflix feature movie All Together Now, among many others.

Goofy Voiced By Bill Farmer

goofy's character in the video game
Goofy In The Game

 Just like Donald Duck, it is hard not to recognize his voice, Which is precisely why the OG actor for the character Bill farmer did the voice work. Furthermore, he has been the official cast member since around 1987. So as you can see, he has quite the experience. 

Woody, Played By Jim Hanks

Jim Hanks really brought Woody back to life with his impeccable voice-acting skills. It is probably because of the fact that he is an actor and a cinematographer. Jim, in addition to the Disney Dreamlight Valley game, has been in movies like Blood Type and the Forest Grump.

Mother Gothel Played By Moira Kelly

We all love to hate Mother Gothel and her sharp voice, which can only be parallelled by her devious nature. Somehow Moria Kelly has been able to encapsulate that so beautifully through her voice. 

Scrooge McDuck Played By Enn Reitel

Scrooge has been a beloved character in the Disney universe. Hence, many fans were apprehensive about having Enn as the voice cast. But we’ll be the first ones to say he truly knocked it out of the park! You may know him from Corpse Bride and The Adventures of Tintin.

Stich Played By Chris Sanders

Chris Sanders was born and bred in Colorado. He developed a passion for animations at the tender age of 10 while watching Ward Kimball’s cartoon The Wonderful World of Disney. Upon learning of CalArts’ animator program, he started sketching and submitted an application.

Chris Sanders was the voice behind Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Buzz Lightyear Voiced By Tim Allen

While Tim Allen did not start off as an actor, he has surely made his mark on the industry. Tim started off as a comedian in the  Comedy Castle in Detroit but later started pursuing the acting business. He has been featured in The Santa Clause, Toy Story, and Toy Story 2.

Eric Played By Christopher Daniel

Christopher Daniel started his career very early. While kids his age were making forts and playing outside, he was moving to New York City to jump-start his acting career. Let’s just say that ended up being an excellent move because over the years he has had immense success. Furthermore, his acting credits include The Little Mermaid, Spider-Man, The Brady Bunch Movie, and A Very Brady Sequel.

Ariel Voiced By Jodi Benson

Jodi Benson has been in the business for a while now. While most people may not be able to recognize her by face, the moment she opens her mouth, the story completely shifts.

Jodi Benson has been the voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid, Tour Guide Barbie in Toy Story 2, and Thumbelina in Thumbelina. Moreover, she has achieved international fame and international praise. Additional notable films she has been in include The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning, Lady and the Tramp II 101 Dalmatians, and Enchanted.

WALL. E Played by Ben Burt

Ben Burt is a well-renowned actor, director, and editor. Some of his best works include The Star Trek trilogy. He can also be credited with numerous Pixar films.

Ursula Voiced by Pat Carroll 

Pat Carroll, who is an actor as well as performer, has portrayed a variety of characters on stage and on TV, including Gertrude Stein and Shakespeare’s Falstaff. The tenacious comedian continued her performances far into her 80s!

Pat rose to popularity as a voice actor in the 1980s, appearing in various cartoon series, most memorably for Disney as Ursula in The Little Mermaid and various roles in A Goofy Movie. She has continued to lend her talent to other Disney endeavors for both games as well as other productions. Outside Sales, Freedom Writers, Nancy Drew, Bridesmaids, and BFFs are some examples.

Fairy God Mother Voiced by Barbara Dirickson 

Barbra was tasked to voice one of the most iconic characters in the Disney franchise, and she went above and beyond! She is well known for her roles in Kung Fu Panda 3, The Taming of the Shrew, and Kingdom Hearts II.

Kristoff Played By Matt Lowe 

Matt Lowe did a fantastic job encompassing the whole vibe that Kristoff gives off. We can not wait to see what his future projects will be like!

Mickey Mouse Voiced By Bret Ivan  

mickey's character in the game
Mickey in the game

Bret Ivan has been playing Mickey for a while now, which is probably why he has the character down to the T. He has been in the movies Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2.

Maui Voiced By Jess Harnell

Jess Harnell has been in the game for a very long time and has been part of a variety of different features. Some of his more prominent ones are:

  • Wakko Warner in Animaniacs
  • Darth Maul in Star Wars video games
  • Scary Terry in Rick & Morty 
  • Captain Hero in Drawn Together
  • Ironhide in Transformers
  • Dr. Finkelstein in The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Kingdom Hearts

Olaf Played By Jake Green

Jake Green’s projects are always a success, and we do not mean that lightly. You will be able to see that from the work he has done. He has been in The Boss Baby: Back in Business and Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts.

Anna Voiced By Abby Trott

Abby Trott is an accomplished actor. She is well known for her roles in Carmen Sandiego, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and NieR: Automata.

Minne Mouse Voiced by Kaitlyn Robrock 

Kaitlyn has been playing Minnie for a long time now. She first started off in Mickey Mouse Funhouse. She has also been featured in The Wonderful World Of Mickey Mouse.

Remy Played by Patton Oswalt

Patton is a comedian by profession but likes to dabble in the film industry from time to time. Some of his works include Starsky & Hutch, Man on the Moon, and Magnolia.

We hope that you learned something new in our Disney Dreamlight Valley voice cast guide!

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