Disney Mirrorverse: Top Character Designs

This guide entails the top aesthetic looking and combat-ready guardians in Disney Mirrorverse who are originally Disney and Pixar characters.

If you are a fan of Disney, then you would enjoy playing with characters such as Woody, Jack Skellington, Tiana, and so much more in Disnet Mirrorverse. Disney Mirrorverse not only worked hard on their gameplay and story, but they also made an effort on character designs.

There are more than forty characters who have been transformed into Disney Mirrorverse guardians, and you can tell by their fantastic designs.

Key Takeaways
  • Sulley is inspired by his original character design in the movie Monsters, Inc. modified by some armor he is made to wear resembling the metal theme of the movie.
  • Woody is redesigned in the game as an aggressive old western-type sheriff with darker colors in his costume which give him a serious and guardian vibe.
  • Snow White is redesigned as a guardian giving an aggressive vibe which is a lot different from her original appearance but still, her color scheme seems calm.
  • Jack Skellington is redesigned giving him an overall better look than the original one in the movie using lavish clothing, extended colors, and a stylish hat.
  • The Evil Queen is given a redesign replacing the simple appearance she had in the movies with a much more fierce and aggressive guardian-type design.
  • Oogie Boogie is given a very appealing redesign with some deep details marking his villainous character using green ascents, aggressive chains with dices, and a shield too.
  • Buzz Lightyear has been made more sturdy and mechanical by replacing the more flexible and human suit he had in the movies with a heavily armored robotic appearance.
  • Jack Sparrow has been redesigned more aesthetically with much more detailed clothing, body, and facial appearance than his original appearance in the movie.
  • Maleficent has a much more detailed design giving her purplish skin color, black armor, redesigned magic stick, and her features and clothing complementing each other.
  • Mickey Mouse now has an aggressive look achieved by wearing a cape and an outfit with shiny golden accents which look really appealing, unlike his original appearance.

Disney Mirrorverse Character Designs

Disney Mirrorverse Character Design
Disney Mirrorverse Designs

You will notice in the game that each character’s attributes align with their counterpart in the movies. If you have watched Frozen, you will see Elsa shoot ice shells through her ability called the Cold Heart. Just like their abilities in Disney Mirrorverse, their design is also similar to the original version.

However, the game has brought slight changes to some characters so they can look even better. The characters who were already good such as Judy Hopps, Eva, and Elsa, are still the same. You will also find some guardians, such as Aladdin, that can be unlocked later and look entirely different than his movie counterpart.

Apart from the designs that have taken inspiration from the movies, guardians have characteristics that reflect their class in their design. You will see tank characters having a shield and melee characters having a large weapon. Since support and ranged characters fire projectiles, in the Sentinel menu, you will usually not see any weapon attached to their design.

Based on this, here are some new character designs that Disney Mirrorverse came up with, which make them look different and better. Also, consider reading our Best Disney Mirrorverse Tips And Tricks guide.


Disney Mirrorverse Character Design: Sulley
Sulley, with his shield

You might remember James Patrick Sullivan, better known as Sulley, who was in the movie Monsters, Inc. His design is a mixture based on the movie’s original character design and the world of Monsters, Inc. He has a visually intriguing design, and it suits his role as a tank in the game.

The armor that he wears looks like modified scream canisters, and it also gives an appearance of the movie’s metal material which was used for devices. Sulley’s armor is of the right amount, and it’s not too much or too less, but rather it looks balanced. The armor is similar to the character Mike Wazowski in the same movie. However, Mike’s armor covers him a bit more.


Disney Mirrorverse Character Design: Woody
Woody the Sheriff

Disney Mirrorverse did a bit of redesign on Woody. He used to have a funny cow-printed vest with a bright flannel. You might remember woody as a gentle and fun character from the movie “Toy Story” who would not get into any fight. However, the game has redesigned him as an old-western sheriff who looks like an aggressive guardian now.

The dark colors of the costume give Woody a serious vibe which he takes successfully while fighting against the Fractured: enemies that come out from a broken magical mirror and copy the appearance of a guardian.

You might think that almost everything Woody had in the movie, including his hat, has changed. However, that is not the case, and he still has that plastic shine on his face along with the same hairstyle.

Snow White

Snow White Design
Snow White and her pet

It is possible that you might not recognize her at first since her new design looks very different than the one you have seen before. However, the guardian version is arguably the better one. Since Snow White is a melee, you can also see a weapon that she holds. Simply put, she represents a true hero equipping a deadly weapon.

The weapon also looks like the Stormbreaker, a weapon that Thor possesses. No matter how aggressive they portrayed her, she still seems less threatening due to her bright-colored costume. Here, you will not see a frilly or medieval-style design; rather, you will see a design that is made for engaging in combats.

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington Design
Jack Skellington

There are only a few characters in Disney Mirrorverse who got one of the best designs, and you can get them without spending money on the game. One of them is Jack Skellington, who is the main protagonist in the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The movie counterpart looks like a normal skeleton with a white pumpkin-type head and is kind of minimalistic. However, in Disney Mirrorverse, he displays an extravagant suit while also giving that signature Tim Burton look.

He wears a red hat now with burning candles, and his collars are extended so much so that they give a cape look. Since he is in support class, you can also see an old-style bell-shaped weapon in his hand. While you’re at it, consider reading the Disney Mirrorverse Gift Codes guide. 

The Evil Queen

Disney Mirrorverse: The Evil Queen
The Evil Queen

You might remember the Evil Queen who features in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She used to wear a purple dress with a black cape along with a crown on her head. The dress looked too simplistic, and Disney Mirrorverse decided to make this character’s design as aesthetic as possible.

The guardian version is arguably better than the movie counterpart. Her design reflects her support class as well through a glowing green apple and a bottle, which reflects her abilities. Her design makes her look fierce and always ready for combat.

Oogie Boogie

Disney Mirrorverse Character Deign: Oogie Boogie
Oogie Boogie

Just like Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie is also a character in Disney Mirrorverse with one of the best designs that you can get for free. His movie counterpart design is simple as he is covered in a brown-grey burlap sack.

However, now he has quite a villainous design and details that deserve praise. At the end of his flail, you can see a dice and a circular shield reminiscent of his wheel of chance which is the part of the movie.

He is rotund, having fingerless arms and stumpy legs. His eyes give a bright green look with a grim smile. The tip of his head extends outward towards the back and flaps down, giving a tail-like look. On the inside, there is a variety of different colored bugs in a huge mass. You can also see in the movie that his tongue looks like a living snake which he uses to hiss at Santa Claus to intimidate him.

Buzz Lightyear

Disney Mirrorverse: Buzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear

Like Woody, he is also a part of the movie Toy Story. He is displayed as a brawny electronic spaceman. He has light blue eyes and fair skin with a dark purple head cap. On his back, he has a white jetpack with a purple valve and green triangular accents.

He also has two stickers on it which are black and yellow in color; one sticker says “Jet Exhaust,” and the other says “Danger.” Disney Mirrorverse has changed this character’s design compared to his movie’s counterpart. His body and suit don’t look so human and flexible; rather, it looks like a heavy armored mechanical robot, which suits his range class.

Jack Sparrow

Disney Mirrorverse: Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow

This character design in Disney Mirrorverse resembles the actor Johnny Depp who played a role in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. He is designed with long dark brown and thick hair matching perfectly with a short goatee beard. He also wears a faded black tricorn hat occasionally.

There is a red bandanna around his head always. However, the old design complements the red bandanna with the eight Siamese coins woven into Moroccan beads, which he has draped over his forehead. But in the latest design, you do not see that, and rather you can see what appears to be ivory tusks coming from under his hat.

The original design wears four rings along with a shredded black wristband. He has two marks on his forearm, one is a tattoo of him flying across the evening sunset, and the other is a ‘P’ which is marked by the members of East India Trading Company.

You might think there are a lot of details in one hand of Captain Jack Sparrow. However, in Disney Mirrorverse, this character is designed with a hand that is just bones covered with dark purple magic. Since he is in the support class, you will not see any weapon attached to his design.


Design: Maleficent

You might remember Maleficent, who was the antagonist in the movie Sleeping Beauty. She is the incarnation of pure evil, and everyone blames her rightly for the misfortune of King Stefan’s kingdom. She is also responsible for cursing the princess by pricking her finger on a spinning wheel’s spindle on her 16th birthday before the sun sets.

Her original design showed her as a tall and slender woman with pale green skin and a prominent chin. She also had a purple and black dress, with a thorn-like hairstyle holding a golden magic stick and her pet raven called Diablo.

However, her new design makes it even better; she still has a purple and black dress, but this one look aesthetic. Her whole look, from head to toe, complements her dress. She still has a thorn-like structure on her head. Her forearms make her skin purple with black armor, and her fingers have long black nails. From a golden magic stick, she has a dark purple one now with a purple glowing orb on top with sparkling electricity.

Mickey Mouse

Design: Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse

No matter if you are a fan of Disney or not, you can never forget how Mickey Mouse looks. Whenever you see round-eared, yellow shoes, red shorts, and white gloves character, you will know it is none other than Mickey Mouse.

In the original design, Mickey’s body was mainly comprised of soft round shapes. The unique thing about Mickey Mouse is that his ears look round no matter from which angle you see them. First, the skin tone was a plain white color; later, Fred Moore gave Mickey a Caucasian-toned hue.

Moving on, in Disney Mirrorverse, this character’s design now has a bright yellow-orange appearance. Mickey Mouse now has a white skin color like the original one, along with an aggressive look. He wears a yellow-orange cape and a hat with engravings of a moon and stars with shiny golden colors on them.

Since Mickey Mouse is a support class character, you will see him having a pastel-color glowing crystal with a gold base that is levitating near his hand. He uses the other hand for another ability which throws a sparking bolt of electricity.


Among all the characters in Disney Mirrorverse, these are the most different, aesthetic, and new designs which are worth equipping. To acquire some of them, you would need to spend money. However, characters like Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie can come for free.

The game revolves around a stunning adventure where gamers make a strong team composition so they can defeat the forces who threaten an alternate reality unrelentingly. Read the Disney Mirrorverse BEST Team Comps guide to win the combats easily. Make sure to read the Disney Mirrorverse Best Starter Team guide if you are new to this game.

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