Disney Dreamlight Valley Wheat Seeds: How To Get Faster

Players have multiple tasks to complete in Disney Dreamlight Valley, one of them is locating wheat seeds. Know how to find, plant and even harvest them in our guide.

Story Highlights
  • Findings certain seeds for plantation is not just a fun activity but they are also used for the task of gardening.
  • To find wheat seeds, players will be given task of preparing something tasty for Minnie.
  • There are multiple ways to get wheat seeds such as purchasing from Goofy or farming wheat.

Disney Dreamlight Valley wheat seeds are unlocked at the very beginning of the game. To get the seeds, players will have to unlock them from the stall of Goofy. You will know how that and all the other relevant information regarding the wheat seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley here.

Finding Wheat Seeds

One of the main ingredients that the players can unlock at the very start of the game is wheat seeds. Wheat seeds are used for the task of gardening. When the players are doing the quest for the tutorial of Mickey, they will locate wheat. Players will be given several tasks with the easiest items to locate so that they can start the quest. 

Wheat Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Locating Wheat Seeds

The task of finding wheat is one of the simplest ones. The player will be given the task of preparing something tasty for Minnie. Wheat seeds will be used when players are doing the riddle of the mystical cave. They will have to get three seeds of wheat planted to get the door unlocked. Wheat seeds are one of those seeds.

Purchasing From Goofy

Players will have to buy the seeds of wheat from the stall of Goofy. Moreover, they will also be able to unlock more items from there. The stall of Goofy is located by the side of the meadow. If the players are interested in buying more seeds of wheat, they should get the stall of Goofy upgraded to level two or even three.

Wheat Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Goofy’s Stall

Doing so will allow the players to buy around ninety-nine items from the sale. Moreover, the players will also be provided with a bonus of Dreamlight that will allow them to unlock characters and realms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Wheat Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Purchasing Wheat

Players will also be able to get wheat for gold of three for every stalk. However, the players can also get a little money saved by buying all the seeds as the cost is only one gold for each seed. Moreover, players can also get the wheat harvested from the gold. 

Planting Seeds Of Wheat

Wheat will be used in a good quantity as players make their way in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Hence, they should purchase wheat and get them planted in the valley. To make that possible, players will have to locate a good spot first of all. Next up, they should get the plot cultivated with the help of tools that they acquired from Goofy’s stall. Finally, get the seeds planted to water them later on by using a can of water.

Farming Wheat

Furthermore, all the seeds will soon turn into plants with time. The plants will help in yielding wheat after a while. Moreover, players can get the wheat harvested by pushing the E button where they want to harvest wheat.

Farming wheat should be done at the start so that the players would have to do any scrambling for wheat. As the task of cooking has also been unlocked, and most dishes require wheat as their key ingredient, the players should farm it in time. 

Missions And Rewards System In Disney Dreamlight Valley

The game takes place in a fantasy world where the players have somehow ended up. All the players are supposed to manipulate the beasty dog named Goofy. Get him gifts and become his emotional support until he becomes a friend. Later on, players will have to deal with Scrooge McDuck and others. 

Players will be rewarded with coins, recipes, and many more items on completing even the simplest of the quests. In this way, it becomes a little difficult to ignore the missions. However, the most important part of Disney Dreamlight Valley is friendship. Shower the characters with love and gifts to grab their attention and loyalty. 

Furthermore, players are also required to complete tasks for the villagers. From cooking to mining, building homes, and even findings certain seeds for plantation, Dinsey Dreamlight Valley covers every fun activity. 

Moreover, players can unlock various missions by completing certain quests. In addition to that, players can visit the store of Scrooge McDuck and find items of their interest to get the job done.

Wrap Up

Finding wheat seeds and then planting them can get players a lot of benefits in the game. With a very less amount of money used, players will be able to cook many dishes from it. 

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