Disney Mirrorverse Reroll Guide: iOS & Android

Our guide on Rerolling for Disney Mirrorverse has all the information you need to reroll on both iOs and Android along with the best characters to aim for while rerolling.

Disney Mirrorverse is an action RPG set in a beautiful world with all your favorite Disney characters as Guardians. You have to fight enemies called the Fractured in teams. Just like any other RPG, you will have ranged, melee, support, and tank characters. You can get characters by rerolling through the Gacha system of Disney Mirrorverse. While you’re at it, consider reading Best Disney Mirrorverse Tips And Tricks guide.

There are 44 beloved Disney characters who make up the character roster. While many players have been playing since the Disney Mirrorverse beta, several new players joined when the game was released. With so many things to do in the game, it can be a little overwhelming for new players who just started out. While you’re at it, take a look at the best gift codes in Disney Mirrorverse.

In order to win the battles of Disney Mirrorverse, you need to have the most powerful Guardians to fight the Fractured. In case you don’t have good characters in Disney Mirrorverse, you can use the reroll system in the game.

Without further ado, let’s see how we can reroll in Disney Mirrorverse and the best characters to look for while using the Gacha system. You can also consider our Disney Mirrorverse Tier List to learn about the best characters and average ones in the game.

What is Rerolling in Disney Mirrorverse 

If you’re not aware of what “rerolling” means, the term is used to refer to a process in most RPG games in which the players try to get the best characters from the start of the game.

Rerolling is done by many players so that they can significantly improve their combat and gameplay by only having the best characters. Rerolling is done through a Gacha system present in most of the games. 

Best Characters
Characters you can get by rerolling

Players can make several accounts at once or make one to re-roll. Then they progress up to the point where you can do summonings to get characters. Summonings are usually free but limited. After rerolling, if they don’t get the desired characters, they can make new accounts and start over again. In most cases, players make multiple accounts so they can save time.

The process is easy, you just need to create multiple accounts in Disney Mirrorverse. After this, you just have to play the game up to the point where you can reroll. Do the process on all your accounts.

Reroll on each of them. When you get your desired characters in any of the accounts, keep that account. You can then delete the rest. Rerolling in Disney Mirrorverse is not a requirement to get characters. You can progress through the game to unlock the characters. 

Why Should You Reroll

Unlocking characters by simply playing the game can be a long and tiring process. That’s why most of the players prefer rerolling so they can have the best characters from the start of the game.

Like many other Gacha games, Disney Mirrorverse features many characters. As of now, there are only 44 Guardians in the character roster of Disney.

Disney Mirrorverse characters
Ariel is one of the best characters to aim for while rerolling

Knowing what characters are best and unlocking them will not only help you enjoy combat, but you can also level up faster this way. Investing resources in weak characters will put them at a disadvantage as compared to the players who have powerful characters.

You don’t need to have a whole team of S-tier characters only. But it is recommended that you have enough powerful characters that can carry the team.

Generally, you should focus on getting the best tanks and mages. They are the most important roles in the Disney Mirrorverse. Your Support can be of lower tiers as they won’t be in the frontline of battles. Keeping it in mind, let’s see how you can perform reroll in Disney Mirrorverse.

How To Reroll in Disney Mirrorverse 

Rerolling is quite easy, especially in Disney Mirrorverse. The only con about this process is the time it takes. Also, the process for both iOS and Android devices is different. Before you begin to reroll, make sure you have plenty of spare refills in case you want to do the process several times. First, you’ll have to perform Guardian pulls. Let’s take a look at how to do that.

Performing Guardian Pulls To Get Orbs

When you first join a battle in the Disney Mirrorverse, you will be granted your first Crystal upon completing your first battle. Using the Crystal you get, you can pick your very first Guardian in the game.

Make sure you pick a Guardian that belongs to higher tiers because getting Crystals is not easy in Disney Mirrorverse.

In order to get more Crystals, you will need to complete missions and challenges and progress in the Story mode to get “Orbs”. Using these Orbs, you can get Crystals from the Disney Mirrorverse shop.

Different Crystals
Different types of Crystals in Disney Mirrorverse

Crystals will cost you between 180 to 280 Orbs. Make sure you have enough before you go to the shop. There are two types of Crystals in the game. The Regular Crystals 180 Orbs. They have random drop rates and you can get any Guardian, but the chances of getting a powerful Guardian are low.

The second type of Crystal is called Time Limited Crystals. They cost about 280 Orbs. But the best thing about them is that they have a higher chance to drop a powerful character.

After you have enough Orbs collected from missions and challenges in Disney Mirrorverse, follow the steps below to get a Crystal

  • Head to the Crystal menu in the game
  • Select the “Featured” option in the menu
  • Now select the Crystal you want to buy

We recommend going for the time-limited Crystal only so that you will get the best Guardians in Disney Mirrorverse. In this way, you can get S-tier Guardians by simply progressing through the game. If you still don’t manage to get the characters you want, you can always reroll. 

How To Check The Drop Rate

If you’re not sure what probability a character has to drop from a Crystal, you can check the drop rate for each of the characters in Disney Mirrorverse. In this way, you can see how many chances are there for your favorite character to drop from the Crystals.

Crystals in Disney Mirrorverse
Getting characters from Crystals

Follow the process below to see the drop rate of each Guardian.

  • Get Crystals from the shop
  • Select a Crystal
  • Go to the “Featured Prizes” option
  • Click on the “i” or information icon to see the drop rate
  • Select the banner that has your favorite character or the character you’re going for

Now simply buy the Crystal and use it to see if you manage to get the Guardian you wanted. If you didn’t, don’t worry as we still have the option to reroll. Let’s see how to perform a reroll on both iOS and Android devices while playing Disney Mirrorverse.

How To Reroll on Android Devices 

If you are playing Disney mirror on an android device, then consider the following steps to reroll.

  • The first step is to clear all your in-game data from the device you’re using to play Disney Mirrorverse
  • In order to do so, first head to your device’s settings
  • After going to “Settings” select apps, select the “Apps” option
  • Then you just have to navigate through the apps until you find Disney Mirrorverse 
  • Open the Disney Mirrorverse verse app and select the option to Clear Data
  • After this, open the game again
  • The game will give you the option to continue with your old progress or start a new game.
  • You have to select a new game at the point to reroll.

When you’re done, start the whole process again. Complete your missions and challenges and earn Crystals again. Then use the Crystals to get Guardians. Repeat the process until you get your favorite character in Disney Mirrorverse.

How To Reroll on iOS devices

Now if you’re using an iOS device the reroll process will be completely different. There are two ways by which you can reroll on an iOS device. Let’s take a look at the first method of rerolling on an iOS device.

  • First, select the game and uninstall it
  • Navigate to the app folder on your iOS device 
  • Look for Disney Mirrorverse 
  • Select the file and delete all game-related data that is left behind
  • Install the game again and create a new account

After that, you just have to play the game and collect enough orbs so that you can buy Crystals. Using the Crystals, you can get the Guardians you want. Keep repeating the process until you get your desired character. Now let’s look at the second method.

First, open the Disney Mirrorverse menu by selecting the menu option on the top left corner.

  • From there navigate to “Settings” 
  • Select the “Account” option
  • Sign out from your active account
  • Once you’ve signed out from your account, select the “Login” option
  • Select “Sign in with Kabam” 
  • Create an account and continue with the rerolling process.

When using this method, use a salt email. To do it, you simply need to add the “+” symbol with numbers. You can add +1, +2, and so on after the username and create as many salt emails as you want. For instance, if your username is John, your salt email would be john+1. 

After you’ve added your email, create a new password and make your account. Start the whole rerolling process again by buying Crystals and using them to get Guardians.

How To Speed Up The Rerolling Process

If you’re farming orbs for the rerolling process, you’ll notice how long it takes to get a sufficient amount of orbs to buy Crystals. However, you can cut this process short if you play Disney Mirrorverse using BlueStacks on a PC. Their android app player will allow you to use Instance Manager. 

 Instance Manager
BlueStacks Instance Manager

With this tool, you can create multiple accounts to reroll and use them to play Disney Mirrorverse. Thus with the app, you can do multiple summonings for each run. While the odds of getting the character you want will still be the same, the process will be faster than before.

Follow the steps below to get the Instance Manager when rerolling in Disney Mirrorverse.

  • Download BlueStacks and launch it
  • Go to the Homescreen and press “CTRL+8+ Shift to open the Instance Manager.
  • Select the “+Instance” option located at the lower left of the panel. Doing so will create a new instance of 64 bit
  • Now on this new Instance download the Disney Mirrorverse game. 

You can create as many Instances as you like and create a new account for each instance. Thus you can reroll in a faster way through multiple instances. However, keep in mind that each of these instances requires additional CPU and RAM. Make sure your system meets all the requirements before you use them.

Best Characters To Look For When Rerolling 

Following are some characters that you should aim for while rerolling.

Jack Skellington

The King of Pumpkins is a Support in Disney Mirrorverse and he appeared in the Nightmare before Christmas. He is one of the strongest characters in the game owing to his powerful abilities. 

Jack’s core ability Stocking Stuffers can purge one attribute buff from the enemy. His signature ability, Holiday Spirit can deal about 200 percent damage to the target when active. So Jack Skellington is the character to go for when re-rolling.

Mickey Mouse

If you’re looking for the best healer, then you should aim for Mickey Mouse while rerolling. He is one of the best Supports in the game that can heal all the allies. Another great thing about this is that he can protect his allies by giving them a Mirror Shield Buff. 

Hiro Hamada

Another great Support character that can become your main healer is Hiro Hamada. Hiro is one of the most overpowered characters in the game and his chances to drop from Crystals are higher than most S-tier characters.

So if you have limited Crystals and you land on Hiro Hamada, consider yourself lucky. The reason why he is preferred by many players is that his base damage is about 511. His abilities like Interconnected Relay will help gain all the team members 10 percent potency. Hence you can survive longer in battles with Hiro Hamada in your team.


One of the best characters in the Disney Mirrorverse is Ariel. She is considered the most overpowered character in the game with balanced stats and amazing abilities.

Ariel is a powerful melee character and can deal about 600 percent damage to her enemies. But due to her being a great Guardian, the probability of getting her is very low. If you manage to get her while rerolling, then it is recommended to continue the rest of the game with that account.

This concludes our detailed guide on rerolling in Disney Mirrorverse for both Android and iOS devices along with the best characters to aim for while rerolling

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