Disney Mirrorverse Best Starter Team: First, Melee, Ranged

This Disney Mirrorverse Best Starter Team guide will showcase starter team options for early-game content!

Disney Mirrorverse offers players the opportunity to combine the Pixar and Disney universes into one RPG mobile game, featuring classes like tanks, supports, melee, and ranged characters. When players first start, they will have several characters and teams that they will be introduced to, and our Disney Mirrorverse Best Starter Team guide will showcase starter as well as melee and ranged team options for newer players! For players that want to reroll accounts to get the perfect units, you might find our Disney Mirrorverse Reroll guide!

Key Highlights

  • The Starter character of Disney Mirrorverse is Rapunzel, a melee character with abilities such as Solar Strength, Rising Sunshot, and Healing Rays.
  • The Three Choice Crystals offered by the game include Mulan, Ariel, and Hercules.
  • The First Ranged Character will be Merida whose abilities include Wisp Focus, Bear Spirit, and Dunbroch Battle Cry.
  • The First Tank Character will be Sulley who possesses abilities such as Armor Up, Sulley Slam, and Fierce Protector.
  • The first Melee Team will be composed of any melee unit, Mickey Mouse and Tina as support units, and Sulley as a tank unit.
  • The Second Melee Team will be composed of a main melee unit, Hiro Hamada as a support unit, BayMax as a tank, and another support unit.
  • The First Ranged Team will comprise either Gaston or Judy as the main ranged units, Scrooge as a support unit, and Ursula as a tank unit.
  • The Second Ranged Team will contain Judy as a ranged unit and Scrooge and Hero Hamada as support units.
  • The Third Ranged Team will be composed of any ranged unit, Baymax as a tank unit, and Hiro Hamada or Mickey Mouse as support units.

First Characters and Team in Disney Mirrorverse

Disney Rapunzel

Starting in the game, players will be first introduced to Rapunzel, who is a melee character who can use her literal frying pan as an offensive weapon. The reality is, that Rapunzel in Disney Mirrorverse is a very replaceable character, and probably will be once you start to get your hands on your first units. 

Her abilities include that of Solar Strength, which grants her a 10% attack buff anytime she launches 4 consecutive attacks against enemies, as well as rising Sunshot, through which she can inflict knockback on her enemies. Healing Rays skill allows her to heal other allies for 5% of their max HP if they are under 50%.  

Choice Crystal Characters 

After Rapunzel, players will start to see a solid progression in their Best Starter Team, as they will be offered 3 “Choice Crystals”, which will essentially offer Disney Mirrorverse players three units, that being Hercules, Ariel, and Mulan, all of whom are melee units. Jack Skellington is another character that is worth investing in, so make sure to read up on our Disney Mirrorverse Jack Skellington guide!


Mulan’s Abilities include Dual Blades, which grant her the to hit enemies with a wide arc whenever she launches her basic attacks. Ancestral Swords abilities allow her t deal a total of 180% damage per second to her range. All in all, Mulan is an AoE-based unit. 


Now, ariel is a unit that will be more focused on cleansing as well as dealing melee damage. Her abilities include her gaining a 35% chance to cleanse a debuff that has been applied to herself, while also being able to gain a 12% attack buff. She is a pretty solid unit for the early game, and players can invest in her if needed. 


Lastly, Hercules in Disney Mirrorverse is yet another melee user that is mostly focused on dealing single-target and gaining attack buffs as well as causing knockback to enemies while he is on-field. 

First Ranged Character 

Moving on, now that players will have gotten their first two sets of melee units in Disney Mirrorverse, a ranged character is also a must, which will end up being Merida, and while she isn’t the best unit, she is definitely enough to carry you throughout the early-game content. 

Her abilities include that of Wisp Focus which allows her to gain enhancement in her focus every time she launches out 8 shots, which will grant her an increased crit rate by 20%. 

Another ability includes Bear Spirit, which means that she will launch out 400% damage in a certain radius. 

First Tank Character 

Once players get their hands on ranged and melee units, Sulley will be introduced as a tank unit, which immediately means that his resistance will be insane from the beginning. Now, Sulley is a unit in Disney Mirroverse teams that can be used through mid-game and even endgame. 

With his high resistance, he can be an excellent tank for defeating harder content and taking down the toughest of enemies. 

Starter Melee Teams 

For Disney Mirrorverse Best melee Starter Team, once players finally start to form their first teams, it is crucial first to take into account how the kits of all characters operate, as well as know-how well their synergies operate between each Disney Mirrorverse team

First Potential Team 

Disney First Melee Team
First Melee Team

One of the main important components of a team is to have strong support by your side, therefore the first option that players can go for as a melee unit can be anything except Rapunzel since she is a weaker unit and will only be okay for early-game. It is best to use any unit like Mulan, Ariel, or Hercules. 

Now, for players that are willing to pay 8-10 dollars, then Mickey Mouse as support is going to be one of the best options to go for, since he can Stellar charges, and offer attack buffs, all the while being able to apply Stun debuffs to opponents in range. He can also provide a minimal amount of healing for his allies. 

For your other support, Disney Mirrorverse’s Tiana is excellent for heals! She can also cleanse her fellow allies of major debuffs, and with her special ability, she will launch out a potion, which will deal with 10% of the ally’s overall HP. 

For your tank options, with Sully in the Starter team, he will gain extra armor, making him all the tankier, while also outputting 600% of his damage to enemies and causing minimal knockback as well. For newer players, make sure to read up on our Disney Mirrorverse Tips and Tricks guide!

Second Melee-Based Team 

Disney Second Melee Team
Second Melee Team

Another solid Disney Mirrorverse Best melee-based Starter Team will include another main melee DPS, two supports as well as a tank unit. The main reason for that is simply so that the overall team synergy can be balanced. 

Apart from one melee unit, the main support unit here will be Hiro Hamada, which can connect to an ally, the ally’s overall resistance will be enhanced by 25%. And his special ability grants him the ability to grant his Core Ability effects to other members of the team. The HP of major teammates will also be regenerated by 1.5%. 

Pair him up with his buddy Baymax in Disney Mirrorverse, and he will grant every ally present in his team a defense buff of 25%, and it will also make him invulnerable to Poison and Wound debuffs. 

All in all, these melee-based teams are enough to carry you throughout the early-game content, because you read up on how they work with their allies and are weak against which enemies in general.  

Starter Ranged Teams 

Next, let’s take a look at some potential Disney Mirrorverse Best ranged Starter Team, and the same goes for ranged units as well, they will require two solid supports alongside a tank unit for early-game. If you don’t know which character to invest in, then you might enjoy our Disney Mirrorverse Best Characters guide!

First Team Option 

Disney First Ranged Team
First Ranged Team

The first option that ranged mains in Disney Mirrorverse can settle for is using either Gaston or Judy as their main ranged unit. Gaston will be able to inflict Wound debuffs on his enemies, and deal enhanced damage, while Judy can inflict defense debuffs on enemies, making them even more vulnerable to take increased hits. 

Using Disney Mirrorverse’s Scrooge will provide an increased focus for your entire team, which essentially means that your main damage dealer will be able to deal with increased critical hits against enemies, making them even easier to take down. He is also able to provide a certain amount of healing with his special ability. 

As for the main tank unit in this team, Ursula is a pretty solid unit, as she will provide attack debuffs to opponents and her defense will be increased. She is also able to “Root down” her targets for a total of 5 seconds. 

Second Team Option 

Disney Second Ranged Team
Second Ranged Team

Another solid option that players can go for is to place ranged unit Judy in the first place, as she will be able to synergize well with the other characters that we will mention. With her special ability in hand, she can launch out a volley of 6 grenades, and each enemy will intake 400% base damage. 

The best support unit for Judy as the main damage dealer is hands-down Scrooge, for early-game at least, and using his Signature Ability known as “Towering Riches”; will grant him the ability to collect coins.

Once he spends those coins, all allies will get an enhanced attack by 10%, making them stronger in combat. 

As we mentioned before, Hero Hamada is a truly underappreciated unit, therefore using him as second support is worth giving it a shot.

He will essentially act as an attack buffer, making it even easier to decimate enemies in combat. Read up on our Disney Mirrorverse Tier List to know which character is ranking at the top!

Third Option 

Disney Third Ranged Team
Third Ranged Team

Last but not least, let’s take a look at our final option for possible ranged teams. For the main unit, players can invest in any ranged unit that they have, considering they can deal a high amount of damage, as the main focus will be placed on Disney Mirrorverse supports

For the tank, consider placing Baymax in your party, as he will only get better as he is upgraded and leveled up. With his high defense and abilities, he is surely able to provide the kind of protection that is required in the early-game content. 

For support, an excellent option is Hiro yet again, and Mickey is also a solid character to invest in. when this team is put all together, they can absolutely obliterate any enemy in sight and take them down without much effort at all.

With that, we will wrap up our Disney Mirrorverse Best Starter Team guide, we hope you like it! If you like this guide, then you might also enjoy our Disney Mirrorverse Best Team Comps guide!

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