Disney Dreamlight Valley Zucchini Seeds & Cooking

The guide explains how you can find Zucchini seeds and make Zucchini Puffs.

Farming is the one activity that you will be using a lot in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. You will have to farm various types of seeds, so you need to learn the process of farming seeds. We have covered below how you can farm Zucchini seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Key Takeaways
  • Zucchini seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be acquired in two ways which include Farming and Buying.
  • Farming The Seeds: First make a patch in the ground, plant the seed inside it and then lastly water it so it can grow. 
  • Buying The Seeds: Second way is to just buy them from Goofy’s Stall which can be found in the Sunlit Plateau. The seeds will cost you around 30 Star coins.
  • If you use zucchini for cooking you can use them to make Zucchini Puffs which require 1x Zucchini Seed, 1x Cheese, and 1x Egg.
  • The Zucchini Puffs can be sold for 632 coins.

How To Find Zucchini Seeds 

where to find
How To Find Zucchini Seeds 

You can access Zucchini Seeds in the game either by farming the seeds or buying them from the store. Farming can be time-consuming, so accomplish it with friends, as every NPC you bring can be assigned a different work. 

Even if you assign the NPC some work unrelated to farming, that will be of help too. You will get more time for yourself to spend on farming while the friend does some other kind of work for you to progress. The farming and buying process of Zucchini seeds is mentioned below. 

Farming Seeds

You will start seed farming by digging a patch of ground, planting the seed in it, and watering it so it can grow. You should make sure to have a shovel, a watering can, a zucchini seed, and a clear patch of ground to start seed farming. 

Shovel and watering can be found during opening missions, as they will help you progress through some important missions. You will visit Sunlit Plateau, which you can unlock for 7000 Dreamlights, to find Zucchini seeds. Zucchini seeds take 40 minutes to grow. 

Buying Seeds

Once you reach the Sunlit Plateau, you can visit Goofy’s stall to repair it for 3000 Star Coins, Upgrade it one time for 7500 Star Coins, and Upgrade it a second time for 15,000 Star Coins. Moreover, Zucchini seeds will cost you 30 Star Coins.

The seeds can be grown in your garden. Buy the seeds when you get a deal because excess seeds can be managed. You can either sell these seeds for 52 Star Coins or use them in the recipes to give energy to your character. If you use them to make Zucchini puffs, your character will get 48 energy. 

How To Cook Zucchini Puffs 

disney dreamlight valley zucchini seeds
Buying Zucchini Seeds

Cooking is an important aspect of the game which you can use to give your character an energy boost. There are over 160 recipes in the game, and Zucchini puffs are one of them. In case you do not want to sell your Zucchini seeds, you can use them in the recipe.


To cook Zucchini puffs, you will collect the following ingredients.

  • 1 Zucchini seed
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Cheese

Cooking Process

After you have gathered all the ingredients, you will find a piece of coal to begin the cooking process. Following the steps given below will help you cook Zucchini puffs.

  • First, find a location with a stove so that you can interact with the stove. 
  • The next step will involve selecting the recipe from the top-left menu. 
  • Drag each ingredient one after another into the cooking pot.
  • After adding all ingredients, click on cooking to complete the process.

Follow The Recipe

Zucchini seeds cooking
Follow The Recipe

Zucchini puffs is a 3-star recipe that gives base energy of 1216 to your character. When you interact with the stove, you will have a recipe window opened on the screen. Each recipe has its own information, including the name, picture, and star rating of that specific recipe. 

The window also contains the ingredients slot, the specific ingredients are essential, and they cannot be replaced. However, any ingredient slot will enable you to add different ingredients. The ingredient should be from the same category but can be a different ingredient. 

After completing the cooking process, you will be able to sell Zucchini puffs for 632 coins which is much more than selling just Zucchini seeds. This can also be a trick to earn more coins by not selling just seeds but the entire recipe.


Disney Dreamlight Valley has cooking and farming as the two most important activities. You can use Zucchini seeds to do both. First, you will farm Zucchini seeds or buy them, and then you will plant them. Once the seeds grow, you can harvest them. These seeds can either be sold for more value or used in the recipe to make Zucchini Puffs, depending entirely on you. 

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