Disney Mirrorverse BEST Characters

This Disney Mirrorverse Best Characters guide will showcase the best Ranged, Support, Tank and Melee units!

Disney Mirrorverse has been recently released for mobile devices, featuring the combination of everyone’s favorite childhood characters; Pixar and Disney came together to reintroduce characters like Mickey Mouse, Ariel, Buzz Lightyear, Donald Duck, and many more. It is an RPG featuring a universal storyline. With the plethora of characters available, our Disney Mirrorverse Best Characters guide will uncover some of the characters to put on your team!

First and foremost, let’s compare these Disney Mirrorverse Characters by listing down their stats:

TronRanged S672–5635456–38301047–8785719–6035
GastronRanged S679–5696406–34041153–9671692–5803
Jack SkellingtonSupport S713–6796 499–4827678–6551892–8494
Mr. IncredibleTankS702–58871153–9671327–2740864–7253
Hiro HamadaSupport S609–5106549–4604642–5390807–6770
Buzz LightyearRanged A657–5513461–38681201–10074622–5222
Bay MaxTankA574–48161201–10074231–19341009–8462
GoofyRanged A657–5513392–32881297–10880553–4642
Oogie BoogieTankA510–42811249–10477192–16121249–10477
Evil QueenSupport A492–4126543–4558657–5513922–7737
Snow White MeleeA768–6447845–7092553–4642768–6447

Ranged Characters 

Starting with the ranged units, we will be separating them into A and S-ranked characters. Keep in mind that this list has been updated as of the recently released version. Below listed are some of the ranged Disney Mirrorverse Characters


The S-rank characters will essentially be the best units to place in your formation and will be able to unleash ranged attacks while staying safe at a distance.


Disney Tron
Attack Defense  Focus Health
672–5635 456–3830 1047–8785 719–6035
  • Core Ability: His Core Ability is Identity Discs, which allows him to launch his heavy attacks to unleash 150% damage, while his normal attacks will grant him a 50% chance to get a 20% Focus enhancement. 
  • Special Ability: Bit Swarm casts down a swarm of bits, which will unleash 300% damage to opponents, and if they have a debuff applied, they will take in 50% more damage. 
  • Signature Ability: Network Protection Protocols will essentially allow him to gain a 50% crit rate for his rejected ricocheted heavy attacks towards foes. 


Disney Gaston
Attack Defense  Focus Health
679–5696 406–3404 1153–9671 692–5803
  • The thrill of The Hunt: The core ability allows him to launch his heavy attacks, which will apply the “wound” debuff on enemies and deal 20% damage every second. Gaston will also gain a 15% crit rate when this ability is active. 
  • Fatal Wound: Unleash an arrow at your opponent, which will deal a total of 300% increased damage based on the base attack to your foe, and deal a further 500% attack if your enemy is wounded. 
  • No Mercy: Gaston’s signature ability will grant him the ability to get an enhanced 75% attack buff for a total of 5 seconds if his enemy is below 30% overall HP. 


Next up, there are also A-ranked options that will fall a bit lower than the S-rankers. However, they are still more than viable to be used.


Disney Goofy
Attack Defense  Focus Health
657–5513 392–3288 1297–10880 553–4642
  • Bombs Away: With the core ability in hand, any critical hits that he lands on the opponents, it will cause the enemy to be debuffed with the “Armor block” for a total of 10 seconds, as well as gaining a 25% crit rate whenever he uses his heavy attacks. 
  • Boomerang Blast: His special ability allows him to unleash 300% damage against opponents, and his hits will rebound and launch out at a different targeted foe. If the enemy has had the debuff “Armor Blocked” applied to them, Goofy will deal 200% bonus damage. 
  • Impossible Luck: Lastly, his signature grants him the ability to use his critical hits, which will enhance his max ricochet stacks by one, and it will also have a 50% chance to apply the “Stun debuff.” 

Buzz Lightyear 

Disney Buzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear
Attack Defense  Focus Health
657–5513 461–3868 1201–10074 622–5222
  • Disruptor Pulse: Use Disruptor Pulse to use Buzz’s basic attacks, which will reduce the opponent’s armor by 5%, and his heavy attacks will remove it by 25%, making them even more vulnerable to your attacks. 
  • Disruptor Cannon: His Special Ability will cause him to unleash 200% damage to opponents that are present in a straight line, and any opponent that gets targetted by his skill will be in “Shock mode,” taking in 60% damage for a total of 5 seconds. 
  • Disruptive Plating: This allows him to gain 15% extra armor whenever he casts out his Special Ability. 

Tank Characters 

Now that we are done with the ranged units let’s look into some of the most viable Disney Mirrorverse Best tank Characters

S Rank 

These S-ranked tankers will have an insane amount of Defense and be able to take in any attacks that will be launched against them.


Disney Maui
Attack Defense  Focus Health
574–4816 864–7253 461–3868 1057–8865
  • Thank You: His first ability is Thank You, which will give Maui a 10% Defense-based buff, which will be activated anytime the opponents gain a buff. With that, anytime Maui launches a heavy attack, he will also gain 10% extra defense. 
  • You’re Welcome: Maui will cast out 400% damage towards opponents while also causing a certain amount of knockback, launching them down. He will also gain3% enhanced armor. 
  • Hero of Men: Whenever he casts his signature, it will cause his Special Ability to stun enemies for a total of 2 seconds, and his core ability will now grant enhanced Defense Buffs, and it can stack about 15 times. 

Mr. Incredible

Disney Mr Incredible
Mr Incredible
Attack Defense  Focus Health
702–5887 1153–9671 327–2740 864–7253
  • Incredible Strength: With the core ability in hand, Mr. Incredible will be invulnerable to any knockback from the enemy’s end. With that, for every second he is launching his heavy attacks on foes, his Kinetic Charges will cause enemies to get Stunned, Rooted, or Frozen. 
  • Unstoppable Justice: Gain an increase in armor by 10%, Kinetic charge increase by 5, and unleash 400% damage output to enemies. He will also get an Unstoppable Justice Charge for 10 seconds, granting him the ability to get rid of attack buffs from foes. 
  • Kinetic Explosion: While activating his special ability, he will be able to launch out 200% damage anytime his Unstoppable Justice skill end. Enemies will also gain knockback from his skills. 


If you do not want to invest in the S-tier units or are unable to, then while the A-tier units might not be the best of the Disney Mirrorverse Characters, they are still incredibly viable! 


Disney Baymax
Attack Defense  Focus Health
574–4816 1201–10074 231–1934 1009–8462
  • Defense Aura: With this Defense Aura, Disney Mirrorverse Baymax will be able to gain an increase in his Defense by 25%, and he will also be practically invulnerable to any kind of Wounds and Poison debuffs being applied to him. 
  • Armor Field: Upon activating it, it will further activate his Armor Field for a total of 5 seconds, all the while being able to have enhanced Defense as his armor whenever he is on the battlefield. Any opponents in the radius of the Armor Field will be stunned for 1.5 seconds. 
  • Life Support System: Cast down his signature ability to have other teammates heal 1% of their HP every passing second if their overall HP is below 50%.

Oogie Boogie 

Disney Oogie Boogie
Oogie Boogie
Attack Defense  Focus Health
510–4281 1249–10477 192–1612 1249–10477
  • Oogie’s Bugs: Every time Oogie receives a total of 4 hits from the opponent’s end, he will throw out bugs towards enemies, which will continue to chase him out, and it will decrease the opponent’s Attack by a total of 10%. 
  • Wheel of Misfortune: Upon summoning out Wheel of Misfortune, it will allow him to deal a total of 600% damage, and it will also cause severe knockback to opponents, causing them to fall off their feet. 
  • Stunning Swarms: Anytime Oogie’s bugs reach enemies, he will also gain a 50% chance to cause enemies to get stunned for a total of 2 seconds, allowing the main DPS to launch even heavier attacks. Another thing to note is that his Special Ability will also deal 50% bonus damage. 


The Disney Mirrorverse’s best support characters will range from Hero to Jack Skellington and a few others. 

S Rank 

Whenever Disney Mirrorverse players use these S-tiered characters as support, they can stay on the sidelines and provide their main DPS with an insane amount of support needed to achieve victory. 

Jack Skellington 

Disney Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington
Attack Defense  Focus Health
713–6796 499–4827 678–6551 892–8494

He is also known as the Pumpkin King, and his abilities are worth checking out: 

  • Stocking Stuffers: His heavy attacks will remove one buff that the opponent has, and anytime any of the other members debuff the opponent, Jack will regain 2.5% HP and provide 10% attack enhancement to other members. 
  • Tricks and Treats: Every ally in the team will gain an increased 10% attack buff and regain 2.5 of his health. 
  • Holiday Spirit: At the beginning of his battles, anytime Jack debuffs a foe, he will unleash 200% excess damage to the opponent. 

Hiro Hamada 

Disney Hiro Hamada
Hiro Hamada
Attack Defense  Focus Health
609–5106 549–4604 642–5390 807–6770

The protagonist from Big Hero 6, Hiro Hamada in Disney Mirrorverse, serves as a support, being able to provide sub-DPS damage while being in the arena, and his abilities buff him up even further, as shown here: 

  • Interconnected Relay: Attribute buffs on Hiro and other allies will be enhanced by 10% in their potency. He will also get “connected” to a fellow ally, and their resistance will be increased by 25%. 
  • Enhancement Protocol: For a total of 8 seconds, he will gain connections to his fellow allies, granting them all of his Core Ability’s buffs, and his Core Ability will double by twice at least, and also self-heal 1.5% of his overall HP. 
  • Amplification Bridge: This skill ties in with his Special Ability, which will give him 50% attack buffs to a teammate he has been connected to. Anytime a fellow ally gets murdered, Hiro will gain an attack buff by 25%. 


As for the A-rank options, the best A-rank unit in Disney Mirrorverse that you can go for might be Evil Queen. 

Evil Queen 

Disney Evil Queen
Evil Queen
Attack Defense  Focus Health
492–4126 543–4558 657–5513 922–7737

Being also referred to as the “Poison Hearted Monarch” in the game, he is also a solid support unit that can be a replacement for other B-tier units easily. 

  • Heartsbane Toxin: Summon it out and experience an ability to apply “Poison” to enemies, which will make them intake 10% damage every second while it is active. Anytime the enemy has been inflicted with Poison, they will also gain a Heartsbane Charge and get further damaged. 
  • Heartsbane Harvest: When it is active, it will cast out 10% Poison damage while healing allies for 1% of their overall HP for 4 seconds. 
  • Vial of Living Death: Any opponent who gets killed after intaking the Heartsbane Charges will be inflicted with it again. 

Melee Characters 

Let’s finish our Disney Mirrorverse Characters with the final class, which features the melee characters in Disney Mirrorverse. Essentially, the way melee characters operate is that they will simply wield a melee weapon and be able to charge and kill off enemies while being close to them.


The S-ranked melee characters will be on top of the current meta, being main DPSes and being able to output the highest amount of damage. 


Disney Ariel
Attack Defense  Focus Health
684–5738 730–6125 682–5725 784–6576
  • Resilient Waves: Upon summoning the Resilient Waves ability, it will give Ariel the ability to cleanse one debuff that would otherwise hurt her on the battlefield. Alongside that, she will also be able to gain a 12% attack buff whenever she is cleansed of debuffs. 
  • Raging Riptide: Casting down Raging Riptide will allow her to deal 600% damage to opponents and cause knockback. She will also remove any kind of damaging debuffs that have been applied. 
  • Refreshing Rally: Her signature ability allows her to get rid of one damaging debuff from her fellow team members while also granting her a 20% overall attack buff. 


Disney Scar
Attack Defence  Focus Health
699–5867 653–5480 806–6763 676–5674

Being labeled as a “Shadowy Manipulator,” Scar will also serve as a solid melee unit, being able to be on the frontlines as much as possible and helping his fellow team win the fights. 

  • Blood Thirsty: every time Scar lands a critical hit, he will cause enemies to be inflicted with a Wound, which will continue to launch out 10% base damage every second for 10 seconds. 
  • Long Live The King: Casting his special ability will allow you to unleash 300% damage to a chosen target while being able to cause knockback, while also being able to wound them, and deal further damage. 
  • Inevitability: As scar will be a Disney Mirrorverse melee character, hr will be able to cast out an extra wound debuff on enemies with Inevitability.

A-Rank Unit 

Disney Snow White
Snow White
Attack Defence  Focus Health
768–6447 845–7092 553–4642 768–6447

An excellent choice for an A-rank unit can be Disney Mirrorverse Snow White, and while she will not be comparable to the S-rank units, she will still be well within the usability rates while in combat. 

  • Rosewood Armor: While being under this ability, she will not take poison damage, but she will gain a “Thorns Charge” every five seconds, which will continue to increase her Defense by 10. Anytime she intakes basic or heavy attacks from opponents, the thorns will ricochet and deal more damage to them. 
  • Thornhammer Surge: Cast Thornhammer Surge and unleash 400% damage and yet again inflict them with knockback. She will also lure in enemies for a total of 5 seconds. 
  • Rampant Brambles: Her last skill will allow her to deal damage with her thorns but also apply the Wound debuff, dealing 10% base attack as additional damage for a total of 5 seconds.

With that, we will wrap up our Disney Mirrorverse Characters guide; we hope you liked it!  Want to redeem some extra freebies? Why not read up on our Disney Mirrorverse Gift Codes Guide!

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